Mumford & Sons @ Puregroove 1st October 2009

I arrived at Puregroove at 4pm. I turned up early because I predicted it would be a packed evening. Well at 4.30 the shop closed for sound check and I went outside and waited till when the shop reopened at 6pm. I had already purchased my copy of Little Lion Man when I was in the shop. So there was 90 minutes of waiting when the equipment was being set up. Well at 6pm the shop opened and I made my way in. The shop did begin to fill nearing the time of the performance. Well during the 90 minutes before the actual set started I was basically using twitter to pass the time. Well by 7.30pm the shop was packed. There was no barrier this time like there was when Noah and the Whale did a instore to coincide with the release of Blue Skies. The shop was completely full outside it was getting dark. Even though it is still Autumn it felt like Winter. Well at 7.30pm Marcus, Winston, Ted and Ben made their way up to the stage. Marcus mentioned that the set was going to be acoustic because they weren’t prepared as it was their day off. The band had done a gig in Oxford the day before. Marcus was sporting a moustache. Well the set opened up with Timshel. Marcus has a very distinctive voice and there is a little huskiness. The rest of the band harmonise perfectly. Well I like the song it is a steady paced song and has some really good lyrics. My favourite line being “As brothers we will stand, and we will hold your hand”. Up next was White Blank Page. Well during this song there is some foot stomping. Marcus’s voice sounds haunting and he delivers this song strongly. Continuing on with the tracks from the forthcoming album Sigh No More is Winter Winds. Marcus is on the banjo for this song. Well there is a slight fast pace to this song. Before the song started Marcus was tuning his guitar. He said “Usually we are really professional, but not on a day off”. Marcus also interacted with the crowd by saying “are you all right”. The crowd said “yes” to which Marcus replied with “I feel like there is some kind of barrier between us, maybe we should break it down with a joke”. Marcus then asked the crowd if anyone had a joke then Marcus said he had one but it was long and he would tell it to us later. The next song was the last song that was released on vinyl. The Cave and the Open Sea or The Cave as it is known on the album is a really good song with a good tune. I like the way the song starts up. This song is another foot stomping song. It is very strong and there is a steady pace. Marcus has changed back to acoustic guitar. Well when the song started there were people saying shhhhh to anyone that was talking. Roll Away Your Stone is next on the night. It appeared on the first EP in July 2008. Well it is a fast paced song and yet again it is another foot stomping song. There is something that I really like about Marcus’s vocals. Well the song is delivered strongly. The lyrics are brilliant and when the song was finished the whole audience erupted with applause and cheers. Next was a treat to behold. This being Where Is My Heart. Marcus says “We haven’t played this song in a very long time” and then he says “We are just going to play it because we can, well we think we can” “It may go horribly wrong but that’s what’s fun with these kinda things”. Marcus then goes onto say “If we mess it up you can say we were there when we (the band) did our last ever instore”. Well the crowd were laughing along with this. This song does not even appear on the album but after hearing it just the once it is up there in my favourite Mumford & Sons songs. Well the song went swimmingly they got through it without a hitch. Well apart from where Marcus stopped singing a verse because he said the wrong line. Well they stopped and restarted. As for the song it is a song that flows really fast and the lyrics are perfect and catchy. This song felt like a hoe down people were clapping in rhythm and there was some foot stomping as well. There is a rapture of cheers and applause. Non album track Feel The Tide is next. It appeared on the 2nd EP Love Your Ground. Well this is a gentle song which again is a foot stomping song. I really like the song it is a mid paced song. The chorus is brilliant and after another rapture of applause it was onto the final song on the night. The song being the current single Little Lion Man. Marcus says “We may be the B team but we’re the team”. There is a little plug of the album then Marcus introduces Little Lion Man and there are whoops from the audience. Well this song is a really catchy song it is played at a fast pace. The lyrics are perfect and it gels perfectly with the melody the band is playing.


White Blank Page
Winter Winds
The Cave And The Open Sea
Roll Away Your Stone
Where Is My Heart
Feel The Tide
Little Lion Man

OVERALL: This night was amazing. I am glad I turned up early because I was right at the front of this packed instore. The evening was magical and I left with the need to hear more. Eight songs were enough to please me. From the tracks that were played the album sounds amazing. I was especially pleased that a gem in Where Is My Heart was played. Well I will most definitely see them again at some point. I am glad that I finally saw the band in such an intimate setting. I was pleased to see them live at an instore after the instore at Banquet Records in March was cancelled due to Marcus being ill.


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