The Veronicas @ Koko 24th September 2009

It was a extremely early start. As it was the first Veronicas gig in London it was pretty hard to judge what time to get there. Now I wanted to be the first one queuing so I opted to get there at 6am. Pretty early but it guaranteed my place at the front. Well it was not long till someone else I met on Monday turned up. A group of Spanish kids turned up then a couple more people I had met on Monday were going to be there. Owen, Claire and Emma were already making their way down from Glasgow as The Veronicas played there the night before. Well people may think I am crazy for turning up outside the venue that early but overall it was worth it. I took my Ipod thinking I would be bored queuing for 13 hours but I did not even need it. Well in the morning it was freezing cold but it started warming up in the afternoon. Well around 3.30 I went and got some lunch. The security guards came out at 6pm and put the barriers out. Those 13 hours flew by at 7pm the doors opened and we all made our way in. When we got in we all managed to get front row. In the front row were myself, Lyndsie (who came to the gig with me), Katie, Rachel, Ivana, Oona and Johanna. Claire, Owen and Emma (who came down from Glasgow) were separated from us when queuing outside but they still managed to get to the front. Basically we took up a half a row as we were all together. Well once we got in it was just an agonising wait when it actually started. At 8.20pm the only support act The Federals came on. The set was only 9 songs on but was relatively short. Now the songs were good songs and it was a enjoyable set. But if you are anticipating the main act it is hard to get into the support act. Some of what the audience were shouting out during the set was unnecessary.

The 15 song set started at 9.15. Lisa and Jess then came onto the stage and kicked off with the only single released in the UK. This being Untouched and the crowd were simply electric. The whole crowd were joining in with the chorus. Untouched is a infectious song with killer verses and a perfect catchy chorus. After Lisa then waves to the people standing right at the top on the balcony and says that this is their first official show. Well the song that is next is Everything. How this song only managed to be a b side I do not know this is one hell of a song. This song is a pop rock song with a heavy chorus. It is about falling in love with a guy. Take Me On The Floor follows on. There are screams when the song starts and when the first verse starts all of the crowd starts joining in. It is a song that you can dance about to. When the song is over Jess then thanks the crowd for the reception it has just got then asks the crowd is there any hardcore fans from 2005 in the crowd. She mentions the next song is Revolution and there is a massive cheer. The song which was taken from the debut album The Secret Life Of has some brilliant lyrics. This is another song you can jump about to. After Revolution has ended there is some banter from Jess. Jess says that they have been over here for a week and a half doing promo and they have fallen in love with the cider. Lisa then says that they have fallen in love with everything and then Jess says they have fallen in love with the accents.

The next song on the night was the dance song Popular. I must admit this is a song that has taken a while to grow on. But I now like the song and I like the lyrics and how the feel of the song changes when it reaches the bridge. Mouth Shut is a strong powerful slow song. One that I really like Lisa sings the first part on the song. Jess is just sitting on the floor. Jess comes up for the chorus and to sing the second part of the song. This is a sad song I liked the fact Lisa and Jess were holding hands. When the song is over Lisa says that they are going to acoustic rise the set. The first being a song that was requested and they don’t usually do this song. Lisa says  she is surprised anyone knows what it is because it was only released down under. Now this song is amazing I am surprised it hasn’t been released in the UK as a b side to one of the current two singles. Jess is on the acoustic guitar and when Lisa announces the song there are screams. After the song Lisa says that they only got back from Glasgow this morning. Lisa also goes onto say that London fans could possibly be crazier. There is a little plug of the album and Lisa says that this song is a love song and is one of the nicer songs on the album. This song is This Love. It songs absolutely stunning acoustic wise. Following on it is Heavily Broken and Lisa mentions Pavement Crew (it was the name of our group when we saw them on Monday). Lisa says how long have we been queuing for and we all say 6am and Jess then later says that’s dedication. Lisa says that for to the crowd feel free to wave our hands in the air and get lighters to light up the room out but be careful.

Well Heavily Broken is a powerful song with breathtaking vocals by Lisa and Jessica. After the three acoustic songs it was back to business. It is Mother Mother. Jess says we are the best looking crowd that they have had. Well the song is another rocky pop song and I really like the song. When it is over Lisa then goes onto say that this was the part of the show usually slag off her ex boyfriend and she has been figuring out what to say. The reason behind this is because I had heard Ryan Cabera (Lisa’s ex) was in the audience. Lisa then goes onto say that they are friends and that this was awkward. So they went straight into the song Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were). Now I love this song mainly because I can picture the story to it. The lyrics are brilliant and the song itself is catchy. Everything I’m Not which will be the third single is about not changing for anybody. It is another pop rock song with a chorus that gets everybody going. The title track to the album is next this being Hook Me Up. This is a electro pop song. Jess is on an electric guitar. This song was definitely a crowd pleaser you could feel an electric atmosphere in a sold out Koko. The final song on the night being the new single. The song is 4ever sees the whole of the sold out Koko singing along to the song and basically going crazy. There was a lot of jumping and the atmosphere was pretty charged. It was a brilliant performance of this song. Both Jess and Lisa put everything they can to make their performance faultless. When the song ends Jess is lying on the stage and eventually gets up. Well Lisa then blow kisses to the crowd then both her and Jess then make there way backstage. After a lot off chanting they then come on for the encore which is This Is How It Feels. This again is another supercharged song and it was a perfect song to round off a tremendous night. When the song was over Lisa and Jess came down from the stage to see the fans. They touched the hands of the people that were in the front row. Then after they did the front row they then went back onto the stage and exited to the backstage room. The countdown to next February 2010 begins now.


Take Me On The Floor
Mouth Shut
Don’t Say Goodbye
This Love
Heavily Broken
Mother Mother
Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)
Everything I’m Not
Hook Me Up


This Is How It Feels

OVERALL: This was an amazing gig. The three acoustic tracks were brilliant. Lisa mentioning our group was fantastic. The hours of queuing went by so fast. It was an outstanding performance and I predict that the tour in February will be a lot more than the three dates they did. It was super nice that Jess and Lisa came off the stage when the final song had been sung. Both Jess and Lisa are so sweet and I would like it if they moved over here. So the countdown to February 2010 starts now. My money is on Shepherd’s Bush.


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