Theoretical Girl @ Proud Galleries 19th September 2009

This was the 8th time I had seen Amy live and there has not been one single bad performance. Well I got to the Proud Galleries at 7.30pm. The reason I turned up at that time was because I had got lost trying to find where it actually was. It was overrunning a tiny little bit. Before Amy’s set I had to endure a band that I was not really into and a DJ set. Well Amy finally took to the stage at opened her 7 track set at 10.09pm with Rivals. Amy mentions that this song had been played in the Manchester United v Manchester City preview on Football Focus. Now Rivals is a fast tempo song with brilliant lyrics that make the story so clear. Now I didn’t see Football Focus but I can picture what part of the song that they played. Following on is a soft gentle song which has mellowing lyrics. This song being I Should Of Loved You More and again just by listening to the song you can picture the story behind it. As soon as the song is over it blends in with the next song. Amy takes to the guitar for the darker song The Hypocrite. This is a strong song and has perfect lyrics. Next it is Dancehall Deceit it is about people who lie and that you cant trust. You could say that its another dark song but just from the melody it doesn’t seem to have a dark tone like The Hypocrite. Well for this song Amy does not have her melodica again. The Boy I Left Behind is the next song I think that this song was supposed to be played earlier as Amy says they had miss a song. Well this song has a beautiful melody, its fast paced and has lyrics that you can clearly picture a story to. During this song Amy has problems with the microphone as it keeps slipping down. The penultimate song being The Biggest Mistake. This again is another up tempo song with brilliant catchy lyrics. Amy mentions that is could be the next single. The final song on the night being the  current song Red Mist. Now Amy gets up to her guitar for this one. This is a heavy song which deals with a dark subject. This song is a fast song which has perfect verses and a brilliant chorus.

OVERALL: This was another perfect set by Amy. Yes there were a few problems with the microphone when it kept slipping down. There was a lot of talking which I found to be quite annoying. The set went by in a flash. On the night Amy, Max and Harry were brilliant on the night but I think it was the wrong choice of venue.


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