The Veronicas @ Radio 1 and Capital FM 21st September 2009

This had to be the best day EVER. The Veronicas were in London and they were doing Radio 1 for the new live lounge. Well I got there around 10am only 3 people were outside waiting. Well a few more people joined later on. We were also listening to the radio as well. We were all huddled over a mobile phone trying to listen to what they were singing. Well someone else had a proper portable radio and he had Radio 1 playing so we heard the cover of Uprising. Lisa and Jess then came out around 12.10pm and they stayed for photos and sign stuff. It was so amazing words cannot describe how good it was. Lisa and Jess are so nice. I got a photo and my copy of Hook Me Up signed. We also mentioned about the Capital session and the fact no one had won and nothing had been announced on the official Veronicas website and Capitals website. Lisa then said we could be the winners of that competition. Some of us then left our contact details on a piece of paper and they were going to see if they could manage to get us in. So Lisa and Jess then went off and we all made a slow walk to Leicester Square. We did stop off in HMV along the way. The day had a group outing feel to it. So when we eventually got to Leicester Square we got a bit of lunch and then after we just sat round waiting for 5.00pm. We then saw Lisa and they did everything they could to get us in but they couldn’t as it would be a fire hazard to have more people inside. Well as the time approached 5.00pm the manager of the band came over to us and said he had news which was not bad but not good. Basically they were going to see how many people turned up. They only gave away 36 tickets and it was around 5.30pm we were getting called over by Joe who is the manager of The Veronicas. We were going to get in!!!!!!!. So we then all went up the stairs and into a little room where all the winners were. Rich and Kat then came into the room signed stuff and had photos taken then it was time for us to go in. Well we were all guided to this tiny little studio. We were all looking through a small glass window. 

The band were inside. The session was only four songs long but it was amazing. To start off with they sang Untouched follow by Take Me On The Floor. After Lisa took a couple of questions the first was a request of Don’t Say Goodbye. Because it was a session for Capital they couldn’t take the request and they mentioned about the acoustics as well. Also Lisa mentioned she got some nail varnish and how we should all look at it when we all met them after. Lisa also mentions about TopShop and the fact that it’s a crime to go 30 minutes before the shop closes. But Lisa still managed to pick out four tops. The last two songs are the 3rd single Everything I’m Not and 4ever. When it is over we all make our way outside and we then form a line so we can meet them. We go at the back as we met them earlier on. Well when it is time to meet them I get another picture and I get my copy of The Secret Life Of signed. Also we have quite a bit of time with them and they will be back in February. We also have a group photo and then after we all leave and make our way to the back door. We meet the rest of the band then after we go and sit in the same spot like we were earlier on in the day. Well later on we saw Lisa and Jess make their way out and we waved at them and they drove off. We then went to Kings Cross to a room where Emma, Claire and Owen were staying for the week. So we just all hung out there listened to the live lounge cover and the interview on Capital. At 9.30pm I made my way home.

Photo: Top Left: Taken outside Radio 1 credit goes to Katie Frost

Photo: Bottom Right: Taken during the Capital Session credit goes to Jessica Raymond


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