The Langely Sisters @ The Spice Of Life 20th September 2009


I arrived at The Spice Of Life at 6.30pm. I just sat round and waited until it came to the time when the doors were open. It was taking place in a bar which was downstairs. So at 7.20pm I made my way down the stairs and just waited till 7.30 came. When the doors did open I went in paid my money and sat on a stool that was directly in front of where they would be performing. First on the night was Haj. She organised the night and even though I cant find that much about her on the internet I really enjoyed the set. Haj did some of her own songs and two covers. Those covers were a soulful version of Mama Do which was absolutely breathtaking and the song which closed the set being Prince’s Kiss. Well after when the set was over there was the quickest ever change over time that I have seen. It was only 10 minutes until the next act came on. The act was Erin Kleh. This again was an act that I really enjoyed. Erin was joined by a 5 piece band and she mentioned it was the first time they had done that with a backing band. Well it really worked because the way the other girls harmonised was outstanding. From Erin’s songs I can see similarities between her and Soko. The first song on the night was called Sexy Cupcake and Erin was sitting down on a stool playing the acoustic guitar. The next two songs are Crazy and Insane and Assholio which are both brilliant songs. Next is Waltz For The Rat Babies it is hilarious. I love this song and the harmonies are spot on the lyrics are brilliant and funny as well. Following on is Oh Well then Sorry I Am Not Black. Before starting Sorry I Am Not Black Erin mentions she used to put on a lot of Saint Tropez to look darker. Dum Dum Song is next and this is completely entrancing. The lyrics are brilliant and it is played at a fast pace. The last two songs being Olga and Jiggy Miggy. For Olga that song had people laughing. Jiggy Miggy has a steady pace and it has lyrics I really like.

Erin Kelh
Erin Kleh

The main act on the night was The Langley Sisters. I had seen them not that long ago supporting Paloma. I was so impressed with the music I decided to come down to see them at The Spice Of Life. The set was exactly the same but in a different order and a alternate song. Well the set started off with Bad Boy Blues. Now there is a steady pace and the harmonies are brilliant. It is also a strong song as well and I really like the verses. Following on is Sing For My Supper. It sounds like a haunting song and the I like the use of the violin it adds to the feel of the song. The girls voices gel perfectly together. Sweet Depravity is up there in my favourite songs. The use of the electric guitar has been changed to a banjo. The lyrics are brilliant and there is a fast pace to it. It sounds a bit like what would be sung in a speak easy like in Bugsy Malone. Someday In The Past another song which is played on the banjo has been growing on me. It is again played at a steady pace I think the use of the banjo adds to the feel of this song. Up next is my favourite song Flowers By The Roadside. They say its new but it is a brilliant song. The lyrics are amazing and it is played at a fast pace. The chorus is perfect. It sounds a touch Country. Now Last Regrets is a powerful song and it sounds brilliant. It actually reminds me how Amazing Grace is sung. Queen Bee which is going to be the debut release is the set closer. This is again up there in my favourites and its another played on the banjo. The lyrics are brilliant I like the line “Queen Bee I think your hearts corrupt”.


Bad Boy Blues
Sing For My Supper
Sweet Depravity
Someday In The Past
Flowers By The Roadside
Last Regrets
Queen Bee


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