Paloma Faith @ Scala 17th September 2009

I arrived outside at Scala at 5pm. Pretty early considering no one else was there. So I sat down and started listening to my Ipod. Signs were then stuck up on the walls with the stage times. This showed that doors opened at 7.30, Langley Sisters on at 8.30 and Paloma at 9.30. The final notice stuck up showed that it was a complete sell out. Well once the doors did open I went in went to the merch stall to see that there was no merch just freebies. I took a bookmark and made my way to the centre of the stage. When people started making their way in they had masks and balloons. I could of got a balloon but I didn’t want anything in my way. Well a hour just flew by after my two friends Nikki and Alex were there as well. Hanging from the ceiling is loads of origami animals. The only support act is The Langley Sisters and I really enjoyed the set. The 7 song set kicked off with forthcoming single Queen Bee. The Langley Sisters are formed of Gita, Rosie and Edie. The song that comes after Queen Bee is Sleep Depravity. This is a good song and the sisters voices gel well perfectly. What this song sounded like it sounded like someone who would of sung in a speak easy in World War 1. Well the lyrics are brilliant and it has a really good melody. Sing For My Supper is up next. After the first two songs were banjo influenced this song a electric guitar is used. The song starts off slow and the harmonies are spot on. The melody is amazing and the perfect lyrics infuse together. The song itself seems haunting and dark. Bad Boy Blues is next on the night and it is a steady paced song. Both verses and chorus are amazing. Following on is Someday In The Past then its onto Flowers By The Roadside. This is a fast paced song which I really like. The lyrics are brilliant. I am looking forward to hearing the mastered version of this song like I am with all of them. The last song of the set was It’s Strange To Be In Love. This is a good song the voices fit together perfectly. There is something about this song that I really like. Maybe its just that the melody fits well with the lyrics. This is a slow piano lead song. Once the outstanding 7 track set is over was over it is 30 minutes until the main course was served up.

The band started to make their entrance onto the stage. When Paloma took the stage there were screams. Paloma was wearing a gold shiny long dress. The set which was only 45 minutes long and only 10 songs was a energetic performance and I really enjoyed the night. It was plain to see that Paloma was revelling in the atmosphere. Well Paloma kicked of the set with Stone Cold Sober. This was a good choice of song to start off with because it is probably the best known song. I quite like this song as it has got a good melody and a good chorus that you can dance about too. After cheers it is onto the next song Smoke & Mirrors. This is a good song and was a crowd pleaser. I enjoy the beat to this song and the chorus as well. The thing which makes a song good live is the amount of energy put into the song. This song definitely has energy and the crowd loves it. Broken Doll is next and it sees Paloma standing on the mini white chairs which were set up on the stage. Well this song is a beautiful slow song which is delivered perfectly by Paloma. The chorus is a good one as well. Romance Is Dead is another song taken from the forthcoming album and is a song that has been road tested live. I like the melody of this song it gels well with the lyrics. The title track of the album is next. As soon as the song starts Paloma goes up and collects some feathers and holds them against a fan so they blow into the crowd. Well Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? is played at a steady pace. When the feathers are blown into the crowd there is some whooping. Next its My Legs Are Weak is a lovely soft sad gentle slow song. It is a song that has a good soothing melody which gels well to the lyrics. Parts of this song are strong. Paloma does have a strong distinctive voice. Paloma dedicated this song to Louis who sadly passed away. Once the song is over Paloma stumbles when she says My Legs Are Weak. Following on is Upside Down which is a dancy song. Paloma’s dress is then unzipped and when its off she puts a cape round her. She said something like her mum worries that she will trip up on the dress one day and break her neck. Honestly the dress was a long one. Well back to the song it is one that got the crowd moving. It is played at a fast pace and both melody and lyrics are fantastic. Love Ya is next Paloma mentions it is the b side to the new single and any old Paloma fans from the last 4 years would know the song. Well this song is different compared to Upside Down. It is more stronger less dancy. The energy oozed from this song. The final song of the night is Play On. Paloma says it’s the last song and then mentions she can be persuaded to come back on as there is one particular song that has been left out. Play On is another song played at a steady pace and another song which is delivered perfectly. The crowd is literally buzzing when this song comes to a end. Well when it is over the band then go off the stage only to return moments later as the crowd were cheering for her to come back. New York is the encore Paloma mentions that it is currently at #14 in the midweeks and could rise. It is a song that has grown on me and I now love it. Well the performance was outstanding to start of with Paloma sings a bit of Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York. Then later launches into her song New York. There are loud cheers when the song is played. The lyrics are brilliant and the chorus is a strong one. It was definitely a crowd pleaser. This was a amazing song to end a perfect night on.


Stone Cold Sober
Smoke & Mirrors
Broken Doll
Romance Is Dead
Don’t You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?
My Legs Are Weak
Upside Down
Love Ya
Play On


New York

OVERALL: This was a fun night Paloma’s set was perfect. She sang the who album bar one song. People mention about comparisons to Amy Winehouse but from her voice I can see a little bit of Macy Gray in her. Well I would most definitely see her again. The Langley Sisters were brilliant as well. I definitely enjoyed the set and would most definitely seem them again.


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