Mini Viva @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen 16th September 2009

I arrived at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen around 5.00pm. I just sat around and waited till the doors did finally open at 7.30pm. I had earlier met Kym Brown who told me about this night and she mentioned that she hadn’t sound checked and everything was running later. Kym was supposed to be on at 8.15pm. Well I took a seat which was near to where the gig was  taking place and I could hear Mini Viva sound checking. I was looking forward to hearing Kym and Mini Viva who I really wanted to see live. Well later Steve who has been to quite a lot of gigs I have been to comes. So we both sit down have a chat and I order some chips. Well doors open around 8.30pm and I went in. I had paid earlier and had my hand stamped so I got straight in. Well I got to the front of the stage took a seat until Kym came on. Kym started her set around 8.55pm and the five song set was another slice of happy pop. Well the set started off with Almost Happy. Now this is a song which has a good melody and vibe. It has a beat to it as well. The lyrics are brilliant. Fast As I Can is probably my favourite song it is played at a steady pace and has brilliant lyrics which infuses with the melody. It gives off a happy vibe and at the start Kym plays the stylo phone then later moves to the keyboard. Tell Me Know is the next song. It is another brilliant song which as killer lyrics. Part of this song reminds me of Polly Scattergood by the way it is sung. The penultimate song is Got The Stuff now this song is very different to the previous songs. It sounds a tiny bit heavy but it works perfectly. I like the beat to this song and the lyrics are brilliant as well. The song title is very prominent throughout the song. The closing song being Arms Length this is another song that gives off a really good vibe. The lyrics and melody infuse well together to make a perfect pop song. This was a brilliant song to round of a perfect 5 song set. Well next up on the night was Bluey Robinson it took me a couple of songs to get into his set. But the cover of Michael Jackson’s Rock With You won me over.

Coming on slightly later Mini Viva took the stage around 10.30pm. They are a duo formed of Britt and Frankee and they sing pure pop. This band have been on my radar for quite a while and this was the first time I had seen them live. The set was only just 5 songs but it was a nice little taster of material by the band. This time Mini Viva were backed by a band. Well when they took the stage they sang the infectious Left My Heart In Tokyo which was a brilliant choice. It is a song you can dance along to currently it is at #7 in the UK charts. It was previously released as a 10” vinyl in 2008. Hooked is next it is a song played at a steady pace. There are some really good lyrics which gel well with what the band is playing. Emotions Of Lurve it is again played at a steady pace but there is a beat to this song which I really like. The penultimate song on the night being Bedroom Viber. Now this song was given away to anyone who joined the official mailing list. The verses and chorus is brilliant and again this song is played at a steady pace which gets faster throughout the song. After some cheers is onto the final song on the night which is I Wish. This is a amazing song to round off a brilliant night. The lyrics are perfect and catchy. There is a slight fast pace to this song which I really like.


Left My Heart In Tokyo


Emotions Of Lurve

Bedroom Viber

I Wish

OVERALL: This was a brilliant industry showcase Mini Viva are going to be big on the performance. It left me wanting more and they clearly are doing something that they live doing. I met both Britt and Frankee after and they are amazing people. Bluey Robinson was someone who took a while to grow on me. The cover of Rock With You won me over. Then there is Kym Brown she is already a star who has some beautiful pop songs.


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