Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo @ The Slaughtered Lamb 15th September 2009

I arrive at The Slaughtered Lamb around 6.00pm and I just sit around and get something to eat. At 7.30pm I make my way downstairs to the basement just to wait around till when the doors did open. Earlier I had a chat with Jo and then Emily a later on when I was waiting for the doors to open. The doors opened a bit later as one of the bands were still sound checking. When they opened I paid my £7 got my hand stamped and when inside. The way it was laid out was pretty intimate there were loads of seats. It basically looked like someones lounge. There was no stage whatsoever and what made it intimate was because I was so close. The support I actually really liked. First off it was Ghosts Of Leith. Now this is a band but today it was just Ross solo. Ross comes from Scotland and all of his songs were soft gentle and mellowing. I would most definitely want to hear more in the future. The next support was Tom McKean and the Emperors. This again I really enjoyed and it left me wanting more. It was a shame that the set was cut one song short. Well Tom has a smooth voice and the songs sound amazing. I definitely want to hear more and I would see them live again.

Emily was on around 9.55. The night was running over. Emily was supposed to be on about 9.30. Well the downstairs bar had filled out and I moved the stool I was on a little bit closer. Well today there was a new member of The Red Clay Halo and this was Lucy Jayne who was filling in for Anna Jenkins who was absent that night. The set was a sweet but relatively short set. At only 9 songs by the end I was left wanting more. I have seen Emily 4 times and The Red Clay Halo 2 times and they are both really talented. The Red Clay Halo are Jo Silverston, Gill Sandell and Lucy Jayne. Well the first song of the night was All Love Knows. I really like this song it is lovely. Emily has such an amazing voice and The Red Clay Halo gel together with Emily to form perfect songs. Nostalgia is next and Emily mentions how someone heard it at a house gig and that’s how it got put onto the BBC series Wallander. This song is an amazing song no wonder it won a BAFTA. Surprisingly Emily did not mention about the BAFTA. Now this is a gentle song and with The Red Clay Halo it is a soothing song as well. Little Deaths and the star of this song was Lucy whom learned how to play the song that very day. This song does not appear on the album Despite The Snow. It is another perfect song there is something about the setting that makes the songs amazing. Maybe it is the fact that it was just so intimate. It is again another nice gentle song soothing and mellowing as well. The song which follows on is another new song called Ropes. Emily mentions about the End Of The Road festival that happened the previous weekend and the fact it was the best festival she has been too. Emily mentions she cannot bare to take off the wristband. Well this was the second time I had heard this song the last time was back at the Union Chapel Bar in June. Now this is a beautiful song well Emily does have a beautiful voice. This song has a steady pace and just hearing it again is making me anticipate the third album. Bloated Blistered Aching Heart is next and Emily mentions that it wasn’t intended of being on the album. This was the first time I had heard this song and what a song it is. Everything infuses together perfectly. No wonder why it made the album. Blackbird is next on the night it is another good song. The song itself has a beat and it feels nice melody wise. You also have the accordion being played as well. Following on it is Disappear which again is another brilliant song with both amazing melody and lyrics. Before playing Emily mentions it was inspired by a West Australian author. It is a strong and catching song. Turnstiles which was next on the night sees Emily play a Banjo. This is a cover of the Neil Young song. Emily multi tasks and plays the harmonica as well. It is a strong song which is delivered perfectly by Emily. The Red Clay Halo provide the harmonies as well.  Fields Of June was the set closer and was a first that saw the song sung as a duet. Dom Coyote joined Emily. I had only ever heard Emily sing it by herself but a duet worked perfectly. Gill mentions about the October tour. Well it sounded amazing Dom has a perfect voice which gels well with Emily’s. The song itself has a fast pace, the lyrics are perfect, strong and powerful as well. It was a good song to round off a perfect night


All Love Knows
Little Deaths
Bloated, Blistered, Aching Heart
Fields Of June

OVERALL: Emily is a highly talented musician and the same applies to The Red Clay Halo. There is not a single bad track I love all of them. Well my favourite song on the night is between Nostalgia and Disappear. Well the star of the set had to be Lucy Jayne. The final song on the night was outstanding as well.


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