The Pipettes @ Old Blue Last 5th September 2009

I arrived at Old Blue Last around 7.30pm I just sat downstairs ready for doors to open at 8pm. There was a DJ at 8pm. Well I don’t know when doors did eventually open. I went to the upstairs area at 8.50pm. I probably gone up a little earlier but I did not want to be the first up there. Well when I did get up there I took a seat and waited for when The Pipettes came on stage. Well when it was nearing 10pm I got up and made my way to the front of the stage as I did not want a restricted view. At 10.20pm there was activity and Gwenno, Ani and Beth made their way to the stage. They were wearing their pink polka dot dresses. When they do get up onto the stage the intro is We Are The Pipettes and Gwenno then says “We’re going to sing you a song”. This song being Call Me. Gwenno takes the lead for this brilliant pop song. It is fun pop every song by The Pipettes makes you smile. One of the line of the song being “Call Me if you ever get lonely baby”. Now I like the melody to this song plus the lyrics as well. Heart’s A Bomb follows on straight away. This song has a different feel than the soft gentle Call Me. There is a beat to this song and it is more strong. The chorus is brilliant and the melody gels well with it. After the song finished there were cheers. Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me is the first old track to be played on the night. Ani takes the lead vocals for this song. This song has a fast tempo and the lyrics are infectious. Well the song gets stuck in straight away when Ani starts of with the line “Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me”. This song is catchy as well and mellowing too. It is clear to see that they definitely have fun when singing. I think this generation of The Pipettes are here to stay. Ain’t No Talkin’ is next on the night. Gwenno takes the lead. The lyrics are brilliant the chorus is amazing and overall it is a catchy song. Beth then takes the lead for Spacemen. It is a song that has grown on me and I love the song now. The lyrics are really good and the melody is brilliant. It is played at a steady pace. Thank You is sung by Ani and it has to be my favourite new track by The Pipettes. Before I made comparisons to Sophie Ellis Bextor. This song is brilliant the lyrics are stunning. Gwenno sings the chorus to this catchy song. The beat is a strong one. From Today which sees Gwenno take the lead is another fun song which has a brilliant chorus. The melody and lyrics gel well together and it is a mellowing soothing song. Boo Shuffle follows on. Ani actually has a hamster called Boo. You can dance to this song and there is audience participation. Well this song is played at a slight tempo the chorus is brilliant. Well as for the audience participation Ani says that she cant see because the lights are shining on her. Well Ani tells the middle to raise their hands and shake, Gwenno gets the right of the audience to twist their hips and Beth gets the left side of the audience to stomp their feet. At the end Beth says to Ani can she do shake next time. The penultimate song being Stop The Music. This is a song sung by Beth and it is a up tempo song with a brilliant melody backing it. The chorus is brilliant and it is a catchy one as well. I for one like how the song sounds. The final song on the night is Pull Shapes which was an amazing song to end on. Well when the backing band starts to play The Pipettes are clearly enjoying themselves. Well there is a fast pace to this song and the lyrics are amazing. Everything about this song is good. It is another song that you can dance to. Some of the lyrics are catchy like the chorus:

Dance with me pretty boy tonight,
Dance with me and we’ll be all right,
There’s a whole floor before us,
Just for you and me,
So follow my lead and we’ll 1, 2, 3,

One of the lines was “Clap you’re hands if you want some more” and everyone is clapping.


We Are The Pipettes
Call Me
Heart’s A Bomb
Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me
Ain’t No Talkin
Thank You
From Today
Boo Shuffle
Stop The Music
Pull Shapes

OVERALL: This was a brilliant set by The Pipettes. I enjoyed every single song on the night. They are all feel good songs. All of The Pipettes joined in with the songs. I am looking forward to the new album which will be coming out next year. The Pipettes are hear today and they clearly enjoy performing.



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