Pixie Lott @ Apple Store 1st September 2009

I arrived at 3pm the main reason behind this was I wanted to be right at the front. So I sat round the corner checking Twitter on my mobile phone and listening to my Ipod. Later on I find out that there was a competition to win tickets. To my disappointment I did not know of this as it hadn’t been mentioned on Pixie’s Myspace nor the website for the Apple Store. So people started getting longer from 6pm and then the competition winners then went into another queue starting. So basically I was first in the queue but first in the standby queue. So I knew that when I eventually got in I wasn’t going to see that much. So when 9pm came the queue with the competition winners was moving as they were all going in. From what I heard  I gathered that not everyone in the standby queue would get inside. So at the time I was a bit annoyed as I had been queuing for 6 hours thinking I would get in. Well they started letting in the standby people 20 at a time. I don’t know how many people from standby got in as I was first of the batch of 20 in standby. Didn’t get a lanyard though which was a shame. Even though they had loads left none that just came in got one. So I made my way up the stairs and it was packed. So I manoeuvred my way through the people to find a gap at the front. Yes the spot I found was at the side by the speaker and next to the room that Pixie was in. So I managed to have a good view of her set. I did need to stretch my neck a little but it was better than if I decided to stay at the back.

Now this was the first time I had seen Pixie live and by the end of the set I was so impressed I would want to see her again. Well the evening was like a little album showcase of just 7 songs. Pixie came took to the stage around 9.15pm and launched with the title track of the album. Turn It Up is a brilliant song with really catchy lyrics. There is a beat to this song and it is sung at a fast pace. I like the lines “I know you can’t stay, so I won’t be waiting, anticipating for the fall. We had our time, baby, so I won’t be waiting, anticipating for the call”. I definitely see single potential from this song. Band Aid is next on the night which is one of Pixie’s favourite songs. This is a slow beautiful song. The lyrics are mellowing and the song itself is gentle. Another one of Pixie’s favourite is next this is Nothing Compares. There is a steady pace to this song. It is a strong song which is gentle as well. The lyrics for this song are beautiful. Now Here We Go Again is completely different to the previous two songs. It is more up tempo and it is a strong song. Now this song is about partying and it is a song that I quite enjoy. Boys And Girls which is the current song is next on the night. There is a infectious beat to this song which is backed with perfect catchy lyrics. It is a song that you can definitely dance about to. I like the vibe you get from this song. After a lot of cheering it is onto the penultimate song and this is Cry Me Out. This is a steady paced gentle song. Some of the lyrics are powerful ones. The final song on the night is no surprise. This being the number one single Mama Do. After Pixie’s thank yous she plugs away the album and single. Then introduces Mama Do which gets cheers from the audience. Well to start off with its acoustic which sounds nice and gentle. The lyrics are perfect and after Pixie finishes the chorus for the first time that when it gets stronger instruments wise. It is a really good song and it was no surprise that it reach top of the charts all those months ago. Well when Pixie finishes the crowd cheer and Pixie leaves the stage.


Turn It Up
Band Aid
Nothing Compares
Here We Go Again
Boys And Girls
Cry Me Out
Mama Do

OVERALL: Despite the whole standby queue I had a good night. I managed to see the stage which was good. I managed to take video of the set. If I hadn’t got in my experience of the night would have been completely different. Next time if I haven’t won tickets for a gig I would not turn up because I wouldn’t want to risk it by being in the standby queue. Well as for Pixie she was amazing on the night the 7 track set feature songs that have wetted my appetite for the album Turn It Up which is released 14th September. I definitely see Pixie doing a headline tour next year which I would most definitely go along too.


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