Noah and the Whale @ The Fly 28th August 2009

I arrived outside The Fly at 6.40pm. After when I got off the tube from Oxford Circus to make my way down to The Fly it started to pour down. So I got to The Fly and I waited under the sheltered entrance. I was in fact the first one there. Displayed on the door was the running order. Planet Earth were on at 8.30pm and Noah and the Whale were on a hour later. Well the doors opened at 7.30pm and I made my way to the downstairs area. Now I had never been to The Fly before. It was the only Barfly venue in London I had not been to. Well when I got downstairs I went to the front and I was amazed to see the stage was so low. At 8.25 Planet Earth took the stage. Normally there are other people but this time it was only Sam Lewis. The songs that were sung were beautiful folk songs. Sam said some were miserable. Well the set was 9 songs long and some of those songs included Sympathy, Bergman Movies, Bristol and Back and others. For these songs Sam was just playing his acoustic guitar. The last song on the night was 4 23 which saw Sam playing a Casio Keyboard. Well the song is one that I look forward to hearing the mastered version to. Well at the start the use of the Casio Keyboard was not gelling to the lyrics. As soon as the song progressed and the Casio played its programmed tune that is when it started to grow on me. This was the third time I had seen Planet Earth and I was impressed by the songs sung on the night. Bergman Movies has already been released as a limited edition vinyl March 2009 and I look forward to hearing the debut album.

Planet Earth rounded off the 9 track set at 8.55 and Noah and the Whale took to the stage at 9.30. Well the first song on the night is a song taken off the debut album. This is Give A Little Love. Now I really like this song it is played at a steady pace and the lyrics are catchy. Other than the lyrics being catchy they are perfect too. Well there is a new member joining the whale family. The new member being Fred Abbot and having a new member makes a good difference to the music. Following on is Blue Skies and this song gets a cheer. Well the melody is brilliant and the lyrics go perfectly well with it. This is a nice gentle song and the lyrics are mellowing. Jocasta follows on this was the second and last song to be taken from the debut album. This sounds different probably because it is played on electric guitars. Well this song has a beat to it and sounds amazing. Love Of An Orchestra is literally my favourite song from the new album. It is also the next song on the night. Now the lyrics are catchy and the song itself is more up tempo. This is an amazing short song which sounded a little different with the addition of drums. Overall this is my favourite song off the new album. Slow Glass is next on the night Charlie has his electric toothbrush. Well it is a good song and is played at a steady pace. I really like the lyrics in the song. Our Window is next and it is so surreal. The reason why it is so surreal is that the whole of downstairs is silent. Well Our Window is a slow song. I really like some of the lyrics and it samples some of Blue Skies. Next is My Door Is Always Open which is the last track on the album. Well Charlie has to tune in his acoustic guitar and Tom removes Charlie’s woollen hat. Well My Door Is Always Open is a lovely slow paced song. Towards the end is when the pace starts to gather. Charlie then says after the song has finished that there are only 2 songs left and as they cant really escape the stage they will take a couple of requests. Well the next song on the night being one that I have not heard live before. Stranger has brilliant lyrics and Noah and the Whale can make any song sound beautiful. First Days Of Spring rounds off a perfect set. Now when I first heard this song it was completely different to the tracks taken from the debut album. Well the second album is different musically compared to the first album. Well the new album has got some brilliant tracks on and the amount of times I have heard them they have grown on me. Well First Days Of Spring is a epic song. Next was request time the first song on the night being Rocks and Daggers. A song Fred does not know how to play as he recently joined the band. Well as soon as Charlie starts playing there is a cheer. The lyrics are perfect and there is a toe tapping beat. Towards the end the crowd join in with singing the line “There’s no need to play with my heart”. Well the next song on the night Charlie gives us three options. Well these options are the only songs they remember how to play from the first album. Well after each title everyone cheered and the one with the loudest cheer got played. The three songs were Mary, 5 Years Time and 2 Atoms In A Molecule. The crowd opted for 5 Years Time. This is a brilliant song it was definitely the song of summer 2008. The lyrics are brilliant and the audience even join in too. Using a electric guitar to play the song works I do miss the ukelele though.


Give A Little Love
Blue Skies
Love Of An Orchestra
Slow Glass
Our Window
My Door Is Always Open
First Days Of Spring


Rocks And Daggers
5 Years Time

OVERALL: This was an amazing pre Leeds warm up. Noah and the Whale are a band I really enjoy listening to. I have seen them 14 times (15 if you count seeing their side project The A Sides). The new album sounds fantastic. They keep on getting better every time I see them. The addition of Fred was a brilliant addition. September 4th will be Doug’s final live performance (for the time being) on the drums. Even though they will be losing one band member they will still go on strong.


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