Noah and the Whale @ ICA 4th September 2009

To coincide with the release of the album and film The First Days Of Spring there was a five date tour of the film. This took place all around the UK starting off with Bristol then to Manchester followed by Glasgow then to Sheffield. This then culminated in two screenings at the ICA in London. Now this showing was special because not only were the tickets for the screening of the film, but it was also a ticket for a gig that the band put on for the people who had seen the film at the ICA. Well this was a highly charged night. I arrive at 5.30pm and was the first there which was good. I ordered some food then my friend Charlotte arrived later. Well doors opened around 7.45pm so when we entered we got to the front of the stage and it didn’t start to fill up till when Noah and the Whale were on. The support was provided by Sam Lewis of Planet Earth. This time Sam was not alone he was joined by another 3 members. One of those members was called Kate. Sam mentions that this was a day of curses for Planet Earth because Kate has left her trumpet on the train to Richmond. Well the set was a lovely 8 track set. It was a pleasure hearing Sam’s songs again. The set started off with Write It Down which was followed up by Sympathy. Well Sympathy is a nice gentle soft song with beautiful lyrics. Falling In Love is another brilliant song. It is a song which is played at a steady pace and the lyrics are perfect. Sam has such a soothing voice when he sings his folk songs. Wait For U, What More and the current single Bergman Movies are sung. The final two songs being Bristol and Back. The use of a band gives each song a different slant. I actually quite like the songs. Well Bristol and Back is played at a steady pace and there is a beat to the song. The final song on the night being Coming Back. The song is played at a steady pace and is a brilliant folky song. I definitely want to hear more for Planet Earth and I cannot wait till the album is finally released.

Noah and the Whale came on at 9.40pm this was to be Doug’s last gig for a while on drums. Doug is leaving to become a Doctor. Well the night started off with a old song this being Give A Little Love. Now this song is a epic of a song now. With the use of electric guitars the gentle song has become more heavier. The lyrics are brilliant and it is played at a steady pace. Its like the song has been extended because the final two minutes are highly charged. Blue Skies follows on and it was the first single to be taken off the new album. I like this song Tom is on the keyboard. The melody is perfect and the lyrics compliment it. It is a mellowing gentle soft song. When listening to the lyrics it is quite a sad song. Next on the night is the final song to be taken off the first album. This being Jocasta. The new version of the song goes down a treat. Maybe it is the use of the electric guitars that make the difference. Well the song is actually has a fast tempo. This new version of the song should really be made available because it is really good. Back to the new songs Love Of An Orchestra is next. This is my favourite track off the album as it caught my interest straight away. Well this song gets stuck in straight away and it has a fast pace to it. Charlie is on his acoustic guitar. The song may be a short one but it is truly amazing. Both lyrics and melody are infectious. It definitely deserves to be a single. After seeing the film the following song Slow Glass has really grown on me. The lyrics are brilliant and it is played at a steady pace. Our Window is a slow song and it is another epic song. Charlie starts off by using a electric toothbrush and putting it near his electric guitar. This is actually a sad song. The whole crowd went silent during this song. Well the lyrics are perfect and the chorus is catchy. I Have Nothing follows on which they actually missed at The Fly last Friday. Well Charlie is on acoustic guitar and Tom is off the keyboards as well. The lyrics are quite powerful the first two lines being “I have nothing, I have no one”. Well it is a beautiful song well they have the ability to make any song good. Well it is played at a steady pace and is soft and gentle. The final song on the album My Door Is Always Open follows on. Well this song is another slow song but the pace picks up towards the end. The penultimate song being Stranger it does have good lyrics and it is played at a steady pace. The epic First Days Of Spring rounds off a brilliant gig by Noah and the Whale. When I first heard this song just over a year ago it had a different feel to it because last year the first album had already came out. The song was different but after hearing it quite a lot of times it has really grown on me. Also just hearing the track backing the film I now have a image in my head so I can remember that part of the film when it plays. The band then went off stage only to return when there was a lot of cheering. Before starting the encore Charlie says a few thank yous and when he thanks his family he gets a bit emotional. Well Tom introduces the first song which was Rocks and Daggers. Well it is a good song one that has a toe tapping beat. When the song dies down and the violin is played the crowd start to cheer only for Charlie to start back up. Well the lyrics are perfect and catchy. This was the first song that got the most requests in the request box. Originally the winners were Give A Little Love and Love Of An Orchestra. Well after Rocks and Daggers Charlie announces Doug is leaving the band to become a Doctor. The final song on the night is probably the best way to close down a outstanding performance. This song being 5 Years Time. This song sounds different too probably because of the electric guitar. Well this song is a crowd please and the lyrics are amazing. This is a song to dance along to and definitely has a beat to it. Well when the band left the stage everyone was waiting for another encore. But the cheering died down and the venue started to empty.


Give A Little Love
Blue Skies
Love Of An Orchestra
Slow Glass
Our Window
I Have Nothing
My Door Is Always Open
First Days Of Spring


Rocks And Daggers
5 Years Time

OVERALL: This again was a outstanding performance by Noah and the Whale. The atmosphere was electric. By the time they were on the ICA was packed. Planet Earth was brilliant as well. Anyways the film that accompanied the night before was amazing I was so captivated (I do plan to review the film). Charlie Fink definitely has a talent for film. Well when the night was over Charlotte and I waited around to meet the band. In the end we met them I got my album signed and Charlotte got her pictures with them. Doug even put a nice comment when he signed the album. He said See you in 5 years time maybe which was a nice reference to 5 Years Time. Well when we were about to leave I wished Doug all the best and Charlotte and I left to make our own way home.


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  1. Luigi Fulk says:

    This is getting a bit more subjective, but I much prefer the braun electric toothbrush

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