Jack Penate @ The Flowerpot 27th August 2009

I arrived at The Flowerpot at 4pm. I just waited outside till the actual doors opened. Because the band was still sound checking the doors opened a bit later than the 5pm they were supposed to open. So at 6.30pm the doors finally opened there was a queue by the time people could start to get in. So when the queue started to move everyone who entered got their wrist stamped. I went in and then sat down until the set started. Now this was the first time I had seen Jack live. I could tell that the set would mainly focus on material from follow up album Everything Is New. I had not heard the new album Everything Is New I only went as I really liked the debut album Matinee. Well the night kicked off at 9.14. The night oozed energy and it was so hot inside the pub the windows were all steamed up. It looked like winter with the windows all steamed up. The first song on the night was Second, Minute Or Hour. This was a energetic song and was a good choice of song to start on. Well the song is a up tempo song with brilliant lyrics. It is a song you can definitely dance along to. After the song had finished there was a rapture of applause and it was onto the next song So Near. This song is taken from the current album Everything Is New. Now this was the first time I had heard tracks off the new album. I was thinking would the new material match up to the songs taken from debut album Matinee. Well So Near is a good song it has a beat to it. It is played at a steady pace. After more cheers it is onto the title track of the new album Everything Is New. Well for this song Jack is off his electric guitar and this song has beat to it. The lyrics are really good and I especially like the chorus. When the song is over the crowd cheer. The next song was Spit At The Stars taken from the debut album. Jack is back on his electric guitar. This was the first track on the album Matinee. Well I like this song it is easy to listen to and it is up tempo. The lyrics gel with the melody creating a perfect song. When the song nears to a end the lights go out. It was a blown fuse so there was about a minute when everyone was in darkness. Well when the fuse was being dealt with there was a bit of banter from Jack. Pull My Heart Away follows on the fuse had been dealt with and the lights came on. Well this is a song played at a steady pace and there is a beat to this song. Jack’s vocal ability is truly amazing and this is the latest single to be taken off the album Everything Is New.  Torn On The Platform is next and is a crowd pleaser. The lyrics are perfect and it has a brilliant chorus. The tempo is fast and it is a song you can dance along to. The song also has a reggae feel to it. Body Down saw Jack move to the keyboard to play this gentle song. The lyrics are brilliant and catchy as well. Now Let’s All Die was a song that oozed energy. Halfway through the song Jack comes charging into the crowd before coming back onto the stage. Now I really like the song because it is a strong song. Have I Been A Fool? Is the penultimate song on the night there was definitely a atmosphere when this song was played. The audience was singing along to this song. The lyrics are brilliant so are all of Jack’s songs. It is another song you can dance along to and it is played at a fast pace. There is also a beat to this song. Tonight’s Today is the last song played on the night and was the first single to be lifted from the album. I really like the lyrics as it is telling a story. Well during this song the sound from Jack’s microphone is cut so he has to share when a new microphone is fixed up. Well I really like this song this was the only new song I had heard prior to the evening. Well after there is a rapture of applause and Jack & co go offstage and get a bit of fresh air. Minutes later they return back to the stage which was going to be a one song encore. This being Be The One it is a brilliant song and sees the crowd chanting Be The One. The atmosphere was electric the song definitely has a beat to it. The lyrics are perfect and it is a song you can dance along to.


Second, Minute Or Hour
So Near
Everything Is New
Spit At The Stars
Pull My Heart Away
Torn On The Platform
Body Down
Let’s All Die
Have I Been A Fool
Tonight’s Today


Be The One

OVERALL: This was truly a perfect night. The set by Jack was amazing it was mainly new songs as expected but the singles take from the first album were thrown in too. It was so hot inside it was like a sauna. Jack was literally dripping in sweat. Well the new songs were fantastic I will most definitely get the follow up album.



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