Get Loaded In The Park @ Clapham Common 30th August 2009

I arrived at Clapham Common around 11am. The area that had been closed off was exactly the same area the Ben and Jerry’s festival was taking place. Well not knowing the times of what bands were on and what times I decided to buy a tour programme lanyard for £5. Well there was only one artist I wanted to see and that was Marina and the Diamonds. It was my 5th time seeing Marina live. Well Marina was playing at the XFM tent which was near to the entrance. When looking at the programme I thought it would be a waste if I left after Marina so I planned to see some other bands. So I went and joined the queue (well there was not much of one) and went in the no bags queue. Well it opened on time at 12pm so when my ticket got scanned it was off to the XFM tent. Well when I got there a giant inflatable octopus was hanging from the roof of the tent. So as I was the first one in the tent I was able to get a spot right at the front where the barriers were. The tent didn’t start filling till about 12.20pm. Now as I had free texts I was tweeting from Get Loaded In The Park.

So at 12.30 Marina took the stage for a outstanding 7 song set. Marina did comment about the early slot as the previous two days she had been doing both Leeds and Reading. Now Girls starts the set. It is a perfect song to start on the lyrics are so catchy and I like its steady pace. Also with every single song Marina sings she puts a lot of energy into that performance. Well before singing the next song Marina mentions that she had done Reading and Leeds. Marina also thanked everyone who came into the tent. Well the song that is next is Seventeen. Another brilliant song the lyrics are brilliant, strong and powerful. I really like the chorus when Marina sings “I turned Seventeen, The rise of the king the fall of a queen”. This song has a slight tempo it is also a catchy song as well. I Am Not A Robot is a amazing song. Marina’s vocals are absolutely stunning she easily hit’s the high notes. The song has a slow pace to start off with but as soon as Marina reaches the second verse that is when the tempo becomes fast. The energy flows from this song as song. This song is so catchy and I really like it. A Late Of The Pier cover which is Space And The Woods. It is a really good cover. I heard the original and Marina’s version is so different. It is played at a fast pace and there is definitely a infectious beat to the song. It is a strong powerful song which Marina delivers perfectly. Next Marina goes over to the keyboard to play Obsessions which is a beautiful song which delivers the message that we all have obsessions. This song is a slow song and it is mellowing as well. Following on is Shampain which in fact has amazing lyrics and a brilliant beat. Hearing a song live is far different then hearing it on a album. I like the chorus “Drinking champagne made by the angels”. The set closer was Mowgli’s Road. It is a energetic song and I really like it. Marina puts everything she can into each song. It is a really good song to end on the lyrics are really good and it is a catchy song as well. There is a beat to this song and there is a steady pace as well. The song is a strong one. Well Marina says her thank yous and then sings the last part of the song.  When the song ends Marina says thank you again then leaves the stage. All in all it was a perfect set by Marina. I look forward to seeing her again for the NME Radar tour and I predict next year will see a headline tour.


I Am Not A Robot
Space And The Woods
Mowgli’s Road

After Marina it was off to quickly get some food and then back to the XFM tent to see MPHO. The set was relatively short and was blighted by sound problems but the show went on. MPHO had just got to the tent well she had been there for 10 minutes. The first song being All Change. Now this is a catchy song with really good verses and a good chorus. Next is the fast tempo See Me Now and there are problems you cannot hear the keyboard being played it is just drums. Well it is a good song which I like the lyrics are really good. Now Hips Go Pop is a amazing song one that you can dance along to the beat is amazing. The keyboard problem is sorted. Running Up That Hill is a beautiful slow song. MPHO does this cover justice. The melody is so beautiful. Box N Locks is the set closer. It has a fast tempo and the lyrics are catchy. The melody is infectious and the song feels strong,


All Change
See Me Now
Hips Go Pop
Running Up That Hill
Box N Locks

After MPHO it was off to the main stage for Sneaky Sound System. With it being so close as they started at 1.55pm, MPHO didn’t end till 1.50pm. Well I got there and Tom Middleton was fishing his DJ set. Well this was a band that hugely impressed me I definitely want to see them on tour. I had heard Pictures and UFO before and that was it. Well the set was a 40 minute set which featured songs such like I Just Don’t Wanna Be Loved, Pictures, a interesting cover of Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These), UFO and the new single It’s Not My Problem. They got the crowd worked up they loved the music. Thankfully it did not rain. Well I will most definitely be listening to more music by them. Well the song that I think got most reaction is Pictures. Still this was a brilliant set wish it could have been longer.
When the set had ended it was off to get something to eat as VV was on at 3.50pm and Sneaky Sound System finished at 2.40pm. So I looked around then went back to the tent at 3.25. Well I managed to get front spot for VV. Well the set was actually quite good most of the songs came from the album Travelling Like The Light. Songs she sang include the current single Game Over, the old fashion sounding L.O.V.E,  Bottles and ending the set with Shark In The Water. VV also did a outstanding cover of Use Somebody by Kings Of Leon and also a very different version of Crying Blood.

After staying in the tent after VV finished I managed to get a front row spot for Royksopp at 6pm. Well when they come on the stage it was interesting because they wore costumes. One of the members of the band was wearing a cape with what you could say was a astronauts helmet on his head. Well this was a good gig and a brilliant experience as well. The atmosphere was electric a member of the public even climbed the tower that held up the tent so they could see. The set by Royksopp featured songs spanning over their three albums. Now the first album Melody AM is probably the only musical album I actually like. The new album Junior I hadn’t heard the album apart from one song and the same applies with the second album The Understanding. Well I really enjoyed this set. It featured guest singers like Robyn for The Girl And The Robot, Karin Dreijer Andersson for What Else Is There and Anneli Drecker for You Don’t Have A Clue and Only This Moment. The first album didn’t go unnoticed as my favourite Eple was played and the set closed with Poor Leno which featured both Anneli Drecker and Robyn.

OVERALL: This was a good festival with some good bands. Marina was fabulous as always and I was really intrigued and impressed with Sneaky Sound System. Royksopp were amazing. The songs got the crowd going. There was a little crushing but nothing major. Well after Royksopp I made my way home. The only disappointing factor of the festival was people smoking in the enclosed tents. I can understand smoking outside but inside it can be a fire hazard.


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