Bandstand Busking w/ Peggy Sue @ Northampton Square 6th September 2009

I arrived at Northampton Square at 1.50pm for the 3pm busk. The busk featured a band I love and have seen plenty of times before. This band being Peggy Sue. The busk didn’t start till 3.15pm. Even though it was delayed by 15 minutes hearing Peggy Sue busking was a real treat. When I went on myspace later on I read a bulletin which said basically doing a busk was fulfilling Katy’s dream. Well it was a short 5 song set but what a 5 songs they were. There was even a string section which was a first and something completely different. I have never seen a busk. The closest match to it would be when I saw them at Puregroove for the Television launch way back in 2007. Well the first song was Milk and Blood. Rosa introduces the song and she is on the acoustic guitar. Olly is on the drums and Katy is on a drum and the tambourine as well. This song has a steady pace. Rosa’s voice is incredible and strong. Both her and Katy’s voices compliment one another. Yo Mama a song with a title that both Katy and Olly like is a really good song. Rosa is still on the acoustic guitar and Katy is on the accordion. The drums are strong throughout the song, the accordion is. Well this song has really good lyrics and is up beat. Watchman is next and Katy is now on the acoustic guitar. This song is amazing Katy has such a amazing voice. Like all the songs they are strong pure folk songs. The lyrics are really good and they are actually telling a story. So after a lot of clapping when the song is over it is onto my favourite Peggy Sue song. This time they are joined by the string section of Becca Mears and Emma Kraemer. Well the song was Once We Were Strangers. This song sounds so different but the addition of a string section is a good one. The lyrics are completely infectious and there is a slightly fast tempo. There is definitely a toe tapping beat to this song. After a lot of claps it was onto the final song. Katy writes the song on the chalk board and she writes the S backwards. Well the song being The Sea The Sea. Now this is a strong song and all the instruments infuse together. The accordion and drums can be heard all throughout. Also Becca and Emma are on the cello and violin. The lyrics are brilliant and strong. This was a brilliant way to round off a perfect busk by Peggy Sue.


Milk and Blood
Yo Mama
Once We Were Strangers
The Sea The Sea

OVERALL: It was a pleasure hearing Peggy Sue again. They are a band I thoroughly enjoy and this busk was a brand new experience. Every single song is amazing. It was nice to have a chat with Rosa and Katy after. I look forward to seeing them at ICA which will be one amazing gig.


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