Technicolour @ The Lexington 25th August 2009

© Justin Ng
© Justin Ng

I arrived at 6.30pm plenty of time before the box office opened. I later got my hand stamped and just milled about till it was time to go upstairs. Doors were supposed to open at 8pm but it was delayed for 20minutes as the first artist was still sound checking. Well at 8.20 the doors open and people who had their hands stamped made their way upstairs. As I was first in the queue I was able to take a spot right at the front dead centre. I stayed in that position for the rest of the night. At 8.40 the first artist of the night kicked off the second Technicolour. The artist being Montt Mardie. Mott had come all the way from Gothenburg, Sweden. Well with it being the first time I have seen him live I was really impressed with the songs on the night. I would most definitely go to Montt again. I look forward to hearing more material from him as his songs were enjoyable.

© Justin Ng
© Justin Ng

Lucky Soul came on at 9.30 and kicked off the set with Whoa Billy! Now this was the second time I have seen them live and they have never failed to impress me. Well Ali had just recovered from an operation. Back to the song, well I find to be really good and enjoyable as well. It’s an up tempo song which has a beat to it. Whoa Billy! Was a good choice of set starter. Ain’t Never Been Cool which was taken off the debut album follows on. This is a fast paced song which has both a good melody and good lyrics. This song I found to be quite strong and one that I really enjoyed. Love, Love, Love is the second new song on the night. This is a really good song it has good lyrics. Just hearing this song it feels different to the other songs. The Great Unwanted the title track of the debut album is a brilliant song. At first it starts off as a gentle song and as soon as it progresses it becomes stronger. The melody is perfect and Ali has a soothing voice. Following on is Baby I’m Broke. Now this is a slow beautiful song. What makes this beautiful is because Ali’s vocals are perfect. This is a gentle, soft and mellowing song. Ain’t Nothin But A Shame is next on the night. There is a beat to this song. It is a strong song which has a steady place and really good lyrics. White Russian Doll follows on and Ali announces it could be a single. Now this song is up tempo and the beat is infectious. It is a good song and would make a good single. Following straight on is Up In Flames which is a amazing song. It is up tempo and the lyrics are both brilliant and infectious. There is a beat to this song that I really like and this song is definitely a strong one with catchy lyrics. Now this would make a brilliant single. The penultimate song on the night is Lips Are Unhappy. I really like the lyrics to this song and the use of the tambourine really works well. The final song on the night sees The Pipettes take to the stage. They join in with Get Outta Town! The song has a beat and brilliant lyrics which gel perfectly with the melody. I find some parts of the song to be catchy.


Whoa Billy!
Ain’t Never Been Cool
Love, Love, Love
The Great Unwanted
Baby I’m Broke
Ain’t Nothin But A Shame
White Russian Doll
Up In Flames
Lips Are Unhappy
Get Outta Town!

© Justin Ng
© Justin Ng
At 10.30 The Pipettes took the stage. The band who consist of Gwenno, Ani and Beth are in their fourth generation and from the set they performed there wont be anymore generations. Well after seeing them at Nokia Skate Almighty I knew what to expect and I was right. Well the set overall was fantastic it oozed energy and they had the fun factor as well. When they took to the stage it was like we were transported to the 60’s as they were wearing pink dresses with black polkadots. So when they took to the stage there was an intro being played which was the tune of We Are The Pipettes. When all the Pipettes were on stage they danced around then went into new song Need A Little Time. This was a good song to start on. It was a song which you could dance to. The lyrics are perfect and the melody is brilliant. During the song Gwenno tells the crowd “Good evening we welcome Beth back who has recovered from Swine Flu”. This was then followed by Ain’t No Talkin. The chorus is simply amazing. I like this song it is catchy and the lyrics and melody infuse together. With every song The Pipettes make it fun. Gwenno takes the lead for this song. Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me is the first old song on the night. Ani takes the main vocals. Well this song is brilliant the song starts straight away. This is a strong catchy song . I like this song I find it to be quite mellowing. From Today sees Gwenno on main vocals. The melody to this song is brilliant one that I find to be very infectious. The lyrics are perfect and Finding My Way follows on. This is a good song the melody which gels with the lyrics makes it mellowing. After its onto Always Planned 2 Stay. Gwenno takes the lead it is played at a steady pace. History another new song is a short catchy song. Ani is on the lead vocals and this song is amazing it is catchy and the lyrics are perfect. The lyrics and melody infuse well together to form a infectious song that makes it mellowing makes it give off a feel good vibe. Spacemen which is sung by Beth is another fun pop song which I like. Thank You sees Ani taking the lead vocals. Now this song is simply amazing. It probably has to be my favorite new Pipettes song. Like last time Sophie Ellis Bextor springs to mind. Well there are brilliant verses and a perfect chorus. 2 No 1 is about ruining your hair. Gwenno takes the lead and this song has a beat to it. I like this song the lyrics are perfect. Call Me sees Gwenno taking the lead I like both beat and melody. The lyrics are brilliant and the next song finishes straight after Call Me has finished. This being Heart’s A Bomb. Well this song gets a huge cheer. Well there is a beat to this song and the chorus is brilliant. I am looking forward to hearing the mastered version of this song, The penultimate song being Boo Shuffle this is a song you can dance about to. It is a up tempo song with a perfect melody. Ani takes the lead and the lyrics are brilliant there are even dance moves. The final song on the night is Stop The Music. Beth takes the lead and it’s a slow song and it has grown on me since the first time I had heard it. When the song has finished Ani, Beth and Gwenno leave the stage and the band then leave the stage a minute later. After chants of more The Pipettes then eventually come back on stage for an encore. The first song being ABC. This is another short song and it is so infectious with the lyrics. The song itself is up tempo and you can dance along to it. The final song being Pull Shapes. This again is a song you can dance to. The lyrics are infectious and it is a enjoyable song. Pull Shapes gives off a feel good vibe and it was a brilliant song to end on.


We Are The Pipettes
Need A Little Time
Ain’t No Talkin
Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me
From Today
Finding My Way
Always Planned 2 Stay
Thank You
2 No 1
Call Me
Heart’s A Bomb
Boo Shuffle
Stop The Music


Pull Shapes

OVERALL: This was a brilliant night. The Pipettes were simply amazing. I can’t wait to hear the second album when it is finally released. They definitely like singing their beautiful songs to a public audience. Well The Pipettes are here to stay I cant see any member leaving the band because they enjoy singing together. Lucky Soul were brilliant album number 2 is on the way and out next year. Ali’s voice is so beautiful and mellowing. Montt Mardie an artist who I had never heard of before impressed me and I would definitely like to hear further material by him. The last Technicolour club night was brilliant and I will definitely go to another as Ani mentioned they would like to do one monthly.


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