Noah and the Whale @ Puregroove 24th August 2009

I arrived at Puregroove around 2.30pm. I arrived early as I expected a full house by the time the set by Noah and the Whale started. Well in the end I was proved right because when 7.30 arrived the place was jammed packed. Well when I arrived in the afternoon there was hardly anyone in the store so I purchased my copy of Blue Skies then took to a seat and had a look at a magazine and browsed the vinyls. Well Charlie, Urby and Tom arrived later on (they had just got back from Green Man in Wales the day before). I then found out that the set was only going to be four songs. Well by the time 4pm arrived I knew I would have to make my way out of the store as it closed at 4pm for sound check. Well I was kindly told that I was OK to stay inside. Well there was a strings section which included Tom and Urby on Violin and there were two girls on both Cello and Violin. There was also a keyboard player called Fred. Well I heard the sound check and it was brilliant I was looking forward to the evening as the four songs that were chosen were brilliant songs. Well the door opened at 6pm and the people started to come in. As I was already inside I was able to get at the front dead centre. Well waiting for something is the hardest part because you are anticipating something so much. Well the 90minutes flew by and just a few minutes after 7.30pm the band took the stage. The first song on the night was Give A Little Love which was taken from the debut album Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down. Now this song is a gentle soft song which has really good lyrics. The song is played at a steady pace and the strings section adds to how the song feels. Just hearing the strings makes the song quite mellowing. This was the first time I had heard this song with strings and it was amazing. Noah and the Whale never fail to impress me. Well the next three songs are taken off the forthcoming follow up album First Days Of Spring. The first being Love Of An Orchestra. Now this song was recently used in a clip for the film of the same name and when I saw that clip I fell in love with the song. This song is played at a fast pace and the lyrics are perfect. The lyrics gel well with the melody and the use of the strings add to the effect of this song. Blue Skies follows on it is a song that has grown on me. It again features in the trailer for The First Days Of Spring. This is a mellowing song with lyrics that I find to be perfect. This again is another gentle song. I Have Nothing rounds off the night. Charlie mentions it’s a rather ominous end to end a set on. Well it is another gentle song which is played at a steady pace. I reckon the use of a string section changed the vibe to every single song. I have seen Noah and the Whale quite a few times and this instore was different and enjoyable.

OVERALL: At only four songs this night was completely faultless. The use of having a string section was a brilliant idea. I am looking forward to hearing the album when it comes out on 31st August. All the songs on the night I thoroughly enjoyed. If I had to pick a favourite it would have to be Love Of An Orchestra purely because of its lyrics and its slightly more up tempo.


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