Little Boots @ Gibson Guitar Studios 19th August 2009

© John Rahim (
© John Rahim (

I arrive outside the Gibson Guitar Studios at 3pm. Pretty early considering doors didn’t open till 8pm but it did have its advantages. Well I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets through Bebo. My guest turned up around 3.50pm and we just waited around waiting for when the doors did open. Well I managed to see the stage times and doors opened at 8pm instead of the 7.30pm that was advertised. Well around 7.30pm we made our way inside got wrist banded and made our way back outside. Well doors opened 15 minutes late which. Well at 8.15pm everyone started to make there way inside. There were free drinks but I just made my way to the front. It was amazing there was no barriers I could touch the equipment if I wanted to because I was that close. Well as doors opened at 8.15pm everything was running 15 minutes late. So Little Boots came onstage at 8.45pm.

At 8.45 Victoria’s band took to the stage followed by her backing singers then Victoria herself. The very first song on the night is the belting Earthquake. It is a song that you can jump about to because the beat is so infectious. The lyrics are brilliant, very catchy and I especially like the chorus:

“Every little earthquake
Every little heartbreak going unheard
Every little landslide
Catch it in my hand
I won’t say a word
Every time you hurt me
I know that it’s working
Making you mine
Every clap of thunder
Only makes me stronger
On the inside”

Well when Victoria launched into this song there was a massive cheer. It is a really good song to start on because the atmosphere just rises. There was no jumping about though because of how hot it actually was in the studio of 150 people. Following on is Meddle which was the first vinyl released which in fact was a double A side. Well for this song Victoria starts off using her stylo phone. Well this a strong song which has a killer chorus that I really like. There is a beat to this song and both melody and lyrics gel together. Victoria then programs her tenori on and launches into the next song New In Town is next played. This song is a light song with perfect lyrics which are extremely catchy. Now the song has both a great beat and a powerful killer chorus. You can definitely pick up on the electro vibe. Well the same vibe continues Click is another gentle song with another strong killer chorus. I had only heard this song live once before at that was at Field Day. Well this song is really catchy it has perfect lyrics and a killer chorus. Well the song tells the story of a couple who are not really a match and don’t click together. There is a slight tempo to this song and when it reaches the chorus the tempo rises a notch. Mathematics which is my favourite song off of the album Hands was the next song on the night. This song has everything you could ever want from a song. The lyrics and melody gel perfectly. The verses are brilliant and there is a killer chorus. Before starting the song Victoria programs in the tenori on. First it starts off at a slow pace but when it gets to the chorus the pace picks up. The chorus is catchy and it is one that you can dance about to. This would make a good potential single as the chorus is completely infectious. Towards the end the pace gets slower. Symmetry is the next song on the night and I especially like the lyrics and melody they gel well together. Some of the lyrics are powerful and the tempo of this song is ever changing. The current single Remedy is next Victoria mentions it is at #5 in the Official UK Charts. Remedy is a song that stands out. Before singing it Victoria programs in the tenori on. The melody is infectious and there is a killer chorus. This song is pure pop you can pick up on the electro vibe of this song. This song does really deserve to be a #1 as it is a song you can dance along to. Everything about this song I like. The song is fast paced and I like the change of melody when Victoria sings:

“And when the music fades away
I know I’ll be okay
Contagious rhythm in my brain
Let it play”

Well the next song is a exclusive one which Victoria wont perform live again. This being JLS – Beat Again which she covered when doing Radio 1 Live Lounge earlier that day. Beat Again is the next song Victoria needs the lyrics to the song. Well this was a good take on the song. Yes it is a song that is specifically made for a group to sing but Victoria pulls it off. The Little Boots version is complete perfection. Something that will most likely never be heard live again. When this song is being sung there is definitely a buzz in the studio. The final song on the night being Stuck On Repeat. Victoria programs in the tenori on. Well it is a nice song with catchy lyrics. The audience love this song as they are clapping along at the start. Well there is a steady pace to this song and this is a song I would most defiantly stick on repeat.


New In Town
Beat Again
Stuck On Repeat

OVERALL: This was a brilliant night put on by Bebo. Inside it was boiling hot but considering that it was a amazing night. Victoria was in front of me there was no barrier whatsoever. When it ended we made our way to the exit I grabbed a coke as I was hot and gasping. Then when outside we all cooled down and we got chatting to some friendly people who work for Bebo. So once again I would like to thank Bebo for putting on this memorable night.


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