#20. Ten Questions With… Hashell

Sara who is the main vocalist of the band was born in Livorno, Italy. She moved from her country of birth at 15 and moved to the UK. Sara has done alot of travelling visiting Canada and America before permantely relocating to the UK.

Sara relocated to London in 2005 and since then she has been making brilliant music with lyrics that she has a strong passion for. This July saw the release of the 6 track EP Worthless which is oustanding. The EP can be downloaded from Itunes.

Well when I met Sara after attending her gig at The Miller she is so sweet and nice. Sara is definately a talent I can see getting bigger and bigger. Well Sara very kindly agreed to contribute by becoming the next artist in the ten questions series:

Q 01. What was your first musical instrument and where did you get it?

My first instrument was my voice. I started singing when I was 2 and realized that that’s what I wanted to do for living when I was 15. I’ve always had a passion for playing piano and in my spare time I started playing keyboards by ear.. shame I really never had enough time to learn it properly. Only recently I’ve discovered my passion for playing guitar and although I play decently it’s not enough to try and play it live yet! I’ll get there… 🙂

Q 02. What was your favourite gig you have headlined or supported at?

My favourite gig so far has been The Jazz Cafè where I supported Leela James.. packed venue, had a great time.. and my own dressing room with mini bar! lol

Q 03. If you were to collaborate with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

Paolo Nutini, ColdPlay, Jared Leto (30 seconds to Mars). I’m just a fan of these bands the singers have amazing voices, they write great music and they have all my respect. I would love to collaborate with any of them.

Q 04. Favourite song to sing live and why?

My favourite song to sing live from my set is “Hello”. I love the arrangement of it, it’s a fun song to sing.. it gives me energy.. that’s why I open up with that one all the time.

Q 05. Favourite music venue and why?

O2 Arena. I just wanna play there. haha! 😉

Q 06. Where do you get your inspiration from when writing songs?

I get most of my inspiration from things that happen to me on a daily basis and from people I’m sorrounded by or have been part of my life both in a good or bad way cause in the end I still learned and keep on learning from all of them.  Writing helps me get over tough times and situations and knowing that people can relate to my lyrics and can help them getting over a hard time makes my job worth doing it. When all goes well and I’m happy I still want to share it with everyone but it’s easier to write a pissed off song haha.

Q 07. Describe your music in 3 words?

It’s just me.

Q 08. What tips do you offer to any one wanting to become a singer or start a band?

I’d tell them not to go to a Record Label unless they’re ready.. but to take their time doing it and to never lose the fun while they’re doing it even when times are tough. Determination is the key.

Q 09. Who is your favourite singer or band at the moment?


Q 10. Goals for the year?

After shooting my first video for “Worhtless” at the end of august we’ll do a 2 month PR campaign, we are looking at October for my physical EP Release. I also have more co-writes scheduled to prepare a full album and I definitely want to go on a support tour with a bigger band before the end of the year.

To hear music by Hashell go to: http://www.myspace.com/hashell

If you like what you hear you can catch Hashell at:

3rd December 2009 – The Bedford, Balham, London
4th December 2009 – Liberate, Middlesbrough

Also Worthless is on Itunes just type in Hashell into the search box when you get to the store. You can also download off of Napster and Emusic.

Now Hashell is a rising talent who I predict big things for so catch them when you can


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