Theoretical Girl “Divided” Album Launch @ The Lexington 17th August 2009

I arrived at The Lexington around 6pm. When I left my place I went via Rough Trade to pick up the album which featured a bonus CD which featured 5 acoustic tracks. Well when I got into The Lexington I saw Amy for a brief moment. She had two litre bottles of Lemonade in her arms. Well the doors opened at 8pm and everyone started to make their way up the stairs to the room where they hold the music events. Well there was a summer fete theme and it was really impressive. Well I took my spot at the front then went over to get a couple of cakes and I even had a tub of delicious strawberries. Well the support came from Horse and Condor. They came on at 8.45 and had a 30 minute set. The songs were really good they definitely kept me captivated. But this was Amy’s night and what a night it was.

Well this was the album launch. Divided had been released to the general public and it deserves to chart in the top 40 on Sunday as it is a outstanding album. Well Amy took the stage at 9.40pm to introduce the premiere of her single Red Mist which was released in all good record shops the week before. Well like Amy had said it involved walking up stairs and I found it to be quite haunting as Amy was in a bright red dress. Well Amy then took the stage at 9.50 and kicked off her album launch with someone else’s song. Well the song was Thirteen and from what Amy told me when I had met her earlier on it is by a band called Big Star. For this song Amy is on the keyboard and it is about being in love with someone at school. It is a nice gentle song and Amy delivers it perfectly. The lyrics are beautiful and I can see why Amy picked this song as it fits with the same style of her other songs. After Thirteen has ended its onto what will be ten tales of unrequited love. The first being Seeing You Again which both Anna and Jo join in with as they are on the violin and cello. Well this is a song which is beautiful, sad and lovely. It tells the story of a couple that have split up and they have been apart for a long while and they see one another again. Out of all the album songs this has to be one of my favourites. Good Timing follows on and Amy was right when she said she may get over emotional. Amy mentions that her dad and brother and her brothers girlfriend are in the audience. When Amy mentions about her Grandad, Mum and Helen Amy gets a bit emotional. It nearly brings a tear to my eye. Well once Amy has gained composure it is onto Good Timing and it is another gentle song. This is a lovely song with beautiful lyrics. The story that it is telling is a sad story. It about a girl who likes this guy but she left it to late and missed her chance. After the song has finished both Harry and Max take the stage for the next song which was I Should Have Loved You More. Well this again is another beautiful song about unrequited love. The song is gentle and from the lyrics you can picture the meaning of the song. As soon as Amy hit’s the last note in the song the melody changes to The Hypocrite. Now Amy gets off her brand new keyboard and takes to the guitar. Now The Hypocrite is a dark song and it is slightly heavier compared to some songs on the album. It is a song that has forceful lyrics such as the line “Do as I say, not as I do”. Well after it was back to the keyboard for The Boy I Left Behind. Even though from the title of the song you can picture the story behind it. You would initially think it to be a slow number but it is very up tempo. The use of the other instruments gel perfectly and the lyrics they are brilliant. Now next was a different version of Dancehall Deciet. Now this song is about not being able to trust anyone. The difference being the fact Amy forgot her Melodica and she used her voice instead. Even though the song tackles a darker subject I couldn’t help but smile when Amy used her voice for the parts she would of used her Melodica on. Rivals which was the first vinyl released under Memphis Industries is next on the night. It is a good up tempo song which has brilliant lyrics that you can picture a story to. Basically the song tells the story of two girls who are rivals. Although the music video to this song does not show this I would of thought that the two girls are rivals competing to win the affections of the same guy. The song that had its premiere earlier on in the evening is next. Red Mist is a guitar driven song and Amy had got of the keyboard and took to her guitar. Well this is a extremely up tempo song which I really like. The lyrics are really good even though it is dealing with a dark subject. The last song on the night is the title track to her album Divided. Before Amy starts playing she says some thank yous and then Amy starts to play Divided. I actually cant remember Amy saying it was cheesy. Well Divided is a beautiful song which has just one cheesy line but everything else is completely perfect. Amy is on the guitar and the song is up tempo. It is also a fun song which has both a infectious melody and lyrics. The chorus is really catchy. If you view the video to Divided that is posted you will see Amy points out to someone in the crowd. Now I think that person was Kelly White. Well after the song is finish Amy and the band continue to play. When I first heard this on the album I first thought this was a interlude liking it up to Red Mist but this wasn’t the case. This is the exit tune. They all exit the stage at points Amy first, Jo second, Anna third, Max fourth then Harry being the last person to leave the stage. After a few chants of encore Amy takes the stage and says they forgot to play one song and they didn’t plan on forgetting it. Well that song was The Biggest Mistake. Amy is on her keyboard and starts singing this up tempo song. The lyrics are really good, they are catchy lyrics too and the melody is brilliant. All the instruments infused together to make up this outstanding song. This was a perfect performance of this song and rounded off a faultless night.


Seeing You Again
Good Timing
I Should Have Loved You More
The Hypocrite
The Boy I Left Behind
Dancehall Deceit
Red Mist


The Biggest Mistake

OVERALL: The night was outstanding. The songs were brilliant and it was nice to see a mixture of songs. I actually haven’t heard Good Timing or Seeing You Again that many times. Also there was a cover too which made the night different to the previous times I have seen Amy. Well the night all in all was a well organised album launch. A lot of effort was put into it and it turned out to be a resounding success for Amy.


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