Gwenno @ Puregroove 14th August 2009

I arrived two hours early. When I arrived I was the first one there. So I had a look round the vinyls then took a seat and started to browse through a magazine. Gwenno arrived moments later to find there had been a mistake made on the calender of instores taking place. Displayed was Friday 14th August Gwenno (ex Pipette). Well Gwenno found the funny side of it when she noticed. When I first noticed I thought Gwenno has left the Pipettes when did this happen. Well The Pipettes are very much alive and well. Even though Gwenno released U & I through her myspace page late 2007 this was only her second gig. Well the store started to fill up and Gwenno was suprised at how many people turned up to see her.

Well the 7 track set start off with I’m Here For You. This is a really good song and it is up tempo. The lyrics are catchy the verses and chorus are brilliant. This is a infectious song that you can dance along to. I can actually see this song being played in clubs. She’s Got Me On Her Mind is another catchy song. It is another song you can dance along to and appeared on the mini album U & I Gwenno offered on her myspace page back in 2007. The chorus is fantastic it is definately up tempo. Gwenno also has a Tenori on. After she had finished Gwenno said that was her Cascada moment as the first two songs were dancy numbers. I’ve Be Searching follows on and the lyrics are brilliant. I like the chorus especially and I like the melody of the song as well. Lime Chordial is next on the night.  It is a beautiful song its soft and gentle. Gwenno’s voice compliments the melody. It is a slow song which is played at a steady pace. The lyrics are absolutely perfect. Following on is Dance Alone which has really good lyrics. The chorus is spot on and the lyrics gel well with the melody. When I first heard the first few seconds of this song I was expecting it to be a dark song from the keys that were played on the keyboard. This song is a pure pop song. Before Sunset has a nice feel good melody and the lyrics gel well to that melody. Gwenno mentions about the film which bears the same name. The final song on the night was Now I Know. There is a beat to this song it is another dancy song. The lyrics are brilliant it feels slightly electro. When the song nears the end Gwenno gets everyone clapping and it continues till the very end.


I’m Here For You
She’s Got Me On Her Mind
I’ve Been Searching
Lime Chordial
Dance Alone
Before Sunset
Now I Know

OVERALL: This was a outstanding instore by Gwenno. The songs were upbeat and the first two were songs you can get up and dance to.  Gwenno is a huge talent she definately likes performing her songs to a crowd. Well the same applies to The Pipettes songs as well Gwenno clearly enjoys singing them. I am looking forward to hearing more material by Gwenno and I also look forward to hearing new material by The Pipettes. I plan to catch Gwenno at The Good Ship in September then 100 club in October.


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