She Keeps Bees @ Puregroove 10th August 2009

I arrived at Puregroove around 6.15pm. She Keeps Bees were absolutely new to me but after they were recommended to me I checked the myspace page and I really liked their style of music. She Keeps Bees consist of Jessica Larrabee and Andy LaPlant the style of music is rock music but gentle rock music. This was the first time I had seen this band and by the end of this instore I was impressed and wanted to hear more. Well the store was nearly full but I was sat at a table right at the front. It was a strong 7 song set with all the songs being taken off the new album Nests which had only just came out. Well all the songs were brilliant even though they were a bit on the short side. Well the first song on the night was Ribbon. Jessica sung a capella and it sounded amazing she has such a incredible and powerful voice. Wear Red is next and Jessica takes to the electric guitar. It is a song played at a steady pace. Even though Jessica was on electric guitar the music was not heavy as the words could be heard clearly. Release is next. Jessica mentions can we hear Andy’s drums as Jessica thinks her guitar was overpowering them. Jessica says sorry guys before singing this song. Well this is another good song. I actually like the melody of this song and how the guitar and drums just infuse together. Andy is a brilliant drummer as well. Following on is Gimmie. Jessica tries to get Andy angry so he plays the drums harder. Jessica then reveals that a bird did something unpleasant to Andy when they were on the way to Puregroove. Jessica also mentions that they got a terrible review. Well it is a good song Jessica’s voice is both strong and stunning. Gimmie is in fact a really good song. Get Gone is next on the night. The song is a soft song all throughout till the very end. There is a steady pace plus beat and the lyrics gel to the melody. You Can Tell is next. Now this song is one of my favourite She Keeps Bees songs. I like the lyrics and the fact that it is not over heavy so you cant actually hear the lyrics. The last song on the night was Cold Eye. Now this was a good song to end on I like the melody to the song there is a vibe to this song and I like it.


Wear Red
Get Gone
You Can Tell
Cold Eye

OVERALL: This was a brilliant instore by a band I have only seen the once. I would definitely see them again. Jessica and Andy are both brilliant and so nice. Jessica even has a sense of humour which is good. Well when I made my way home I read the review in question. It was by The London Paper who gave a outrageous review of the brand new album Nests. The album got 2/5 so did many of the other albums reviewed. Well everyone has there critics that wont like the music that band puts out. But She Keeps Bees were amazing and there were plenty of people who came just to appreciate the music.


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