Hashell @ The Miller 13th August 2009

I arrived at The Miller at 6.30pm. It took that long to get there because I could not find out where it actually was. Well when I finally got into the upstairs area I saw a bit of the soundcheck. Well it was a good night but weird at the same time. The weirdness was to do with that this was actually a pretty intimate night. The first artist of the night came on at 7.55pm earlier that the 8pm she was supposed to be on. Well not alot of people were there when T-Ka took the stage. T-Ka was born and is based in Paris. Well this was a excellent 7 song set and one that I really enjoyed. T-Ka was only accompanied by a keyboard and sung some songs off her album And Maybe A Tree Will Rise Out Of Me and some tracks which are not on that album. Considering I had heard nothing by her prior I was really impressed. Now T-Ka is a infusion of soul/ jazz and pop. She starts of with And Maybe A Tree Will Rise Out Of Me which is a slow song it is also the title of her album which was funded by fans across the world. Well it was a good song it caputured my interest. I would say T-Ka is a France’s answer to Regina Spektor. She also reminds me of Nerina Pallot too. Well the next song I dont know the name of but the song was up tempo and T-Ka came off the keyboard to sing the song. The third song Jay is taken from a film that T-Ka has wrote and she has already wrote the music to that film. This is a lovely song with brilliant lyrics which gel to the melody of what is being played on the keyboard. The next song is one that sounded like Bilhem but it is not called that. Well this song is a up tempo song. It is a sad and beautiful song. It basically says that if you meet someone that you like take a chance go over and speak to them because you may never see them again. Muszic follows on from the last song. It is a nice song and I like the soulfulness of T-Ka’s voice. This is another slow tempo song. Her voice is so powerful. The penultimate song was Gotta Say No. This is a up tempo song with lyrics that are catchy. This is where the comparisons to Nerina Pallot come into place. Well I really like this song it is a strong song T-Ka delivers the song perfectly. At the very end the audience joins in by repeating the notes T-Ka was singing. When the song finshes it is 7.25pm T-Ka then asks that she has enough time to do one more song. This was I Got To Do It On Purpose.  It does not appear on the debut album but it is a good song. It starts off slow going at a steady pace. The lyrics are perfect. After a brief keyboard interlude and a note being held the song gets a little faster. Before the song ends the song starts to wind up by going at a slower pace.

Sara (Hashell) came on a couple of minutes early than her 9.20 slot she had been given. Well when she took the stage she was accompanied by her 4 piece band. The set was only 6 songs long 5 of those songs were taken from the current EP Worthless. When Sara comes onto the stage she starts off with Hello.  Well this song has two brilliant verses. You can picture the story from the lyrics. It is about a relationship breakdown that didn’t end well. The lyrics are perfect and the chorus Sara just belts it out. It was a stong song to start off with. Be Unkind follows on and it is about the same subject relationships. Well it is a song that I find to be beautiful the verses are gentle and soft. The chorus has a brilliant melody to it with the beat of the drum. The lyrics from the chorus gel well with the melody.  Just listening to the lyrics it is a beautiful and sad song. Invincible is the next song which I really enjoy, the chorus is perfect. Sara has such a strong and powerful voice. Do What You Want is the next song which infact does not appear on Worthless. Sara says she wrote the song when her ex broke up with her. The chorus to this song is outstanding I relly like the beat as well. The lyrics are perfect and the melody is infectious. During this song Sara introduces the audience to the rest of the band. After when the introductions are finished Sara belts out the chorus. The penultimate song is You Will Be Out There. This is a beautiful and gentle song. The song itself is a slow song. Sara has a amazing voice and this song is formed of beautiful verses and a lovely chorus. The last song on the night was infact the title track of the EP. Worthless is the song and it is going to have a music video shot to accompany it. Well the song is strong and powerful song which has a beat that I like. I like the chorus too I would say that this song is slightly heavier compared to the other songs in the set. The lyrics are brilliant and it was good to end a outstanding set to such a amazing song.


Be Unkind
Do What You Want
You Will Be Out There

OVERALL: This was a really good night and was pretty intimate. There was about 30 people there. Well Hashell was fantastic. I look forward to hearing more material from Sara. I will be definately going to The Bedford in December. I know Sara had trouble with the sound. She couldnt hear what she was singing. From being right at the front the 6 track set was completely faultless. Also I unearthed another artist whom I wouldn’t of known of if she wasn’t supporting that artist T-Ka. I would definately want to see her again.


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  1. Cat says:

    Hi! I found your blog thanks to your T-ka review, from the link on T-ka’s MySpace page while I was checking if she had any gigs coming. I am a musician, but I also help out at a radio project TalentCast – a weekly radio programme with only independent music. We have played T-ka numerous times and I thought perhaps some other artists we have played, or featured on the website, might interest you. We have the current and older programmes featured as podcasts on our website. Recently we have changed the DJ so in the last two programmes the style is different than in the past!

    We also have a Gigs and Events page so maybe it will be useful to you, we have gigs from all over the world so perhaps you will find shows near you.

    Anyway, the website is http:/www.talentcast.nl/. Hope you’ll enjoy!


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