Emmy The Great @ Puregroove 11th August 2009

I arrived for this instore particularly early. I arrived around 5.30pm that was 2 hours before Emmy was actually onstage. Well when I got to the shop and took a seat and waited out the 2 hours. Emma and Euan of Younghusband were already there and they did a sound check of Bowl Collecting Blood. Well the reason I arrived early was because Emma is a exceptional artist who’s album I absolutely love. This was the third time I had seen her live the last being a month ago at the Southbank in July. Well the week of this instore saw the release of the EP Edward (First Songs). Well Emma and Euan actually took the stage at 7.27pm 3 minutes early. Well Emma kicks the night off with a song off the new EP. This being Canopies and Drapes which Emma said is pre- myspace and pre- Lily Allen because of the references in the song. References in this song include S Club 7 splitting up, Friends and Billy Joel. Well I like this song it is probably my favourite songs off the new EP. Short Country Song which appeared as a b side to the First Love 7” is the next song. It is a good song I really like the lyrics. Following on is the first track from album First Love. Dylan is a song that has brilliant verses and an infectious up tempo chorus. The chorus is one you can jig about to or tap your toe too. Bowl Collecting Blood is next. It is a good song played at a steady pace and after the next song that follows is Edward Is Dedward. Before starting the song Emma mentions the person on the EP is in fact Edward. Well this song I like it is a strong song and has lyrics which I like. MIA is next this song I love. I first heard it on the My Bad EP and I fell in love with it straight away. This is a beautiful mellowing song which has brilliant and catchy lyrics. Two Steps Forward is the final song taken off the EP. Emma mentions that she didn’t look on the internet to see what the actual lyrics were. Emma mentions that she may forget the lyrics but in the end this song is absolutely faultless. Emma gets through the song without stopping or having to have prompts. Emma then tells the audience what song she should sing next. Someone shouts 24 and that is the next song. Well 24 is a nice slow song which has really good lyrics. I amount of times I hear this song the stronger my love of it grows. Not a single Emmy track is bad all of them are outstanding. Lost In Austin is the penultimate song. It in fact has not appeared on any Emmy release. To round off the night is Everything Reminds Me Of You which again is a beautiful mellowing song which was the first time I had heard it live.


Canopies And Drapes
Short Country Song
Bowl Collecting Blood
Edward Is Dedward
Two Steps Forward
Lost In Austin
Everything Reminds Me Of You

OVERALL: This was a brilliant instore. Emma is amazing most of her songs are completely mesmerising. There is not a single bad track you can fall in love with all of them.


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