Nokia Skate Almighty @ Potter’s Field 6th August 2009

Around 3pm I arrived at London Bridge then I made the brief journey to Potter’s Field. When I got there a sectioned was cornered off for the Nokia Skate Almighty event. Well before I left to get to London Bridge I found out that one of the acts that were playing were The Pipettes. Now it was really poor that the official Nokia Skate Almighty site did not even mentioned who was playing on what day. Now The Pipettes were a act that I wanted to see so that was the main reason I attended. Well it looked like a really organised professional looking event with a huge skate rink for people who wanted to skate. Well come 7.30pm it was the start of The Pipettes set. Now it had started pouring and I was outside the shelter so I could get a good view. Now skating and live music do not go well together. People has just come to see the music but they were so far back you could not even see the faces clearly and you had people skating as well. That was the main reason I was outside standing in the pouring rain.

So The Pipettes took the stage at 7.30pm. Now I knew of The Pipettes but had not heard anything from them. Well they did a 9 song set which included new songs and a few old songs from the debut album We Are The Pipettes. The Pipettes who are Ani, Beth and Gwenno started off there 9 track set.


Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me
Call Me
Thank You
Stop The Music
Boo Shuffle
From Today
Pull Shapes

Now it was the first time I had seen The Pipettes and they are a band that I would like to see again. Each of their songs are fun and from seeing them they definitely enjoy singing the songs. Now History is a short catchy song. Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me taken from the debut album and they get stuck into the song straight away by delivering the song title strongly. It is a fast paced song with a mellowing melody. Call Me saw Gwenno take the lead. Well the song has a beat to it and I like the melody. The lyrics just gel to it and it is a lovely song. Spaceman sees Beth taking the lead vocals. It is another fun pop song which is really good. Thank You sees Ani take the lead again it is a nice song with some good verses and chorus as well. The lyrics gelled perfectly to the melody. When this song was being played another music artist sprung to my mind Sophie Ellis Bextor. Stop The Music sung by Beth it is a good song but it takes a while to grow on you. I look forward to hearing a mastered version of this song. Boo Shuffle now this song was up tempo it is a song you can dance along to. Ani is singing this song and there are even dance moves as well. This is a really good song if they were doing a gig somewhere else everyone would be dancing. The crowd were then told that From Today may have been the last song from their set. Well From Today it starts off slow but when it progresses there is a infectious melody which gels well with the lyrics. The thought of Sophie Ellis Bextor came back to my mind. The final song on the night was taken off the debut album. This being Pull Shapes and it was a good song to end on. It definitely gives off a feel good vibe and The Pipettes definitely enjoy singing their songs as there were dance moves to each song. Well anyways Pull Shapes it has a brilliant melody which had a summer feel to it. Well the rain was coming down really heavy.

OVERALL: This set by The Pipettes was brilliant it left me wanting more. I would most definitely see them live again. It was a shame about the rain and the fact when the live music started it wasn’t well organised. There were people who just came to see the music and they could not be close to the stage as there was a huge skating rink in the middle. Also from 6pm it was supposed to be 18+ for the music but I saw people younger than 18 skating. Nokia and live music goes well but live music and skating doesn’t. I don’t think I will be attending next year unless some amazing artist is on the line up.

BEST TRACK: From The Pipettes 9 songs it is hard to single out one song so I am going to choose 2. These being Thank You and From Today.


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