Kym Brown @ Puregroove 5th August 2009

I arrived at Puregroove around 6.15pm. Kym was actually on at 7.30 instead of the 7pm that was advertised. Well the set was relatively short at only four songs. But those four songs I really enjoyed. Well this night was the launch of Pure Groove volume 3 which is a compilation CD made by Pure Groove themselves. This release saw one of Kym’s songs on the final track listing and it was the first song played in the set. Almost Happy was the first song on the night. Like all the songs they are fun and happy. Well Almost Happy has a really good melody and there is a really good vibe to this song. Fast As I Can saw Kym playing the Stylophone  the tune to this song sounds similar to another song. There is a steady pace to this song and I really like this song. The lyrics are brilliant. The penultimate song is Tell Me Now. Kym programs in her keyboard and it is a song that has a beat to it. It is a soft quiet song which has good lyrics that gel a brilliant melody. The quiet parts remind me of Polly Scattergood. Well the closing song is Arms Length and it is yet another brilliant song. When I listen to a song I listen to the melody and the lyrics just gels to it. This song gives off a feel good vibe.

OVERALL: This was a fabulous set by Kym each of her songs were brilliant. They were all fun, happy pop songs. I look forward to hearing more songs by Kym. Parts remind me of Polly Scattergood. Well I am glad I gave Kym’s music a chance because the songs impressed me. It left me wanting more.


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