Soko @ The Flowerpot 31st July 2009

The Flowerpot opened at 5pm I arrived at 5.30pm. Early I know when I got there I was the only one (bar staff) there. Well I got a seat and waited till 9pm I was reading my copy of NME and enjoying the music that was being played. They had the Slow Club album on so that took up some time. Well later my friend Charlotte who was at Soko’s gig at Dingwalls turned up. So we talked and people started to come in. Soko arrived around 8.30pm and started to set up. It wasn’t till 9.45pm when the set started. I was really hoping that it wouldn’t be a epic 2 hour set that lasted till midnight. Well Charlotte and I got up and went to the front of the stage and stood up for when Soko came on. When she did come on she mentioned why don’t everyone sit on the floor which they did. Well I really enjoyed the night which was Soko’s last gig in London. The set featured songs that were played at Dingwalls plus a new on I hadn’t heard. Well the set was 19 songs which is really good for a free gig and Soko played for 1hr 15mins. Well the set list was different to Dingwalls. Soko started off with Happy Hippie Birthday. Now it was the second time I had heard this song and it has grown on me you can feel the folk vibe from this song. Now all of Soko’s songs just make you smile. All The Lies is next and it is a nice song with some good lyrics. During the song Soko stops because she had forgotten the lyrics but she was adamant that she will remember which she did. Well this is a gentle song. Before starting the next song Soko gestures to some people outside to come outside to come into The Flowerpot. Well the next song is Paris where Soko sings about her woes in this city. Well this song is slightly stronger than the last one. My Friend Gypsy And I is next. Soko is at the drum kit playing the guitar and Josh Weller joins the stage as well. Well I like this song when the line “Tell me a story, I’ll tell you mine, I hope you don’t mind if I cry” well that line is sung at a fast pace. Other than that the song has a steady pace. Misery What A Mystery was a new song a song I hadn’t heard before. It starts off as soft song then it progresses into a stronger song and there is a beat too the song. For It’s Not Going To Work Soko has moved from the drum kit. I really like the lyrics they made me smile. The next songs on the night are silly songs. I Wanna Look Like A Tiger Soko takes the guitar and drums. But she doesn’t have her tiger with her. Well this song is a funny song it makes you laugh and smile. What is extra funny is when Soko roars she screeches at the top of her voice. Peanut Butter Soko has trouble remembering the lyrics but when she gets started they start, Well this is a funny song steady and fast. I love the bit when Soko sings “Sweet sweet peanut butter”. I Think I’m Having A Nervous Breakdown is a drum orientated song and it is a song. Soko stays on the drums for People Are Mean, People Are Bad. Josh Weller joins onstage. I for one am glad that Soko is back and she is clearly enjoying singing her new songs. Well this is a good song and has a beat to it. I Will Never Fall In Love With Someone Who Makes Me Cry saw Soko go back to the guitar. This song is played at a steady pace and parts are strong, parts are soft. Up next is True Love Will Find You In The End well it is a soft gentle short song. The lyrics are beautiful. Following on is Liars Lie In Hell And Maybe You Will Too and Soko is on the ukulele. The songs pace is a mixture it starts of steady then bits of the song are fast paced. It’s Hard To Be Alone is another beautiful sad song with some brilliant lyrics. After Why Would You Lie? proceeds. Now I really like the lyrics and the use of the violin blends in with the song. My Wet Dreams gets a cheer and Soko tells the crowd to clap. Well I like the melody of this song and the lyrics are funny. That is something Soko is good at making songs that make you smile and laugh. The theme of sex is prominent though out the song. I’m Not In Hell follows on this song everyone chants all though out the song. Now I really like this song the melody of this song is perfect. I’m No One’s Love is a brief shot song. When is finished people thought there would be more. Well this is a nice song I would like it if there were a couple verses in the song. The last song on the night was a crowd pleaser it was a joint song. First is was a song about being a vegan then it went into I Will Never Love You More. It was good hearing this song live as I had missed it at Dingwalls. It was the perfect song to end on and it is a beautiful song. Soko’s accent adds to each song. Her accent when she sings just makes you smile.


Happy Hippie Birthday
All The Lies
My Friend Gypsy And I
Misery What A Mystery
It’s Not Going To Work
I Wanna Look Like A Tiger
Peanut Butter
I Think I’m Having A Nervous Breakdown
People Are Mean, People Are Bad
I Will Never Fall In Love With Someone Who Makes Me Cry
True Love Will Find You In The End
Liars Lie In Hell And Maybe You Will Too
It’s Hard To Be Alone
Why Would You Lie?
My Wet Dreams
I’m Not In Hell
I’m No One’s Love
I Will Never Love You More

OVERALL: This gig was amazing. Soko didn’t take  any requests as it was a free night. But the 19 songs played were brilliant. I may of seen her the previous week but you can never tire of her music. There wasn’t as much banter like Dingwalls but when there was Soko can make you laugh. Now this was a organised night there was no problems like there was before. 19 songs were sung in 1 hour 15 minutes. This was Soko’s last gig in London for a while. After Charlotte and I met Soko and spoke to her. Soko mentioned that people talking just happens at gigs and she mentioned that she forgot to bring her tiger. Overall this was a brilliant night Soko’s set was completely faultless.


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