Noah and the Whale @ Q Music Club, Hard Rock Café 28th July 2009

I arrived at the Hard Rock Café at 5.30pm. The night was a private party for Q Music. Money could not buy tickets you could only win them. I managed to get myself on the guest list. Even though I was on the list I was still the only one there till 6.50pm. The doors opened at 7pm. Well the reason for me being there early is simple because I wanted to be at the front. Now I really like Noah and the Whale’s music and according to my Songkick profile I have seen them 12 times (that is more than any other band). Well when everyone started to go in they didn’t make their way to the front but to the seats instead. So I was at the front had a complimentary soft drink and a couple of mini burgers which made there way out to the main area. At 8pm there was a brief introduction then Noah and the Whale took the stage. The set which was to be just 10 songs was split evenly between tracks from debut album “Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down” and follow up album “First Days Of Spring” which gets released on 31st August. The opener was a brand new song called Slow Glass. Now this is a good song I would say most of the new tracks are different from the way the first album sounded. Well I like the change the songs still have the folk feel to them with a little bit of added rock. Also for this song it saw Charlie using an electric tooth brush and putting it close to his electric guitar. Next on the night is Give A Little Love. Now I like this song I like the way the song sounds. It is a gentle song played at a steady pace. The lyrics are catchy especially the line “If you give a little love, you can get a little love, if you don’t break his heart”. Following on is the new single Blue Skies. Well this song has attached itself onto myself and I simply love it. It is also the song that backs the trailer to their film “First Days Of Spring”. Well for this song Tom left his fiddle duties to play the keyboard. Both lyrics and melody are perfect. I find it to be a mellowing song. Now 2 Atoms In A Molecule which Charlie said was a early version of 2 Bodies 1 Heart when I first saw them headline May last year. Well this song is brilliant from the very first chords on the guitar till the very end. It is a fast paced song and it is a fairly short song. Our Window is the next song on the night. The songs off the new album have a different feel to them. They still stick in the same folk genre like the first album but one difference is Tom is doing a lot more. For this song Tom is on electric guitar. It does have good lyrics  am really looking forward to the new album and putting it on repeat. Mary is next and this beautiful song was taken from the debut album. It is a song that flows steadily and has some good lyrics. Following on is another new song called My Door Is Always Open. This is a slow song to begin with then towards the end the pace starts to gather. With Rocks and Daggers it sees the audience clapping to early when they think the song is over. Only for Charlie to put his finger up as to say wait. Well I like this song because it has a fast pace to it. It is a good song to dance to. Well back to the clapping the song comes to a sudden stop Charlie wipes his forehead then the crowd start to clap. Charlie puts his finger up as to say wait. I would say the final part of the song is the best part because the pace is taken up a notch. After applause it is onto 5 Years Time which was arguably the song of the 2008 summer. This is a different take on the song mainly because Charlie is on electric guitar. Before Charlie has been playing ukulele. Well this change doesn’t effect the song towards the end there is a small sample of The Searchers Sweets For My Sweet, Sugar For My Honey. First Days Of Spring which takes the same name of the album rounds off a perfect set for Noah and the Whale. Well this epic song lasts for 6 minutes and it was a really good song to close on. They then went off stage only for the crowd to chant encore. So Charlie came back on stage to say that they hadn’t planned a encore. The final song of the night was a cover of Girlfriend In A Coma by The Smiths. It is a good song played at a fast tempo. Also with the lyrics you could sing along to them because they are so good. I haven’t heard the original version but I am positive Noah and the Whale put their own twist on this song.


Slow Glass
Give A Little Love
Blue Skies
2 Atoms In A Molecule
Our Window
My Door Is Always Open
Rocks and Daggers
5 Years Time
First Days Of Spring


Girlfriend In A Coma

OVERALL: This was a amazing night even if there wasn’t free food it would still be amazing. I was right at the front taking everything in hearing both new and old tracks. The songs on the set list were a perfect blend and balance of new and old songs. After hearing 5 new songs I am anticipating the release of the follow up album. Yes the new songs are different compared to the first album but Noah and the Whale have pulled it off. All the new tracks were brilliant but my favourite on the night has to be Blue Skies. The cover was amazing too. Well I look forward to hearing them live again. Roll on September 4th.


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