Field Day @ Victoria Park 1st August 2009

First Aid Kit

I arrived outside the entrance at 11.15am. Thinking that there would be a massive queue there wasn’t. Everyone was sitting down so what I did I just waited at the barriers. Well the gate opened at 12pm 30mins late but they were finishing setting up. So when the gats did open it was a quick dash to see the first band of the day First Aid Kit at the Village Mentality tent. Now I heard of the band prior but had not heard any of their music. Well First Aid Kit consist of Sweedish sisters Klara and Johanna. Now First Aid Kit impressed me the songs are soft mellow and beautiful. I managed to take video of the set but I cannot find out the names of two songs (I had to guess). The set was 8 songs and they included EP tracks a couple of oldies and a new track. Every track I enjoyed with it being the first time I had heard the songs they did leave a positive impression on me as when I got home I ordered the EP on vinyl. Folk music is something I now really enjoy. After when the set was finished it was off to see King Charles at the Adventures In The Beetroot Field tent. This set was in one word amazing. I last saw King Charles back at The Lexington last December and the music was to my liking. As soon as I saw the band was at Field Day they went onto my list of bands to see on the day. Well when I got there not many people were there so I was right at the front. As time grew nearer that is when the people came. Songs that were sung on the night included Beating Hearts and Time Of Eternity. Songs that I took video of but not sure of the name of the song were Never Let A Woman Go, We Didn’t Start The Fire which I stood transfixed when listening and The Brightest Light Is The Darkest Shadow.

King Charles
King Charles

Well the final song of the set was breathtaking, amazing and brilliant. The energy just oozed from the song. Towards the end Charles scaled the lighting rig. Memories of Florence doing the same at Glastonbury came back to me. But this was different Charles climbed to the very top. Thank god nothing went wrong because I must admit I was wincing a little. Well King Charles are definitely a band I would see again they are a mixture of folk and rock. Some of the songs can be quiet heavy. So when the set was finished I had a look round to see what was going on. I then decided to see Final Fantasy over at the Eat Your Own Ears stage. So I managed to get a place at the front by the side. Errors were playing. Well their set ended at 2.45 the same time Final Fantasy were due to come on. So after hearing the Errors it was then off to Blogger’s Delight as I wanted to see The XX. After seeing plenty of people outside the Bugged Out tent my plans changed. So I went into the Bugged Out tent Delphic were just wrapping up their set. Well I managed to get to the front. The main reason getting there early because I wanted to secure a front spot for Little Boots. Well the acts before were Aeroplane then Fake Blood.

Little Boots (With Thanks To Justin Ng For The Picture)
Little Boots (With Thanks To Justin Ng For The Picture)

At 6pm it was time for Little Boots to take to the stage. The only negative I can take out of this performance is it was too short. The set was 45mins and it took longer than that just to set it all up. Victoria should really of been headlining. Well other than that the packed audience were treated to 8 stunning songs. Well this was the first time I had heard a couple of songs live. Earthquake is first on the night it is a really catchy song and a good song to start on. Victoria gets stuck in straight away. The lyrics of this song are fantastic and I reckon the song does have single potential. Following on is Meddle Victoria tries to get the packed crowed to clap with the beat. Well towards the start Victoria plays a tstylo phone. Well Meddle is a up tempo song with some really good lyrics. The lyrics “Don’t meddle with the heart, meddle with the mind” are catchy lyrics.  New In Town gets a few screams. Victoria programs in her tenori  and starts to sing this song. Now this is a brilliant catching song which has a little electro vibe and killer lyrics. It is definitely a crowd pleaser and it definitely deserved to chart higher than it did in the charts. Next is a song I have not heard live and this song being Click. Well this is a catchy song especially the part “We clicked like two parts of a puzzle, now I’m all in a muddle”. I like both melody and lyrics. There is a beat to this song and there is a slight tempo. Up next is my favourite Little Boots song this being Mathematics. This song struck me straight when I heard it for the first time. The lyrics are perfect. Victoria tries to get the crowd to clap along. Well it is a fast tempo song and the part that I like are the lyrics:

So will you take just a little of my mind and subtract it from my soul
Add a fraction of your half and you’ll see it makes me whole
Multiply it by the times that we’ve never been apart
You’ll see nothing can divide just a heart plus a heart

Now this is a song that has single potential as well. I think it will do really well as it has everything I look for in a song. Another new song Symmetry is next. I had never heard this song live and like all of Victoria’s songs it is a brilliant song. The melody is perfect, the lyrics are brilliant and the tempo changes throughout the song. The new single Remedy was the next song on the night. Now this is a killer song with brilliant lyrics which makes the song infectious. Before starting Victoria programs in her Tenori. Now this single deserves to chart really high because it is pure pop. It is a bit electro but it is also a catchy song with memorable lyrics. Stuck On Repeat is the final song on the night. Victoria programs in her Tenori again. Well the song has a steady pace and has some good catching lyrics.


New In Town
Stuck On Repeat

OVERALL: After Little Boots the rain started to fall. Well it had been falling but I was sheltered. It was a complete wash out. I was going to see Santigold on the Ear Your wn Ears stage which was open air. Well I was soaked through so I decided to leave. All in all I had seen three great acts and I am especially please that I saw Little Boots. The clashes of bands is the only annoying factor but that is inevitable.


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