Coco Electrik @ Puregroove 27th July 2009

After seeing the list of instores taking place at Puregroove the name Coco Electrik grabbed my attention. So when I got home I check out the myspace page and I immediately liked the music so I attended this instore. So I arrived around 6.20pm and I expected more people to be there at that time as it started at 7pm. Well I took my place at the table closest to the stage and waited till the band started the set. Well the band took to the stage around 7.10pm. Anne was sporting some blue glasses which she wore during all the set. Well the 7 song set featured 4 new songs which are taken from the new album and the other three taken from the previous album Army Behind The Sun. Well the band kicked off the night with a brand new song called Temple. Now Anne is the voice behind Coco Electrik. Now as it was my first time hearing Temple I would like to hear it again when the new album is release. I quite liked the song it made a good impression on me. Shine A Light is the next new song on the night and it is the new single. Well the song is high pitched. I like the beat to this song and there is definitely a electro feel which contributes to the way the song sounds. It was a old song next which was Pussyfooter. There is a beat to this song which I like and this song is sung at a steady pitch. Pussyfooter is not high pitched as Shine A Light. Up next is Fire & Ice which  is a new song it starts straight after Pussyfooter as it blended into the ending of Pussyfooter. Well I like the lyrics. Anne has a amazing voice. The songs sounded heavy with the electro vibe that each song gave but they were pop songs. Now this song I can imagine people dancing to it or it is a song to get the crowd going.  Apple Pie then is the second old song to be played on the night. Well what can I say about the song well it has a good opening which is a good sign for a song and the lyrics are perfect as well. The melody of the song definitely gels with the lyrics. The final two songs are Paint It Red and Greatest Love. Paint It Red has a beat to the song. I recall a phone ringing and thinking it was someone in the store but it was part of the song. Well bits of the song are high pitch and Anne can reach those high notes. The final song Greatest Love blends with the ending of Paint It Red. Well the song starts off promising with the keyboard being played. There is a beat to this song and it is a nice song which I really like.


Shine A Light
Fire & Ice
Apple Pie
Paint It Red
Greatest Love

BEST TRACK: Now Coco Electrik sang seven perfect songs but the best for me has to be Shine A Light.

OVERALL: This was a brilliant instore. I really like giving new bands a chance because you can unearth some artists who are really good. Coco Electrik were no disappointment after the strong seven song set it left me wanting more. I look forward to hearing the new album when it is released and I am even going to track down the first album.


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