Ben and Jerry’s Sundae 2009 @ Clapham Common 25th July 2009

For this Ben and Jerry’s festival I arrived at 11am for. Thankfully it stayed sunny not a single spot of rain. Well headlining the day were Super Furry Animals and Teenage Fanclub. But only came to see Telegraphs (who were recommended to me) and the excellent Marina and the Diamonds. Plus free Ice Cream made the £8.95 ticket fee a complete bargain. Well the entrance opened at 12pm so I went in and got my lanyard. I could hear something coming from the main stage. So after running to were the stage was there was an act playing. Now they were just starting after they had been introduced. Well the first band on the day was Cinnamon Street. They hadn’t been billed as playing but on further research they announced it on their Myspace. Well the set was relatively short they only played two songs one cover and the other being their own. Well the first song was a cover of Tears For Fears Everybody Want’s To Rule The World. It was actually a really good take on the song. The next was their own song that I don’t know the name to then after it was the end of their set. I really would of liked to have heard more as I enjoyed the music they were playing. Also not that many people were there watching probably because it started straight when the entrance opened. Well after the short set it was a changeover for the next band. Telegraphs (Top Left) who announced that they would be playing at 12.20pm were a band recommended to me. I listened to the music and I liked what I heard. Well Telegraphs did a strong 6 song set all songs where taken from the new album We Were Ghosts. Well during the set they plugged the album and the fact that they are playing at Monto Water Rats on Thursday 30th July. Well two of the songs sung were Forever Never which was dedicated to Nicky and was then followed by I Don’t Navigate By You which sees Hattie Williams take the vocals. They also sung We Dance In Slow Motion. After the final song it was onto another 10 minute changeover. 

People decided to slip off to get the free ice cream but I decided to stay right at the front because I knew Marina would be on after Tommy (R). Well anyways I was aware of Tommy before I got my ticket. He won the Orange Unsigned Act which was shown on T4. Tommy sung a 7 song set and he did impress me. Considering I was not a fan of his music when I saw him on the Orange Unsigned Act on T4 I actually quite enjoyed his set. Songs that he sung were Dials which is a fast paced song, Kick The Covers which has a good melody, Mind On Other Things which saw Tommy swap guitars so he had a electric one and it was a good song, good lyrics and then there was Gimme A Call which has a good chorus. Tommy’s debut single Jackets was also performed.

Well next on was Marina and the Diamonds. They came on around 2pm. Now Marina is someone I tip to be big next year. Each song Marina injects so much energy into it and she clearly likes singing them. Well when Marina comes onstage she has a inflatable banana with her which mentions fairtrade. Well Marina is wearing sunglasses and she is wearing her black, shiny, colourful coat. Marina is also wearing some colourful Nike trainers as well and she is also wearing her Crown Jewels necklace. Well the first song is Girls. Now this song whenever I hear it the song simply gets better and better. The energy just oozes out of this song and Marina puts everything into it delivering it absolutely perfectly. Well Girls is a catchy song and has some brilliant lyrics. I like the beat of the song as well. I reckon Girls would make a perfect single as this is a up tempo song. Things then slow down with Seventeen which appeared on The Crown Jewels EP.  Now I like this song there is a slight tempo to it and the chorus is powerful and strong. Also the chorus is catchy as well. I Am Not A Robot is next and it starts of slow then the pace gathers. Well this song is really strong and the energy oozes out of it. Marina hit’s the high notes perfectly. I would say that just hearing this song live is better than hearing version on the EP because the live version is up tempo and Marina gives it her all. Now whenever I hear this song the first thing that comes to my mind is Dumper the Popjustice robot. A new song is next. Well its not a new song but just a brand new cover. The cover being Late Of The Pier’s Space And The Woods. Now the reason Marina is covering this song is due to the fact she really likes it. After hearing the original version both are extremely different. Now this is a strong rock song which Marina delivers really well. You can clearly tell that Marina enjoys singing songs to the audience and after knowing how much she wanted a career in the music industry she has a extremely strong passion. The first ever single is next this being Obsessions. Now Marina takes to the keyboard to sing this beautiful slow song (Marina has grade 1 keyboard). Now as the song progresses the pace picks up. This song is mellowing and one that I really like. It delivers the message that we all have obsessions. Now for Shampain Marina urges to join in with singing the line “drinking champagne made by the angels”. Now I really like this song. What makes it even better is hearing the song live. I like the lyrics of this song and I hope that this song features on the forthcoming album which is released next January. The final song in the set is Mowgli’s Road. Now this is a energetic song. Now at the beginning of the song Marina misses out one cuckoo but it doesn’t matter because this song is perfect anyway. The verses are brilliant and Marina tells the crowd to join in with the cuckoos. Well there is a beat to this song and there is a tempo to it as well. When it was over Marina said thank you to the crowd and left the stage. This was yet another phenomenal set by Marina.




I Am Not A Robot

Space And The Woods



Mowgli’s Road

AFTERMATH: When Marina had finished I then slipped back to get some ice cream. Now there were 22 different flavours and I only had 4 of them which included Jamaican Me Crazy, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Macadamia and Phish Food. After having my fourth helping I made my way to where the stage was sat down and caught the last bits of King Creosote. Ten minutes later I chose to leave.

OVERALL: This was a brilliant event which included my favourite artist of this year. Now like I have said I predict big things for Marina. Well I am looking forward to seeing her again next month. Also the ticket price alone made the event worth it. Marina and the Diamonds, Telegraphs, free ice cream and sunny weather made this a perfect Saturday.



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