Mpho @ Puregroove 20th July 2009

After having missed Mpho at the Southbank on the Saturday I decided to attend the instore at Puregroove. After having heard Mpho doing a acoustic version of Box n Locks on the Glastonbury coverage on BBC2 I immediately liked the song. Well when I arrived there the band was already there getting the equipment ready and just testing it out to make sure it was just right.

Well the set kicked off at 7.45pm and it was a strong 6 track set which included tracks from the forthcoming album as well as a cover. Well this set only wetted my appetite for when the debut album PopArt is release. The first song on the evening is All Change and it is a really good song it is a catchy song. I like the chorus. Well once finished there is clapping and Mpho thanks the audience then goes onto the next song. See Me Now is next. It is a steady song and the beat of the drums is all throughout the song. I like this song. When I like a song it is the melody that grabs my attention straight away and the lyrics. Now the next song Hips Go Pop has a brilliant beat to it. This is a song that you can dance to. I liked the energy that was given from this song. A cover of Running Up That Hill is next. This was originally sung by Kate Bush. Well it is a slow song played on the keyboard and is beautifully sung by Mpho. Fix Ya Face is a song I had heard the day before. Well it is a good song and I like the beat. A part of the song Mpho Mc’s. At the end of the song there is a bit of crowd participation when Mpho says “I say Fix Ya Face” and the crowd says S-M-I-L-E. The final song on the night is Box N Locks. Mpho mentions that she purchased a copy of the single from HMV and it took ages to find. Well this was the song that got me hooked wanting to hear more material. Box N Locks has a infectious melody which blends well with the lyrics.

OVERALL: This was a small intimate instore there were quite a few people there but it was not rammed like they can be. I tip big things for Mpho. From the 5 album tracks she played it is going to be one amazing album. I was presently surprised when her set finished because I expected all the songs to follow the same suit as Box N Locks. But most of the songs were pop and the cover of Running Up That Hill was perfect.

BEST TRACK: Now I enjoyed all the songs on the night but the best track on the night has to be Hips Go Pop. It has a beat to it and it is a song you can dance too. One that I think would be good in a club.


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