Emmy The Great @ Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre 19th July 2009

I arrived nearing 7.30pm. The gig did not start till 7.45 and one of the main reasons for turning up at the time I did was because it was all seated. When the doors opened people started to go in. So I went and took my seat. Support came from Sleeping States and then there would be a interval for what would have been Aidan Moffat slot but he contracted Swine Flu and pulled out. Now opening the show was Sleeping States. I was aware of them but I have never heard anything from them. I enjoyed the set of new/ old songs and I was really impressed by what I was hearing. Well Sleeping States are a folk group and they had some good songs.  Once Sleeping States had left the stage it was the interval or in other words the change over so they could set up for Emmy The Great. Well they laid the set list down and I went over and had a glance of the set list. I knew everyone was in for a right treat.

Emmy came onstage around 9pm and started off with 24. Now with Emmy not a single song is bad. Well 24 is a nice slow song with some good lyrics but it wouldn’t be my choice of song to open a set with. I would like the song to stand out straight away. Following on is one of my favourite song Easter Parade which featured on the My Bad EP. Now Emma has such a beautiful and stunning voice. This song I find to be quite mellowing. It is a steady paced song and it has brilliant lyrics After it is We Almost Had A Baby. Well this song is played at a faster pace. It grabs your attention straight away from the way the song feels. It is actually quite catchy and I really enjoy the lyrics. My opinion is that this song should of opened the set. Dylan is next this song has a toe tapping beat to the song. When it reaches the chorus the pace is stepped up a gear. This song has good lyrics and sounds countrified. First Love follows on and it was the last single taken from the album. Well this is a slow song but has a powerful chorus of “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, And the sky was so much bluer”. After the song Emmy jokes about changing the words so its no longer Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah but Michael Jackson’s Bad. After 5 album songs it was onto Short Country Song which was the B Side to the vinyl for First Love. Now I like this song it has really good lyrics. It is then onto a album track being On Museum Island. This is a slow song and Emma sings this song beautifully. Next it is a very old song The Hypnotist’s Son now this was on the other side of the first ever release the Secret Circus single. Before starting Emmy jokes about Swine Flu. Considering how old the song is Emmy sang it confidently and I like this song. It is different to the feel of the current album but it still follows in the same genre. Bowl Collecting Blood was a new song on the night (well old but it is taken from the new EP of old recordings). On first listen this song is played a steady pace. It is a good song and I cant wait to hear it on the EP. The only draw back is there is no catchy chorus or killer verse that captivates me till the very end of the song. Well after the song Emmy said my name!!!!!. I was like OMG I actually thought it wasn’t me but with Emmy looking in my direction before saying “Sam it is nice you are taking video” that does narrow it down to me really. Well after that Emmy went on to play the Skeeter Davis cover End Of The World. Well I have not heard the original version but Emmy’s take on the song is really good. The song has a steady pace and Emmy delivers this song perfectly. She has a beautiful voice. Gabriel is next on the night it is a good song and was released as a single. The song is a really good one there is a beat to this song but it wasn’t up there is my favourite songs on the night. After a round of applause the next song would be Edward Is Dedward which is taken from the forthcoming EP.  Well this was a song that really enjoyed and I cant wait till I get to play it on my vinyl player. MIA follows on this is one of my favourite tracks taken off the First Love album. This is a beautiful song and I really like the lyrics. The melody of the song is catchy and I find the song to be slightly mellowing. Next is Lost In Austin and Emmy mentions that she wrote the song before ITV decided to make the TV series of the same name. Absentee has everything I could want from a song. It has brilliant catching verses and chorus. Also Emmy delivers it perfectly. It has to be my favourite Emmy song. When she performed it I was completely captivated. We Are Safe follows this is a toe taping song. Parts of it remind me of Laura Marling. Well We Are Safe which appears on the current album is played at a fast pace.  The final song on the night is Ermoy a song I have not heard before and one I would like to hear again. So after the song Emmy and her band go off stage only for just Emmy to return minutes later for what would be a two song encore. Next is the last song to be sung from the new EP. Emmy says the song is old and you can notice from the song references. Well the song is Canopies and Drapes. I am liking there are references of the TV show Friends, S Club 7 and Billy Joel. I am looking forward when the First Songs EP is released on 10th August. City Song is the final song on the night. The song is beautiful it again captivates me. Emmy is a fantastic artist and since last year folk music is something I really like. Well Emmy delivers this song powerfully. After applause Emmy goes off the stage and the auditorium starts to empty.


Easter Parade
We Almost Had A Baby
First Love
Short Country Song
On Museum Island
The Hypnotist’s Son
Bowl Collecting Blood
End If The World
Edward Is Dedward
Lost In Austin
We Are Safe


Canopies And Drapes
City Song

OVERALL: This was the first time I had attended a Emmy gig and honestly I was really impressed. There was a mixture of album tracks, old tracks and tracks I hadn’t heard before. I am looking forward to purchasing the First Songs EP. She sang the new 4 track EP bar 1 song. I was pleased Emmy sang The Hypnotist’s Son as I never had heard it before. Well anyways my favourite songs on the night have to be Absentee, MIA and City Song.


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