Bat For Lashes @ Somerset House 16th July 2009

I got to Somerset House early. Early enough, so I was by myself in the queue. All I had was a copy of NME to keep me company. Well the next people in the queue arrived at 5pm. Pav and Sita went off to get some food too eat. Pav had a small suitcase with her. The next person to arrive in the queue was Clarissa whom also was at GaGa on Tuesday. So I told Clarissa that there were two people who had gone off to get something to eat. Well when Pav and Sita got back we formed a little group talking about music, gigs and GaGa on Tues. Later on I went round to the front of Somerset House when I saw both Alex and Nikki trying to find where the queue was. So I took them round to where the queue was. Before they came I told Pav, Sita and Clarissa two of my friends were coming and they said it would be OK for them to join in. So we formed another small group of 5 people. It had been raining for a little but the rest had been sunshine. So at 7.45 everyone started getting into the venue Pav, Sita, Aleks, Nikki, Clarissa and I got to the front. Pav had to have her suitcase in front of her as they wouldn’t put it under the barriers. Well at 8.15pm the only support act took the stage. The support was DM Stith from Indiana. Now I quite liked his set it was 6 songs and the genre of music sung was folk music. I can compare him the way he did vocals to Mumford and Sons. Even though I enjoyed the set it didn’t turn me into a hardcore fan. DM Stith finished his set at 8.45pm and it had started to rain when it was the 6th and final song in the set. Thankfully it was not as bad as it could be.

30 minutes later Natasha Khan and her band took the stage. This was the first time I had seen Bat For Lashes. I had heard the first album Fur and Gold and I really liked it so I got a ticket to see them at Somerset House. Natasha kicked off proceedings with Trophy taken from the first album. Natasha had a tasselled cape round her. It was already raining when the set started so the umbrellas were out. Natasha was clearly enjoying singing the song live. The melody of the song is strong and the actual lyrics are slow-ish but at a steady pace. Following on is Glass taken from the second album Two Suns. Well this night had a mixture of material from the old album and the new one. Now Natasha has a haunting voice. I enjoyed the melody of this song it gelled perfectly with the lyrics. The drum beats were strong. The rain started to get heavier. Horse And I was next Natasha went over to the keyboard and was joined by Charlotte Hatherley. Now this song there is a fast tempo to it and I quite like the lyrics of the song. By this time it started to pour. Travelling Woman is next and Natasha is on the keyboard. There is a steady song. Well before starting the song Natasha says I hope there’s not thunder and lightning. Well anyways back to the song it is another haunting song Natasha has a incredible voice. The song is about a travelling woman. After the applause Natasha dedicates the next song Bat’s Mouth to her mum who is in the crowd. Taken from the debut album this is another keyboard song. This is a good song it is a gentle song which is played at a steady pace. Following on is Sarah. Natasha got off her keyboard for this song. Well I liked this song the moment when beat started. The lyrics are perfect. Well I enjoyed the beat to this song and it is haunting as well. The lights go down and everyone cheers. Sleep Alone is next and it definitely has a catchy beat to it. I like this haunting song I like the way the lyrics gel to the melody. Now the rain had stopped so the umbrellas came down. When the song was finished there were cheers from the crowd. Natasha then starts singing the next song The Wizard. There is a steady pace to the song and has some really good verses. I like this song but I wouldn’t say it was up there in my favourite songs on the night. Before starting the next song Natasha introduces the band. At first she introduces the people on strings then says I will introduce the rest of you later. The next song is Siren Song which is another keyboard song which I have grown to love. It is a slow, gentle, beautiful song and I love the lyrics. Tahiti is next which is another keyboard song.  It is a nice slow song which has some really nice lyrics. Some of the lyrics are catchy. After cheers from the crowd What’s A Girl To Do? Follows on. When the first notes in this song are played the crowd erupts. Natasha says lets dance to this song. Well the lyrics are perfect and has a great chorus. This song has a catchy melody. The final song on the night is Pearl’s Dream. Natasha says thanks for sticking round and they picked the wettest day. I like this song it has good verses and a good chorus. It wouldn’t be my choice to end the set on but they saved that song for the final song of the encore. Well after the song finishes Natasha says goodbye and goes off stage only to come back a couple minutes later for what would be a 4 song encore. The first song of the encore was Prescilla. Natasha was sitting down playing her amazing instrument which was on a stool. This is a slow haunting song. This song has really catchy lines and the crowd loves this song cheering all throughout. Good Love follows. For this song Natasha is back on the keyboard. This is a slow paced song and I really like this song. Natasha has not gone wrong with any songs on the night. I really like how both lyrics and melody gel together. It has really good verses. Up next is Two Planets which in fact follows Good Love on the album Two Suns. Natasha is off the keyboard for this song. The beat starts right away. Two Planets is a really good song and I will be purchasing the album Two Suns when I have the opportunity too. The final song on the night and it is a real crowd pleaser. This song being the first and highest charting Bat For Lashes single. This being Daniel which is taken off of the follow up album Two Songs. This was the perfect song to end on. You can feel a energy vibe given off from this song. The choir also sing this song as well and the crowd join in with chanting the line Daniel. There is a slight tempo to this song. Well when the song is over the crowd erupts and Natasha and the rest of the band go offstage after having given a brilliant performance considering the weather conditions.


Horse And I
Travelling Woman
Bat’s Mouth
Sleep Alone
The Wizard
Siren Song
What’s A Girl To Do?
Pearl’s Dream


Good Love
Two Planets

OVERALL: Despite being soaked through this was a phenomenal gig. Natasha was certainly enjoying singing the songs despite the rain. I am glad Aleks, Clarissa, Pav, Sita and I managed to stick through to the very end considering the wet and freezing cold conditions.


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