Artists To Look Out For #3: Marina And The Diamonds

Marina Diamond is a solo artist with a backing band. Well Marina is half Welsh half Greek and her real surname is Diamandis. Well I have seen Marina five times and four times live. After hearing the same set each time I have seen her you don’t get bored of them. When Marina performs the energy oozes from each song. Marina clearly enjoys singing her songs to her fans. Marina regards her fans to be the Diamonds.

Marina got to where she is today all by herself. Prior to getting signed Marina auditioned for The Lion King musical even though she cant dance and she even auditioned for a boyband because she just wanted to be heard. Well in October 2008 Marina finally got signed up. Marina is signed on Neon Gold which is also the home of Passion Pit in the US. In the UK she is signed to 679 which is also the home to Little Boots.

Well Marina’s first release was with Obsessions/ Mowgli’s Road and it was released in February 2009. Now this single was a mixture with Obsessions being a slow song and Mowgli’s Road being the faster one. Well Obsessions is a slow beautiful catching song. It basically says we have all got an obsession. Now Mowgli’s Road is played at a fast tempo and when Marina does play this song live it is energetic.

June 2009 saw the release of The Crown Jewels EP. Now I went to the instore at Puregroove for the launch of this EP and it was a really good night (you can track down the review and videos on my blog). Well the EP featured three tracks which were I Am Not A Robot, Seventeen and a new song called Simplify. Now I Am Not A Robot has a fast tempo to it and is a infectious song. A song with lyrics I cannot forget.

Marina first came to my attention towards the end of February. She had just done a secret instore at Puregroove earlier on in February. Well after getting hooked on the songs I made it my aim to see her live on the Camden Crawl which turned out to be a memorable performance. I took two videos from Marina’s set I Am Not A Robot and What You Waiting For? Both can be located on this blog and the video of I Am Not A Robot is the hottest video on my Youtube channel racking up nearly 1700 views. I have also seen her live at Puregroove for the release of The Crown Jewels EP and the one after was at The Roundhouse as part of the Itunes Festival. The songs Marina performs on her set include the catching song Girls, Seventeen, Gwen Stefani cover What You Waiting For, Shampain, Obsessions and Mowgli’s Road.

I have met Marina in person twice and she is so nice and her two feet will always be kept on the ground. Well I tip Marina’s fanbase to increase dramatically when the debut album is released. Also in October Marina will be going on the NME Radar tour which will visit different venues across the country.

From meeting Marina I can say that:

The debut album “The Family Jewels” will be released January 2010

Marina already has 40 songs for the album

Marina is recording the next single which is a new song


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