Lady GaGa @ Brixton Academy 14th July 2009

I arrived outside Brixton Academy at 8am. Early I know but my friend Ivana was getting there early so I decided to get there early as well. So at 8 in the morning I joined the queue there were already four people there. Now this was the earliest I have ever been to a concert. The one that held the record was actually 9am when I saw The Wombats at Brixton Academy last year. I was originally thinking of turning up by 10am but I am glad I got there earlier as the queue just grew then grew. By the time it was nearing the time doors were opening the queue had looped round the Brixton Academy. Well anyways people must think people who queue that early are crazy but if you want to be at the front it is something you need to do when the big acts are headlining. So what did I do in the queue for the long wait? Speak to people in the queue of course. I met some great people in the queue these were Aleks, Ellie, Hannah, Helen and Nikki. The 10 hours we were queuing went by so fast because the 6 of us had formed a group. We played games talked music etc. Well the 10 hours did not seem like 10 hours. When the doors were gearing up to open the queue had looped all the way around the building. Well the doors opened at 7pm and both boys and girls were separated as we got to the doors. So I got my ticket stub torn off, got in and then searched. I then walked at a fast pace to get to the front. I managed to get to front centre which was good. Well all us 6 managed to be at the front but they were towards the side of the stage.
The first act on the night were a band call Hyper Crush. With this being the first time I had heard this band I actually liked the music. I was disappointed that the set was only 15 minutes long. Well Hyper Crush are a mixture between electro/ techno and hip hop. This is definitely the kind of music that would be good to hear in a club. Hyper Crush remind me of 3oh!3 and they supported Katy Perry on tour earlier on in the year. I think towards the end of 2009 early 2010 we will be hearing more of Hyper Crush. The set started at 7.45pm and ended at 8pm. So at 8.20pm  Gary Go took the stage. I have seen Gary twice but this time he has his debut album out. Now Gary sings pop music that is listenable to and has some catchy songs. Gary started off with his single Open Arms which is quite catchy. I like this song parts of it are up tempo and I like the lyrics as well. The final two songs in this 5 song set were Heart and Soul followed by Wonderful. For Heart and Soul Gary says it is about following your dreams and he dedicates it to Lady GaGa. As soon as Lady GaGa’s name is mentioned the crowd cheer. Well this song is a slow ballad. For me this wasn’t the best song. I like my songs more up tempo like the one that followed. Wonderful which closed Gary’s set was his first ever single and it is up tempo. This was a good song to end on. Some parts of this song are catchy. When Gary finished his set a white sheet dropped down from the ceiling which displayed a picture of GaGa from the projector on the upper level.
Well when the time came for GaGa a video was projected onto the screen which showed her. Right at the end there was a countdown and everyone was counting down. GaGa then says “My name is Lady GaGa and this is my house’ There is a fireball and the screen drops down. GaGa was in a jewellery box and she starts singing Paparazzi. When the jewellery box opens GaGa is wearing her same mask she wore in PokerFace. The atmosphere from the crowd was so intense. GaGa gives a shout out to London. Well when the song is finished GaGa gets back into the jewellery box only to come out again with her keyboard guitar strapped round her. This was simply amazing. The next song that follows on is LoveGame which I really want to get a release over here. For this song GaGa has her disco stick. The crowd jumped along to this song. GaGa interacts with the crowd during the song by asking us to scream. After when the song finishes GaGa does some dance moves which are incredible. The crowd cheer and the next song is Beautiful, Dirty, Rich. This song concludes the first act “The Heart”. This is a song that has been growing and me and like all the songs it is better hearing them live because of the atmosphere. Once the song finishes GaGa falls back into her dancers arms. She is then carried offstage for a costume change. There are three screens on the stage which then play the intro for the second act “The Brian”. Well when GaGa comes on she is on a scooter and the backdrop of a city.
Well the first song of act 2 is The Fame. This is the title track off the album. During the song GaGa points the microphone to the crowd to participate which everyone does. Now I quite like this song. Four songs in and this gig is amazing. Money Honey is next GaGa says this song is a number 1 record. GaGa has her keyboard guitar on her. Well as for this song it is one that has grown on me. The crowd love this song. Boys Boys Boys is a crowd pleaser as everyone joins in with chorus. This is a really good song. After the song GaGa runs off stage for another costume change. The video for act 3 starts. It is called “The Face”. Lady GaGa comes onto the stage with some glasses on and she is wearing a yellow dress. She launches into Just Dance and there is a cheer from the audience. She also plays her guitar keyboard. Eh Eh is next which is my favourite GaGa song. The reason I like this song is the vibe given. When GaGa waves her hand in the air from side to side everyone joins in they also join in with the singing too. GaGa goes offstage only to come back minutes later for the encore in a different outfit. There is a bit of interaction with the crowd and GaGa reads out a letter from a female fan. GaGa did a bit of a tease with the audience by saying this is to all future loves (people were screaming thinking it was new GaGa song Future Love) then she announces it was Brown Eyes and there was some disappointment. GaGa was on the piano for this slow ballad song. The piano was a glass piano. The crowd love this song as they were singing along to it. Now I cant stand slow songs but this is a brilliant ballad. The last two songs on the night were the same song. Pokerface was the first song but on the piano. This was slower and it was completely different. It worked as well everyone started singing the word PokerFace. The crowd loved this take on the song. During this song GaGa gets up on the stool she is sitting on and plays the piano crouched. Towards the end GaGa gets her leg onto the piano and starts hitting the keys with her foot.when the song is over GaGa gets on top of the piano and is carried and put down for the final song on the night PokerFace. The energy is flowing  from this song. It was a good song to end on. It is up tempo with good lyrics. The crowd love it and at the end GaGa throws the microphone which is caught by her body guard and does a dance routine which is amazing.


Act 1: The Heart

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Act 2: The Brain

The Fame
Money Honey
Boys Boys Boys

Act 3: The Face

Just Dance
Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)


Brown Eyes
PokerFace (Piano)

OVERALL: This gig was simply amazing. Even though we had been waiting 10 hours it was well worth it. Being at the front is the best place to be and when you see the queue going all around the Brixton Academy you do feel kind of happy because you are one of the first in the queue. Well the queuing up the fact we formed a little group made the hours go by fast. Yes it did start raining but it wasn’t pouring. Well as for the gig the crowd loved it and you could feel the energy in the room. GaGa did interact with the crowd quite a lot. I would definitely see GaGa again when she tours the UK.


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