Ugly Shy Girls @ Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre 11th July 2009

I arrived at the Queen Elizabeth Hall at 3pm. As this event was sitting there was no need to arrive early. So I got off the train at Waterloo then tried to follow the directions to the Hall. It took me about 5minutes to actually get there. Prior to arriving I had been re reading Laura’s book Ugly Shy Girls. I got to 70 pages in as I was reading it on the bus and train when making my way up there. Well doors opened at 3.30pm. People started to make there way. The seats were comfy and the view was perfect. I was right in the centre and what made it even sweeter was that the seats for Wheelchair only no one sat in them, even though the seating plan on the Southbank website said otherwise as I checked earlier on in the day. Overall one word to describe the afternoon/ evening is amazing. The way the stage was laid out was extraordinary. This even had a brilliant line up with people I like, all whom came to support Laura for her party for her book Ugly Shy Girls.

All the acts were introduced by Gemma Cairny and the first act was Brigitte Aphrodite. Now Brigitte is someone I really like after seeing her on 30th June at The Albany. Her songs are brilliant and humorous too. Well first up was Prepe Love. Before starting off the set Brigitte introduces us to her guitar Jarvis. Who is named after Jarvis Cocker. Well this song got the laughs again especially when Brigitte beat boxes. This song is about loving someone who wears ladies clothing. The second song was Streets Of Bromley. Brigitte asks the crowd who has been to Bromley to the audience to which the audience replied back. Well this is my favourite song by Brigitte there is a steady pace. I love the lyrics they are beautiful they blend well with the melody. Brigitte mention that Paul Lewis who is mentioned in the song is there in the audience and they are friends now. Next it is Eco Woman which tells the story of Brigitte meeting a woman who works for friends of the earth at the festival called Bestival. This woman has a flat in Camden and when Brigitte gets there this woman offers her 95 different types of herbal tea. Well this song is a funny song a really good one in fact. After Brigitte does a little poem and then that is followed on by the revolutionary song Dance With A Stranger which everyone claps along to. This was a good song to end on because even though it was humorous and there was a nice vibe given from this song. Overall it was a good set by Brigitte I really love what she does it is a mixture of song/ poetry and comedy. Brigitte is going to be doing a three week residency at the Edinburgh Fringe starting from 7th August.


Prepe Love
Streets Of Bromley
Eco Woman
Dance With A Stranger

After Brigitte goes off the stage Gemma comes back on. Gemma introduces the next act Peggy Sue. Now Peggy Sue are a band I love ever since I first saw them supporting Kate Nash at the Concorde 2 in Brighton October 2007. Now this set featured a a  old songs a cover and three new ones. The first song was Yo Mama. A song I had heard before back at Puregroove in April. This is a good song which is catchy. The lyrics are perfect and I like the way this song sounds. Following on is the amazing cover of All In My Grill that they did for IndieGhetto. This cover is outstanding there is a beat to it. It is defiantly a crowd pleaser and gets a good round of applause after. February Snow a song I last heard on the Camden Crawl is next. I like this song the majority is sung by Rosa. This has really good lyrics. I am looking forward to hearing the studio version of this song. A brand new song called Watchmen is next. For this song Rosa is on the drums (Olly is on the main drums) and Katy is on the acoustic guitar. I like this song it has a steady pace. Really good lyrics and I love how the song sounds. I cant wait to hear the actual studio version of this song. The final song on the night is The Sea, The Sea. It is a good song to end on because there is a fast pace to this song. The lyrics start straight away and they are good lyrics. Overall this was a brilliant performance by Peggy Sue. The new songs were amazing (especially Watchmrn) and I am looking forward to hearing the studio versions of the song. As for All In My Grill well that was a outstanding performance of the song. I cant wait for when the debut album by Peggy Sue hits the shelves.


Yo Mama
All In My Grill
February Snow
The Sea, The Sea

When Peggy Sue leave the stage Gemma comes back on to introduce Kate. Well Gemma says that Kate has not played live since September 2008. Well when Kate comes onstage she has a feather from Laura’s costume and Kate says she is a mixture of a baby chick and Aladdin. Well Kate mentions about her heels that she is wearing she says don’t laugh if she falls over. Well Kate goes over to her electric guitar and comes back to sing a new song called Kiss That Girl (which is a working title). Well this is a brilliant song it has a really good melody. There is a tempo to this song, the lyrics are perfect and there is a beat to this song that could get the crowd moving if sung at a gig where Kate is headlining. Next on the set list is a track from Kate’s album Made Of Bricks. Birds is a beautiful slow song. It does sound different because it is on a electric guitar but it is still brilliant. During Kate’s set I just sat in awe watching her perform live. Her tracks are brilliant and I love her music so much. When Birds is over Kate mentions she was going to sing Froggy but there were too many songs about animals as Seagulls is in the set as well. Kate also mentions that she should write a song about her rabbit that she got for her 22nd birthday. Well Pickpocket is next this is a new song that I first heard when I last saw Kate back at the Astoria. For this song Kate is not on her guitar and just sings it into the microphone. Kate is clapping in rhythm. This is a nice song I like the lyrics they are catchy and this song is a powerful one. I really hope that this song is on the next album. I Hate Seagulls is a song I have never heard before. Yes I was aware of the title but Kate started singing the song when she had her own headline tour last month. Kate has the electric guitar and this is a good song. Before starting Kate takes her ring off which is a chunky black ring as its to large for the song. Kate also tells the seated crowd that she will stop and start. Well the first part of the song Kate is singing about all the things she hates the first being I Hate Seagulls. Well the start of the song Kate plays the same chords on the guitar it does notice but it doesn’t matter because the lyrics are good. When the melody changes that when Kate stops. It then turns into a mellow gentle song with a slight pace to it. The final song is Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt. It is my favourite Kate B Side and words cant describe how good the song is. When Kate does the spoken part of the song it is completely mesmerizing.


Kiss That Girl
I Hate Seagulls
Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt


When Kate left the stage Gemma came on to introduce Laura. Laura then came on in yellow outfit and feather boa round her neck. Laura did a little Mcing with her Britney mic that she had on her. Then after she performed a new poem called The Bumless Boy. Laura mentioned to the audience that this poem was loosing its virginity as she had never performed it before. This was a good poem it definitely got the laughs and considering it was the poems first outing it was completely faultless. Laura can get into character so easy. The poem is about someone who has no bum hole. Just one round smooth dome. After the poem was finished there was a round of applause then Laura went into her next poem Heaven Knows. This is one of my favourite poems. It is about a try hard mum who tries to be hip by going to the festivals and calling her children unusual names. This poem is definitely one you need to hear for yourself as Laura is in character all throughout. It is simply amazing. Up next was Cowboy a poem that lost its virginity way back when I saw Laura at Puregroove in April. Like all Laura’s poems they are brilliant. They get the laughs as well. Well when Laura performs this poem there are just a couple of stumbles but Laura corrects them so they are ever so unnoticeable. Every time Laura performs this poem she is getting better. First time I saw her she forgot a whole chunk and now Laura has performed it in its entirety. Skin is next and it is a short fast paced poem. Well it is a humorous poem. The audience liked it as they were laughing along. The finale which was a summary of Ugly Shy Girl was truly stunning. Laura was joined onstage by 10 other females who started singing a bit of All Saints Never Ever with Laura. People are laughing along. When All Saints version gets to the first verse Laura stops just before then. Now this isn’t any old reading Laura performs the way she does when Laura performs her poetry. The other girls on the stage also each took part in this extraordinary performance. The other song that is sampled is Michael Jackson’s Beat It. Well when its over the stage goes black


The Bumless Boy
Heaven Knows
Ugly Shy Girl

OVERALL: This was one amazing evening. Everyone was top notch it was great hearing Kate live again and I am going to be there when she does start touring for the second album. Peggy Sue were brilliant again it was good to hear a couple new songs. Brigitte was excellent she makes you laugh with every song she does. Then there is Laura who was extraordinary the new poems were brilliant and the finale was simply stunning. I look forward to the day I see Laura again.


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