Slow Club @ Puregroove 7th July 2009

I arrived at Puregroove around 17.20pm the actual instore wasn’t taking place for another 2 hours but I got there early to guarantee myself a good spot for when Slow Club were on. Slow Club are a band I love and enjoy. Each of the tracks is beautiful and as of 24th September I would have seen them 6 times. You can’t get tired of their songs. Both Charles and Rebecca’s voice complement each other. Well back to the instore when I arrive there are a few people there. Charles and Rebecca are already there. I go over to Rebecca who is sitting down and have a chat with her. We talk about Glastonbury which went well but Rebecca didn’t catch any other bands because she was still recovering from tonsillitis. Well Rebecca is back to her best now and she just needs to go to the hospital for a check up. Also Rebecca mentioned that the hospital wouldn’t burn the tonsils preventing any reoccurrence. Yes I was at Puregroove 2 hours early but just getting to chat to Rebecca and Charles just added to how special the night was. About 30minutes before they were about to go onstage Rebecca was given a lot of copies of the single and the new album to sign. The thing I love about Slow Club is that not only are they brilliant they are a fun band as well. They can make you smile. With the copies of the album they altered the artwork. For one of the CD covers Charles drew a eye patch and Rebecca made her look like Abraham Lincoln.

Around 7.40pm Rebecca took the stage. Charles was already on the stage. There were a few technical problems which made the band come in front of the speakers to do a instrumental followed by a acoustic version of Wild Blue Milk. The performance of this song is simply stunning. I love the melody of the song plus the lyrics too. Because We’re Dead is next the problems have been sorted and they launch into this song. This song is played at a fast pace and it is really catchy. Rebecca has a extremely powerful voice. Up next is I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream. Now this song starts off slow then progresses. The melody of the song is really good plus the lyrics are great as well. Following on is Giving Up On Love. Now I really like this song it’s strong and the lyrics are brilliant. The song is catchy and it would make a really good single. There Is No Good Way To Say I’m Leaving You is next on the night. It is a slow song and I enjoy both lyrics and melody. The majority of the song is sung by Charles. The current and infectious single It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful is next. This song has everything you could ever want from a song. It’s like a rollercoaster ride as the song is played at a fast pace. It’s catchy and it has brilliant verses and chorus. From the very start it is in your face. I was even singing along to this song. The part I got muddled with was “the waiting never like waiting, when the waiting was with you”. Now that part of the song is such a mouthful. When I Go sees Charles getting better at the whistling part of this song. This song is so beautiful, I enjoy both lyrics and melody. It is a nice slow song with beautiful verses. Next up is a song I have only heard just the once live and that was at the Union Chapel last December. Before starting the song Rebecca says “Who got wet” to which people replied me. Rebecca then said “Big ol’ raindrops”  then she goes onto say “Who has listened to the album illegally” then Rebecca says the next song is a really fun song about being happy then she says “it’s really not”. Rebecca also suggest Charles should go on the Apprentice. Well Sorry About The Doom is a beautiful song mainly sung by Rebecca. Rebecca’s vocal range is what makes it beautiful. Before the instore took place this was up there in my favourite songs from the album. Following on is the last song on the night Trophy Room. Charles says that this will be a single to which Rebecca replies we’ll see. Well Trophy Room would make a good single and the fact it is played at a fast pace and has really good lyrics is what makes it good. The song is very catchy and has brilliant verses. After the last song people are still sticking around and Rebecca says they will be doing a encore by saying that people expect it. Well the last song was Christmas TV and what a performance of the song it was. Both Charles and Rebecca came off the stage with their guitars and played in the middle of the store. As from where I was sitting I could easily get up and see them. It had that element of something special. I love this song it has really good lyrics and brilliant verses. Rebecca has a beautiful voice and both her and Charles’s voices blend well together. I am so glad that song features on the bonus disc of the album.


Wild Blue Milk
Because We’re Dead
I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream
Giving Up On Love
There Is No Good Way To Say I’m Leaving You
It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful
When I Go
Sorry About The Doom
Trophy Room
Christmas TV

OVERALL: This instore was amazing. It was well worth waiting 2 hours for. Just getting to speak to Charles and Rebecca again when I got there was special. The set they played was amazing. You can never tire of the songs as they just make you smile. Well Slow Club did a mammoth 10 songs and it was over in a flash. After I had both Charles and Rebecca sign my copy of the single. Rebecca wrote Thank you for being such a wonderful fan. I then said my goodbyes to Charles and Rebecca and made my way home.


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