Chew Lips “Salt Air” Single Launch @ Puregroove 6th July 2009

Straight after Florence I hotfooted it down to Puregroove just to be there in time for this 9pm instore. When I arrived there was sweat on my forehead. I expected it to be packed with the time I arrived. Well I purchased a copy of Salt Air then went straight to the front for this instore. Will and James were already on the stage and Tigs later joined them to kick off this instore.

The first song of the night was Salt Air. Tigs announces that its available to download now and you can buy the physical copy next week if not you can buy it at Puregroove now. Well as for Salt Air it is a song that has grown on me and now it is one of my favourites. There is a mid tempo to this song and I really like the beat to it. The lyrics are really good and you can pick up on the electro vibe. Following on is Play Together a song that I have only heard one before. You pick on the electro vibe straight away. I like the beat and the lyrics. Toro is next and it is a extremely catchy song. Brilliant lyrics and good melody. I like the beat of this song and I was nodding my head along to it. Up next is Eight and that is when Tigs reveals that the debut album has just been finished. The song is a mid tempo song. I like the song it has really grown on me. Karen is next on the night. Karen is a song that Tigs says is special and after the set I found out why. It is named after Tigs favourite musician Karen Carpenter. Well the song is really good I love the lyrics and melody. I am looking forward to hearing this song on the album which will be released in January. Next is Gold Key. After the set I find out that this is infact going to be the 3rd single released in September sometime. This song is simply brilliant there is a beat to the song and the lyrics are brilliant to. It has a melody that you will remember straight away. The song is sung at a mid tempo. This time Tigs stays on the stage as she jumped onto the counter table for the Solo instore. The bands first single Solo is the last song on the set. This song oozes energy. Tigs also mentions that this song wont feature on the album. This song is really catchy and it is in your face.


Salt Air
Play Together
Gold Key

OVERALL: This was a really good instore. Getting to speak to Tigs was brilliant too. Chew Lips are a band to look out for. Each one of their songs are amazing and also there are some killer remixes of Salt Air and Solo which appear on the vinyls. I look forward to seeing the band again.

Salt Air is available to purchase in physical form from 13th July 2009

The debut album will be out early 2010


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