Florence and the Machine @ Rough Trade East 6th July 2009

I arrived at Rough Trade around 14.30pm and when I went in the store I grabbed a copy of Lungs on vinyl and the deluxe version of the album. From 14.30pm onwards I just mill about having a look round the shop and listening to the music that they were playing. They played Yeah So by Slow Club in its entirety which did pass some time. Well come 5pm I got up and went to the stage. I got speaking to Dominic who is a die hard Florence fan. His dedication exceeds all boundaries. We were told that the store would close at 18.10pm and the queue will form outside. So at 17.30pm I go and wait outside by this time it is raining. Later on the queue starts building and there are a few people that came wanting tickets but it was all sold out. Wristbands were snapped up by 15.30pm. Well the store closed and then the doors opened at 18.55. Dominic and I went in showing our wristbands and we got to the very front. The racks of cds had been pushed back far back so there was going to be a really big crowd. The biggest infact compared to the past instores I have been to at Rough Trade.

Florence came onto the stage around 7.15pm and the first song that she did was Lungs. Now Lungs or Between Two Lungs is the albums and Florence has a amazing voice. As I mentioned before when I saw Florence at Bloomsbury she has such a haunting voice. There is a pace to this song and I like the chorus and verses. Following on is Hurricane Drunk. I like this song there is a beat to this song and it has some great lyrics. I like the bit when Florence starts singing “I’m going to drink myself to death”. The melody is amazing and the fact that a harp is also used is brilliant. I would say this is one of my favourite non single tracks. Following on is Coffins or as it is known on the album My Boy Builds Coffins. Florence mentions that this song is based on real life Florence did have a boyfriend who did build coffins. Well it is a good song it has a fast pace to it. The lyrics are perfect and it has a brilliant melody. After its onto Kiss With A Fist. Before starting Florence mentions that this song is not about domestic violence. Now this song is a powerful song and a crowd pleaser. You could feel the energy vibe from this song. Once it is over there is a massive cheer and Florence then goes into the next song Drumming. Now this song has really good lyrics. There is a beat that I really like. The song is a fast pace song and has brilliant verses. After Florence mentions that it is going to be the next single. Cosmic Love which was listed twice on the set list is the next song on the night. Cosmic Love is Florence’s favourite song off the album and is a nice beautiful song. Beautiful lyrics and a beautiful melody. Dog Days is the next song it is another crowd pleaser. The lyrics are perfect. The song has a steady pace and a fast paced chorus. The last song on the night is Rabbit Heart. Someone has a puppet rabbit who springs out from a lettuce. Florence points this out to the crowd that there is a rabbit. Well the song is one that has been growing on me. The amount of times I have heard this song I love. Florence has a haunting voice when delivering this song. It is catchy and has brilliant lyrics especially the chorus:

“This is a gift, it comes with a price
Who is the lamb and who is the knife?
Midas is king and he holds me so tight
And turns me to gold in the sunlight”


Hurricane Drunk
Kiss With A Fist
Cosmic Love
Dog Days
Rabbit Heart

OVERALL – After the set I get my vinyl signed. There is a lot of people wanting to get stuff signed and Florence is pressed for time so you could only get on item signed. Well this instore was amazing just being to see a band who I predict big things for by the end of this year in this intimate setting.


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