Album Review: Theoretical Girl – Divided

With three singles under her belt Amy Turnnidge is set to unleash her debut album “Divided” on the UK album charts on 17th August. This time she is on a brand new label “Memphis Industries” who are the home to bands like The Go Team, The Pipettes and many more. Divided features 12 tracks which includes the singles Red Mist, The Hypocrite and the recent single Rivals.  B Sides Divided, Never Good Enough and Dancehall Deceit also feature as well. One track missing from the album is Another Fight which was released on Saliva. The fact that this track does not feature doesn’t hinder the feeling of this album.

Well the advance copies are out and this is the first review of this album. I have seen Amy quite a lot of times and I have heard all the tracks. It is nice to hear the actual mastered versions. Divided is a mixture of genres from the heavy songs such as The Hypocrite and Red Mist to the gentle mellowing songs like Good Timing and Seeing You Again. All the songs are based on the subject which is unrequited love.

Here is a track by track review of the album:

Rivals: This was the first single released on Amy’s new label Memphis Industries. From the lyrics you can picture the story. From what I am picturing its about two girls who are rivals competing for the affections of the same guy. I like the lyrics and beat to this song. The fact that you can picture the actual story makes it a brilliant song.

The Boy I Left Behind: This is set to be a Japanese only single released on 29th July. Well as for the song you can picture the story of the song. It tells the story of a girl who has left the boy and realised that she shouldn’t of let him go. It is a gentle song and there is a slight pace to it.

Dancehall Deceit: This song appeared as the B Side to Red Mist. This is a heavy song and you can pick up on a electro vibe. Well this song is not a nice song it is about people who lie and cheat.

I Should Of Loved You More: After a heavy song it is onto this light, gentle and mellowing song. Again you can picture the story of this song. Well I like this song it has brilliant verses and a catchy chorus.

A Future Apart: This is a brilliant song. Amy gets stuck into the song straight away. I like the use of the flutes and for some reason Ireland came into my mind straight away. Well I like the lyrics it tells a clear story. A Future Apart is another gentle, mellowing song. Yes from listening to the lyrics it tells a sad story about love. The more times I listen to the song the better it gets. This is up there in my favourite Theoretical Girl songs.

Divided: The title track on the album sees Amy on acoustic guitar. Amy says this song is a cheesy song but by no means is this cheesy. After the first four lines the band kicks in. With all of the songs on the album it tells a love story. Divided is a catchy song which has brilliant verses and a good chorus. There is a fast tempo to this song. Just by the title of this song you can gather what the song is about.

Red Mist: This is the second heavy song on the album. A song that if you see Theoretical Girl live you will know the dance moves. Ever since I first heard this song when I first heard it live it has been growing on me. Now after hearing the mastered version it is a really good song. Red Mist has a fast tempo to it.

Never Good Enough: The song tells a clear picture and Amy starts singing the song straight away. Never Good Enough is mainly Cello and Violin based. There is a steady pace to this song.

Good Timing: This is a slow piano driven ballad. I like this song it tells a sad story about a girl who has not been blessed with good timing. Also towards the middle of the song you have the use of other instruments. Towards the end the song gets powerful. Well I like this song because it is a strong emotional ballad.

The Biggest Mistake: This song has a steady pace and it gets slightly faster when it progresses. The lyrics are brilliant and they are catchy as well. I like the chorus and the verses as well.

Seeing You Again: This is another piano driven slow ballad. This song is a emotional song with the story you can picture from the lyrics. It is about a couple who split on bad terms and they are seeing each other again for the first time since that split.

The Hypocrite: This is the darkest song on the album. Amy said once it is a evil song as you can tell from the title. Well from the moment it starts it is in your face. The song is heavy and it a good album closer.

OVERALL: This is a strong debut album which infuses both the heavy songs with the gentler ones. This makes a really good mix. All the tracks are brilliant and having a new track is a nice bonus as well. If there is any album you get this year make sure this is one of them because you wont be disappointed.

Divided is released on 17th August on Memphis Industries

Red Mist is re released a week before on 10th August and will feature a brand new B Side

If you want to catch Amy live you can see her at:

Southbank Centre (Acoustic) – 18th July

Be @ Proud Galleries, Camden – 25th July 

The Lexington (Album Launch) – 17th August

To hear music by Amy go to:


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