Brigitte Aphrodite in Suburban Hell @ The Albany 30th June 2009

After seeing Regina the day before it was time for a change. I would be going to The Albany in Great Portland Street to see Brigitte Aphrodite Voutsa. I last saw Brigitte on 16th June at Irregular Choice were both Laura Dockrill and Polly Scattergood were performing. I am also seeing Brigitte again on 11th July at the Southbank Centre. Now when I first heard Brigitte’s tracks on Myspace they were to my liking and I added her straight away. About a week prior to this night I got a nice message from Brigitte saying that she was doing The Albany which is a warm up for her stint at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. The way Brigitte sold it to me was by saying that it would be Fantasical..biographical…poetical……comedy.. music.. Show. Brigitte wasn’t wrong the whole night had the audience laughing.

Well doors opened at 20.00pm and everyone started making there way in. Brigitte mentioned that there were going to be ice lollies so when everyone got in they took a ice lolly. Also people got shiny things stuck to their face when lip gloss was put on. Well the room was small and there were stools and tables. I took the one right at the front but on the left hand side. Well the night was a mixture of comedy and songs. To start with Brigitte came on to the stage and did her own version of The Ting Tings That’s Not My Name. Brigitte had the audience laughing all throughout her hour set. Now Brigitte takes to her acoustic guitar which is named Jarvis after Jarvis Cocker. Well the first song on the night was Streets Of Bromley. This is the song that caught my interest when I first went onto Brigitte’s Myspace page. Brigitte sings about that there is nothing to do in Bromley and the some cool people came from Bromley. These being Charles Darwin, David Bowie and Noel Fielding who comes Croydon who must of walked through Bromley high street. Well in the end Brigitte sings about that she danced her way through Bromley. Well during each song Brigitte told a story. This was the comedy part of the show. Brigitte told the story that she used to leaflet and once she dressed up in a dog outfit and handed out these leaflets. Then when she went to the boss and asked if she could go and use the toilet she went in and sat down then played the lift game. Brigitte says for the lift game she covered her eyes with her hands then there were loads of buttons resembling a lift. Brigitte was then taken to Fairy World and told the story about getting in a fight with Kerry Katona Fairy. To make this fairy disappear all the other fairies covered their ears when Brigitte said I don’t believe in fairies. So Kerry Katona Fairy turned into sugar paper and the other fairies ate her. Another story Brigitte told was about this guy who was completely different to the guys you meet in Bromley. This guy liked classical music and said cheesy lines. Brigitte then ended by saying that they were lying next to on another asleep on the beach and when Brigitte woke she wrote a message to her MerMan from a piece of paper this guy with a metal detector had. Well she wrote the message placed it in the palm of his hand and then ran off to her car. Brigitte never did hear from MerMan again. Well the second song on the night got the laughs and the song was Prepe Love. I have never been to a comedy night but each song got laughs. During the song Brigitte does a little beat boxing which had the audience in hysterics. Eco Woman is the next song on the night and tells the story of meeting a woman who was at a festival and works for Friends Of The Earth. Well it was a good song it was funny and had me laughing as well as all the audience. The next song was She’s A Blue Icecream Rink. Now I only heard three songs prior to the night and this was one of them. Next is Miss Hadanistic a song that I haven’t heard before. It is really good funny too. After the song Common People by Pulp is played. Brigitte leaps to the table then she goes and stands on a stool. The music then stops and Brigitte tells Boy behind the bar behind the pole why he stopped the music. To which he replies you were embarrassing yourself. Brigette then gets back to the stage and calls Boy behind the bar behind the pole to the stage and asks him to say sorry to everyone. He says sorry and Brigitte then asks him to say sorry to Jarvis. He does say sorry but Jarvis says that’s not enough. So Brigette says kiss Jarvis passionately. When he refuses to do so she says can you just tune him. Boom Boom Boom is next a cover of one of Brigitte’s favourite love songs. I never heard the song before but the people in the room liked it as they joined in with the Way-O’s. Well the song did have a few laughs and Brigitte enjoyed singing it. Before the last song Brigitte plugs away the Southbank gig on 11th July. From seeing Brigitte it is one amazing line up. Well the last song is Dance With A Stranger which is a revolution song. Everyone claps along. It is a good song and a funny one too.


Streets Of Bromley
Prepe Love
Eco Woman
She’s A Blue Icecream Rink
Miss Hadanistic
Boom Boom Boom
Dance With A Stranger

OVERALL – I am so glad that Brigitte messaged me because she was right I enjoyed it. I like the blend of comedy and song. It was a nice intimate setting and MC Angel (whose birthday it was) came to support Brigitte. I look forward to seeing her again and if you are in Edinburgh and go to the Fringe Festival I advise you to go and see her as Brigitte has a 3 week residency up there.


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