Marina and the Diamonds @ Puregroove 23rd June 2009

I arrived at Puregroove particularly early to be guaranteed a really good spot. I arrived at 4.15pm and the instore did not start till 6.30pm. Why I turned up early is due to the fact that Marina is a brilliant artist after I finally experienced her live at the Camden Crawl back in April at The Enterprise. Well as like The Enterprise the night oozed energy and it was special to. When I got there I had a chat with Marina as she earlier left a tweet saying that she was nervous. She joked that I would be the only one that turned up and that she will be singing just to me. Well I was sitting very close to the stage and there were a few more people that turned up for the night. I heard the sound check and the songs were brilliant absolutely faultless I wanted to clap. Well before she did the sound check she said she was putting on a private gig for me as not many people were there when she was doing the sound check. Well after the sound check had finished the seats got taken away and I stood up right in the centre of the store.

Marina took the stage around 6.40pm and the set that followed was amazing. The night oozed energy. The store was packed at this point. The first song on the set was Girls. I had heard this song before back on the Camden Crawl and Marina sound checked it earlier on but it has to be one of my favourite songs. I would go as far to say it would make a good single. It is infectious and it has a brilliant beat to it. Marina definitely has fun when singing this song. I like the “Na na na na na”. For the next song Marina takes off her coat and starts singing Seventeen. Now this song appears on the Crown Jewels EP. This is a brilliant song it has some really good lyrics. Marina has a little jewel on her forehead. I like the bit when Marina sings “Seventeen, The rise of a king the fall of a queen. Before Marina plays the next song she mentions that what she is wearing her necklace of a crown, ear rings, belt and tiara is because her latest offering is called the Crown Jewels EP. Marina also mentions to the audience they don’t need to buy it because what she said wasn’t meant to be a plug for the EP. Well the song is the lead song of the EP called I’m Not A Robot. This is an amazing song Marina puts everything into this performance. I Am Not A Robot is completely faultless and Marina hit the high notes just perfectly. The song itself is catchy and it has a brilliant music video to accompany that track. Marina tackles a cover version of Gwen Stefani’s single What You Waiting For. All I can say about this song is Wow!!. What a brilliant cover version Marina makes the song her own. The energy is flowing. Marina takes to the keyboard next. There is a technical hitch as they need to get it set up. When it is ready Marina launches into Obsessions. This was her first ever release and it does have a good melody from the very first note Marina plays on the keyboard. It is a strong song and it is a song that has grown on me. Obsessions is a brilliant song, has good lyrics and it delivers a message which is “We have Obsessions”. Shampain is next on the night. Marina mentions that this could turn out to be a catastrophe as she has only practiced this song once in the last two months. Well the song was faultless there were no mistakes. The final song was Mowgli’s Road. This was a good song to end on and it is very energetic. Well when it has finished the band go offstage. I go and by a screen print and hang round for a bit to get a chance to see Marina. In the end I see her I get her to sign the vinyl and the setlist and also get a photo.


I Am Not A Robot
What You Waiting For
Mowgli’s Road

OVERALL – This was a brilliant instore I am looking forward to seeing Marina live again. When it is released the album will be fantastic. Well speaking to Marina when I was the only one in the store was something special and I wont forget that. Marina is a brilliant artist and someone who I think will make it big. Also Marina is so friendly and she is great when you get the chance to speak to her.


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  1. Mike says:

    Agreed. I met her at this years Great Escape festival in Brighton and she is so friendly. Love her to bits. She will be huge.

    We have an interview and plenty of coverage over at our blog, The Recommender. Check it out here –


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