Slow Club @ ICA 21st June 2009

Pete Ingo

I arrived at the ICA at 17.15pm. I collected my ticket from the box office and then went and took a seat near the doors. I had my Ipod on and I was listening to Slow Club to get me in the mood for the night ahead.  A hour later I had finished listening to all the Slow Club I had, so I switched off and just waited for another hour. Charles came out and when he came back in from outside I had a brief chat with him. Charles mentioned that the Puregroove instore had been cancelled due to Rebecca having tonsillitis. Well Rebecca was in the bar area so I went upstairs said Hi and had a conversation with Rebecca. She mentioned that she shouldn’t really be talking. Well the doors opened at 7.30pm a queue was forming. When people were let into the ICA it was not packed I had time to go to the merch stall and eventually I purchased a limited screen print and the vinyl. Well the first act was Pete Ingo. Now this was a surprise on the night because during the first couple of songs I disregarded him, wrote him off by thinking this isn’t for me. But the more songs he played the more I enjoyed it. There was a good 8 songs in the set and one I think was called Seafood. Pete is definitely someone to check out and see if you get the chance too. Next was Viking Moses who are a two piece band. They had about 8 songs on their set and for the last two songs Rebecca and Charles joined them. Now I tried my hardest to like them but they weren’t to my liking. I will look into them more because maybe they will grow on me.

Viking Moses
Viking Moses
Well around 9.30 Slow Club started their set with Wild Blue Milk. It was a spectacular start as they were playing in the middle of the crowd. Being right in front of the stage I couldn’t see much but from just what I heard it was amazing. So after when they finished Charles and Rebecca made their way to the stage and then sung the first ever single Because We’re Dead. Now this song is a brilliant song it has a fast pace and has some really good lyrics. It is a really catchy song. I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream follows on. I like both lyrics and melody to this song. Even though it starts off slow it picks up when the song progresses. Next is the ever so infectious It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful. This song is a fast paced song and has really good lyrics. It is really catchy. I found myself singing along to this song. What I love about Slow Club is they inject a element of fun into everyone of their gigs. The next song is There Is No Good Way To Say I’m Leaving You. I really like this song it has good lyrics and a brilliant melody. The song itself is a slow song and the majority is sung by Charles. When I Go is next on the night and it ended with Charles and Rebecca having a whistling contest during the whistling bit of the song. Well Rebecca wins the whistling contest. After when they whistle Charles stops the song and speaks for a bit then he starts it back up from the second verse. I really like this song Rebecca has a fan by her so her hair is being blown. Well When I Go tells a story tells the story off two friends who have feelings for one another. Well after the whistling when Charles go to start the second verse there is some laughter by Rebecca. Overall it was a brilliant performance of the song. Next it is a old song Slow Club Summer Shakedown which appeared on the Let’s Fall Back In Love EP. Well I love the song I love the beat as well as the lyrics. It is a good song to have a dance too. Rebecca’s solo song Too Much Crunkin’ is next. There is some feedback when Charles is plugging in Rebecca’s guitar. Well this song is completely mesmerizing, I love Rebecca’s voice maybe it is down to her northern accent. I am so pleased that this is a hidden track on the album Yeah So which is out in two weeks time. Now Giving Up On Love was the only new song on the night. I had only heard it once before and it is a really good strong song. I would say it would make a really good single. The song is brilliant from start to end. I love the lyrics and the melody. The final song in the set is Trophy Room which is a fast song. It has really good lyrics. Rebecca and Charles leave the stage and the crowd wants more. The lights go down and when the lights come back on they end the night how they started it by playing in the crowd again. The encore was Christmas TV. It was a good performance. The lyrics were not changed like they did at The Enterprise. The lyrics go “It’s brutal, It’s brutal” at The Enterprise they changed it to “It’s Rudolph, It’s Rudolph”. This song is a amazing song it is ashame that it does not feature on the album and also it never got a commercial release. Hopefully it may appear as a B Side. Well I love this song it is really catchy and the lyrics are beautiful.

Wild Blue Milk
Because We’re Dead
I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream
It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful
No Good Way To Say I’m Leaving You
When I Go
Slow Club Summer Shakedown
Too Much Crunkin’
Giving Up On Love
Trophy Room


Christmas TV


OVERALL – This was a really good gig. Slow Club are completely faultless the 11 song set was over in a flash. I am looking forward to the album and it is definitely a album that you can stick on repeat. Rebecca gave a outstanding performance considering her tonsillitis. Hats off to Slow Club for going on with the show. There was good support I really enjoyed Pete Ingo and I will listen to Viking Moses again. I cant wait to see Slow Club again because their gigs are excellent. If you see any band live this year make sure it is Slow Club. You wont be disappointed.

Slow Club release debut album Yeah So on 6th July 2009 and will be able to pick it up from any good music retailer

The single It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful is out on 7” and can be purchased from any record shops such as Rough Trade, Banquet or Puregroove. You probably will be able to pick it up from HMV depending how big the store is.

Yeah So will also be released as a LP in September.

Also Slow Club will be playing at Scala (nearest tube station Kings Cross St Pancras) on 24th September. Tickets can be purchased though Ticketweb.


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