Pet Shop Boys @ o2 Arena 19th June 2009

This gig was amazing in more ways than one. I got to the o2 around 6.30pm. When I finally got inside I purchased a program which was £15 then went to the doors and went inside. I went straight to my block and it was sectioned off (well all the blocks were sectioned off). From the sound of it Frankmusik was still doing their sound check. The song that they were sound checking was Better Off As 2. The doors finally opened and I got to my seat. It was a good view. I could never do standing at the o2. Well I sat in my seat then I later got out to get some chips before Frankmusik came on. I got my chips and I was back at 7.50pm. At 8pm Frankmusik took the stage and Vincent did some beatboxing. After seeing Vincent Frank at Puregroove I was really looking forward to seeing a longer set. Songs that were sung on the night were 3 Little Words, forthcoming single Confusion Girl and the set ended with Better Of As 2. There was also a mix between two songs. I cant remember both the of the songs but one of the songs was Rihanna’s Don’t Stop The Music. Well after the set finished I went out for the interval and got some Nachos and cheese. I then went back to my seat then ate my Nachos and waited for the Pet Shop Boys to come on.

Pet Shop Boys came on at 9.15pm. They were 15 minutes late but the set made up for it and it was completely breathtaking. After having seen what they were singing on the night the £30 ticket was a bargain. The night wasn’t Yes orientated which I thought it might be as it is the current album. Well the Pet Shop Boys sung well known hits and other album tracks spanning over the back catalogue of 10 albums. The only album to get overlooked was Release. Anyways at 9.15pm the show started the lights went out and the bricks on the stage lit up and started to change colour. Heart then starts up and the two people on keyboards take the stage. They were cubed people and then a door opens from the building bricks to reveal Neil and Chris. They have a cube covering their head. The box covering Neil’s head lights up so we can see the silhouette of his head. It is simply amazing the crowd sing along. It was a good decision to choose such a classic song to open the set with. The atmosphere in the Arena is electrifying. Next on the night is Did You See Me Coming which is the current single. It has to be up there in my favourite songs from the Yes album. Well this song is brilliant it is catchy. Well for the song video is being beamed onto the building blocks. The footage on the building blocks is of two girls. Following on is the first mash up of two songs. These are Pandemonium and Can You Forgive Her? To start of with it plays the melody of Can You Forgive Her? Then it blends in with Pandemonium. Neil starts singing Pandemonium. I would say this is a strong contender for the next single. It is a really good song and the two songs blend in really well. After the crowd erupts with applause it is onto the next song which is Love Comes Quickly. I love the Pet Shop Boys old material probably because I grew up on the Pet Shop Boys. I can remember listening to Discography album. Well I am glad that they sung old tracks as well. The audience sings along to this song. Love Etc which was the first single released from Yes is the next song on the night. When I first heard this song it was very different to the Pet Shop Boys material I have heard. The song has grown on me and I really like it. So when Neil starts singing the song the video is being shown on the building blocks behind them. Next its another mash up of Building A Wall from Yes and Integral from Fundamental.  Now this was amazing. The song starts straight away and on the blocks are pictures of Neil and Chris’s face on the building blocks. It starts off with Integral and then blends into Building A Wall. You have images of two people building a wall with colourful bricks. At the end of the song there is some strobe lighting and the building blocks tower. After the blocks fall down two girls get on top of the blocks for the next song Go West. There are also more blocks towered up behind the original blocks. Well when this song is played the whole crowd who are in seats get up to their feet. The atmosphere is amazing and the whole of the Arena love this song. The next songs on the night are album tracks but not from Yes but from the very first album Please. The songs are Two Divided By Zero which was the album opener and Why Don’t We Live Together? which was the album closer. Well for Two Divided By Zero where Chris is the words Two and the divided symbol are shown. Well Chris takes to his position then Neil comes onto the stage and starts the song. The cubed dancers are on the stage as well. It is a good song as it was the first time I had heard this song. Why Don’t We Live Together? which was again the first time I had heard this song. It blends into where Two Divided By Zero ends. It is a good song and I like the lyrics. The song sounds mellowing and Neil is joined onstage by dancing buildings. Always On My Mind which is a cover of Elvis is a brilliant take of the song. Pet Shop Boys have made their own stamp on the song. The crowd are loving this song and joining in. There is a face pace to the song and during the middle of the song four cubed dancers join the stage and start jumping up and down. Closer To Heaven follows and Left To My Own Devices follows that. Well for Left To My Own Devices the four cubed dancers accompany Neil. Towards the end the crowd starts clapping along to the beat of the song. When Neil finishes the song he goes of stage and he later comes back on stage in a suit. The song being B Side Do I Have To? I like this song it is a slow song with some strong lyrics. Kings Cross which appeared on Actually is next. The song starts straight away and the two dancers twirl offstage before the song starts. Video of a train station is being beamed onto the blocks. It is a good song it gives off a good vibe. I like the way the lyrics and melody infuse together. The Way It Used To Be is next on the night. Now I quite like this song well I like all the songs that are on the new album. The Pet Shop Boys have only gotten better and better from their first album onwards. Following on is Jealousy which is a really good song. Well all old Pet Shop Boys songs are classics. Suburbia follows. Now this is the song of my youth I can remember constantly listening to this song. The line that I can remember is “Lets take a ride, along to the dogs tonight, in suburbia”. The song itself is a classic Pet Shop Boys song. All Around The World is the last Yes song on the night and it is a extremely infectious one. This is the song that stood out straight away when I first heard the album Well the song starts off with a well known musical piece. Next it is another mash up between Se A Vide E and Discoteca. The crowd loves this song everyone who is sitting down gets to their feet for this song and dance along. The final mash up of the night is between Viva La Vida which is a cover of Coldplay and Domino Dancing. It is a very interesting mashup and it goes well together. It first starts off with Domino Dancing then Neil comes onstage dressed as a king and starts singing Viva La Vida. It blends in well and the audience are clapping away to the song. Neil also urges people to sing along if they know the words to the song. The final song on the night being It’s A Sin. This is another Pet Shop Boys song of my youth. There is plenty of strobe lighting and when the melody starts playing there is a huge cheer. Neil has changed and is wearing a bowler hat. This was a brilliant song to end such a amazing set. When the song finish two cannons fire out silver confetti and Neil, Chris and the dancers went offstage. People were leaving but I stayed in my seat because I knew that there was a encore. A couple of minutes later Neil and Chris came back and Neil started singing Being Boring. Neil is wearing a top hat. Being Boring is a excellent Pet Shop Boys song. It is a gentle song with a good melody. I love the chorus to the song. Well after the song finishes Neil starts to talk to the crowd by saying this was the first time they played at the o2. Neil then introduces everybody and there are cheers with every name Neil says. He then says that they have one song which is West End Girls. The dancers go to sit down on the blocks and put on their cubed heads. Neil comes back onto the stage as he has changed, he is now back with his bowler hat on. The dancing is really good. When the song finishes the boxes open and helium silver heart shape balloons float out. Neil then takes a bow and they all leave the stage.


More Than A Dream (Magical Dub Intro)
Did You See Me Coming?
Pandemonium/ Can You Forgive Her?
Love Comes Quickly
Love Etc.
Building A Wall/ Integral
Go West
Two Divided By Zero
Why Don’t We Live Together?
Always On My Mind
Closer To Heaven
Left To My Own Devices
Do I Have To?
King’s Cross
The Way It Used To Be
All Over The World
Se A Vide E/ Discoteca
Viva La Vida/ Domino Dancing
It’s A Sin


Being Boring
West End Girls

Overall this gig was amazing. At £30 it was a complete bargain and I was pleased that the songs were a mixture between every album. The fact that some of my other favourites Liberation, What Have I Done To Deserve This which were missed out on the night didn’t put a dampener on this gig. It was good to hear some album tracks that hadn’t made it as singles. The set list was amazing a mammoth 23 songs. Even though I was sitting I had a great view. The one thing that annoyed me was people getting up when Pet Shop Boys were on. You have paid for a ticket to see the Pet Shop Boys so why leave your seat. Well aside from that Frankmusik was fantastic too.


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