Nerina Pallot @ Scala 17th June 2009

I arrived outside the Scala around 17.15pm. There were only two people waiting sitting on the steps of the front doors which was sheltered. I had a copy of NME to pass away the time but due to the fact it was windy I could not get that much reading done. Well the running order of the night was blue tacked up outside Lisa would be on at 8 and Nerina on at 9. Well doors opened at 19.30pm and I had my ticket and money with me ready. As soon as I got in I went straight to the merch and purchased a copy of the Junebug EP. After I made my way to the front of the stage and there were no barriers. There was only one support act. This being Lisa Mitchell who I had seen supporting Polly Scattergood. I really enjoyed Lisa’s music she did a 6 track set including the songs Clean White Love, Coin Laundry, Pirouette, Neopolitan Dreams, Oh Hark and Romeo and Juliet which is a cover of the Dire Straits song. Well my favourite song  has to be Neopolitan Dreams because it is the song that has gained the most exposure through the Surf adverts. Before Lisa sang Neopolitan dreams she was saying she believes in omens and the fact she wrote Coin Laundry and Clean White Love before she knew that Neopolitan Dreams was going to be used in a washing powder commercial. Well Neopolitan Dreams is my favourite song because it has a catchy melody, it is soft and gentle. Coin Laundry is also up there in my favourite Lisa Mitchell songs too. Well the last song on the night was a cover of Dire Straits Romeo and Juliet. Now I haven’t heard the original but it was a good song. I would like to hear the original so I can make comparisons between both versions.

Nerina came on around 9 and went straight into Everything’s Illuminated. Now I never heard this song before and I thought it was really good. It is definitely a song I would like to appear on the forthcoming album. After the song Nerina makes her way over to the piano to sing my favourite track off her first album Idaho. The fact that I have a microphone stand obscuring my view does not dampen my spirits. There is something about this song I like. The lyrics are catchy and it has a catchy melody. The song itself is gentle and easy to listen to. The Right Side is next on the night. It is a song about football. Before Nerina plays the song she mentions about her beloved Arsenal FC. Back to the song there is a beat to it and it is fast in tempo. Parts of the song are infectious especially the part when Nerina sings “Watch out here we go”.  Staying on the piano the next song on the night is Coming Home, Nerina mentions that she wrote the song for her dad and she feels privileged to have him as her dad. Now I really like the lyrics to this song and it has a good melody. The song itself is a beautiful song. Learning To Breathe is a lovely song which is my favourite songs off of Fires. The lyrics are catchy and it gels well with the melody. Real Late Starter follows. This song is apparently going to be the first single and what a single it would make. It has everything there is a face pace to the song really good lyrics and extremely infectious. My favourite bit is when Nerina says “Oh my god”.  Daphne and Apollo is the next song. Nerina is on her guitar now she mentions about a couple who are in a relationship even though there is a distance between them. As for the song Nerina delivers it strongly. It is taken from the very first album and this was the first time I had heard this song live. Now Mr King is the next song on the night featured on the album Fires. This song is a slow song and it then gathers pace later in the song. This song is a lovely song and it is definitely more suited to be played on a guitar with no backing band. God Of All Things follows on. This was a new song taken from the Junebug EP which was made for that night. Now I love Nerina’s banter with the crowd. For this song Nerina said that God calls her up and she likes to think God sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger. As for the song it is beautiful. Nerina pauses for a while to remember the next line. But I really like this song it is a beautiful ballad. When Nerina finishes the band joins onstage and goes straight into the Bennie And The Jets cover. After I had found out this was a cover when I last saw Nerina I can make comparisons. Nerina has put her own stamp on this song. This is a really good cover version I like the way Nerina has done her own version of this song. I like the lyrics and they are catchy. Following on is When Did I Become Such A Bitch. This is a good powerful song and you can feel the strong emphasis on the word bitch. Patience is next and it is a nice surprise. This was Nerina’s first ever single and the reason this is a surprise is she disregarded her very early material but recently Nerina has been getting into it. It is a good song and comparing it to all the other songs on the night you can see how her music has progressed. Nerina then comes off the piano then onto the guitar to play Human. It is a really good slow song. It has beautiful lyrics and a wonderful chorus. Everybody’s Gone To War is next. I love everything about this song its highly infectious. It gets the audience going. The final song on the night was I Don’t Want To Go Out. Nerina heads back to the piano. Nerina mentions that she cant believe how many people would spend money to spend the evening with Nerina, Well this song is face paced and it is also really catchy to. Well after Nerina goes offstage only to come out minutes later to do a two song encore by herself. The first song of the encore was It Was Me. The song itself is a wonderful slow song which delivered strongly. The lyrics are lovely. Sophia is the last song on the night it starts off slow then picks up after the chorus. I like the lyrics and the fact Nerina is solo. Well the song gets stronger and stronger till the very end.


Everything’s Illuminated
The Right Side
Coming Home
Learning To Breathe
Real Late Starter
Daphne And Apollo
Mr King
God Of Small Things
Bennie And The Jets
When Did I Become Such A Bitch?
Everybody’s Gone To War
I Don’t Want To Go Out


It Was Me

OVERALL – This was the second time I had seen Nerina live and it didn’t disappoint. I am even seeing her for a third time in October. After the show I met her behind the merch stool I got the set list signed and my copy of Junebug. Also the album is out in September. With the amount of new songs I’ve heard its going to be so tough chopping some from the final cut. Also I am looking forward to Lisa Mitchell’s album Wonder I would definitely go to see her live again.


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  1. daphnechan00 says:

    Hi ya, I just chanced upon your blog, I was at the Scala that night too, excellent night, alway loved her songs! AND, I’m the other half of the couple she’d talked about that night 🙂 She was really sweet about it. I blogged about that night too 🙂

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