Night Of Irregular Soles w/ Laura Dockrill + Polly Scattergood @ Irregular Choice 16th June 2009

I arrived outside Irregular Choice at 5.30pm. I just had a wander round Carnaby Street and around 6 I spotted Laura had a chat with her. I then went into the shop and just milled about for an hour. Now this instore featured two of my favourite artists Laura Dockrill and Polly Scattergood. Now Laura is a brilliant poet who I have seen many times and I enjoy every one of her poems. Laura has recently released her second book Ugly Shy Girl (which is a change from her first book Mistakes In The Background) as it is a story. As for Polly Scattergood this was the fourth time I have seen her live this year and Polly’s debut self titled album is brilliant and is easy to listen to.

For this night doors opened 7pm and it was guest list only. There was loads of food to eat on the night and I had plenty. Now I was the first one there I was the first one in. So when I went into the store I got my hand stamped and grabbed some sweets and a carton of Um Bongo and went to the front. Out of all the instores I have been to this had to be the most unusual place to hold an event like this. Irregular Choice was a shoe shop which stocked mainly women’s shoes. Well other than just having sweets there were also red and green cakes as well as Krispy Kreme donuts. These donuts weren’t just your normal glazed donuts (yes they did have glazed ones as well) they also had flavoured donuts. I had a double choc and then a chocolate ring later on.

Well Laura came on around 8pm. When they were setting up Laura had to point out that she sits down as the way the microphone was out it would be for someone who stands. Laura did six poems which included a new poems and poems that I heard before. So when Laura sat down she encouraged everyone to sit down to get to the front as they had a one in one out policy. Well the first poem was Manipulation Of My Sole which was quite convenient as its about feet and we were in a shoe shop. Laura encouraged everyone to keep on clapping as she was once told that poets die when the clapping stops. The next poem on the night was a cover of a poem by Roald Dahl. Pig has to be one of my favourite poems and it has also made me want to read more poems by Roald Dahl. Pig also has added humour and tells the tale of a pig that in the ends eats the farmer. Next up is a poem by Laura called Heaven Knows. This poem is about try hard mums and Laura puts everything into this poem. This was a brilliant reading of this poem. Mazes is the next poem that follows on. Laura mentions about the shoeboxes that she customized only 25 of. Mazes is a love poem and Laura mentions that you could store things in the box from exs such as Polaroid’s etc. Well the last two poems I had not heard before these were Skin and The Last One.

Polly’s set was something different as her songs were stripped back. I heard I’ve Got A Heart and Nitrogen Pink being sound checked and they sounded perfect. Well Polly was on around 8.40 and she just had her keyboard to accompany her. Polly mentions that she normally has a backing band and that she rarely does stripped down performances. Well Polly took a seat opened her lyric book and went straight into I Hate The Way. She sang another three songs which included Other Too Endless, Nitrogen Pink and then I’ve Got A Heart. Now this is probably the only time you will get to see Polly with no backing band. This performance was faultless. Yes it sounded different as there was no one backing Polly but it was so good I would be interested to hear more Polly songs stripped bare. I’ve Got A Heart is now up there in my favourite Polly songs. Polly mentions that I’ve Got A Heart was written a week after the album was finalised. Well I will definitely see Polly again not only because this was a faultless performance but her album and the times I have seen her live I have really enjoyed. The album is easy to listen to and it is a album that you could just stick on repeat. There is not a single bad track on the album. Interestingly enough the last album I found that I could stick on repeat was Laura Marling’s album Alas I Cannot Swim who Polly supported in January.

Later on it was the giveaway of the 25 limited edition boxes designed by the amazing Laura Dockrill. These went to the 25 people who were best dressed. First Gemma had 13 boxes and they were given away. Gemma was taking two boxes at a time and giving them out and I got one of them. I was so happy because anything illustrated and made by Laura is amazing. After the 13 had been given out more boxes were brought out. These were given away and the last few boxes, there was a dance off for. It was a really fun night.

After I got both Laura and Polly to sign the box and at 9.45 I left. Well before leaving I had a chat with Brigitte Aphrodite and Shauna (MC Angel) who are both going to be supporting Laura for her party for Ugly Shy Girl on 11th July at the Southbank Centre. Well I look forward to seeing both Polly and Laura again in the future.


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