The Joy Formidable @ The Borderline 8th June 2009

After the Little Boots instore had finished I said my goodbyes to Sofia and Ivana and ran my way down Oxford Street to get to The Borderline as doors opened at 7pm. So when I finally got there at 6.50pm I was surprised to see that I was the first one there. Eventually the queue got bigger and doors eventually opened at 7.15pm. I got in and I went to my spot at the front I also took a look at the merch stall and I said Hi to Ritzy. The first two acts were Citadels and then Kyte. I would say that I preferred Kyte they were a lot to my liking. Citadels were a lot more heavy and the performance was energetic.

At 10pm The Joy Formidable took the stage for an amazing 10 track set. This set oozed energy. This set included album tracks plus a few new tracks. The first track on the night was current single Whirring. This is a good song from being right in front of the speakers they are heavy songs. The song oozes energy. Well each song oozed energy from start to finish. The next song was Cradle it gets the crowd worked up. Cradle was the song that grabbed my attention all those months ago and made me want to hear more material by The Joy Formidable. The very beginning of the song draws you in and it just gets better and better. Brilliant lyrics and melody. The third song is The Last Drop the very beginning is drum influenced and when Ritzy sings it starts off as a soft song. This song wasn’t a heavy song. Yes there were parts were it got heavy with the drums, guitars and symbols but during the verses they are soft and gentle. The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie was the first new song on the night. What do I make of it. It is a good song it is a song I would like to hear the finished studio version too. The song is a gentle song and there are parts where the song is heavy. Spectrum definitely went down well with the crowd. Ostrich was the song following on. The song starts with a backing track of someone speaking then when the song starts it is mellow and soft. Next were two new songs Anemone and Blackfriars Greyhounds. These are really good songs and ones that I hope will make the cut on the debut album later this year. The first ever single Austere is the next song played on the night. I really liked this song and the crowd really loved it. There was pushing and crushing during the set but that is all to be expected with the vibes that the songs produce. The song is a brilliant song and it was certainly a crowd pleaser. The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade is the set closer. This song was the perfect song to end the set with . I love everything about this song I loved the lyrics and the fact the energy and atmosphere was intense. When the band finished they went offstage only to come on a few minutes later to do the encore which was While The Flies. In a interview with Ritzy she said her favourite song at the moment was While The Flies because they were working on a new arrangement. She didn’t lie that has to be up there in my favourite Joy Formidable songs.


The Last Drop
The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie
Blackfriars Greyhounds
The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade


While The Flies

This gig had everything the energy flowed. There was people pushing to be at the front but that added to the whole feel of the night, there was even a crowd surfer. Well on the night the pushing was not as bad as previous gigs I have been too. Why I say this is because I did not sustain any bruising. As for sound well it was loud the loudest I have been to and I have been to gigs where I have been right by the speaker. This was the first time I woke up the next morning to still hear a ringing in my ear.


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