Little Boots @ HMV Oxford Street 8th June 2009

To coincide with the release of album “Hands” Victoria Hesketh aka Little Boots put on a brilliant instore at HMV. I arrived at HMV around 2pm wanting to be at the very front as at the Apple Store a couple of weeks back I was right at the back. Well I was told just to go and wait near the stage there was no queue, nothing. So I waited and around 5ish the security put up barriers between the aisles.

Well in the queue I was joined by two girls whom arrived around the same time as me. There names we Sofia and Ivana, nice names and I would meet them again at a future date. Come 6.08pm Victoria took the stage. By this time there were about 14 photographers which is a bit too many. Before the instore started I was listening to the album on the iPod and then I predicted the songs she would sing. In the end I was right the set included a album track and the tracks that were singles. Well first song of the night was Meddle. There is definitely a beat to it and it was the first time I had seen Little Boots with a drummer (if there was a drummer at the Apple instore I was to far back to see). Well this is a infectious song with a killer chorus. The lyrics and melody gel together. This was a really good song to start the instore with. Next is the only album track which hasn’t been released a single. The song being Mathematics which has to be a contender for best song on the album. Mathematics just peaks and peaks. It is a brilliant song extremely infectious song. The chorus is simply amazing. As with what the song title says Mathematic terms are mentioned in the song. If you have not heard the song or album I strongly advise you to listen to this song. After the photographers went and we had a clear view of the stage. Victoria then introduced the next single Remedy which she said is out in August. Now Remedy follows the same formulae as all of the tracks on the album. It has a chorus which stands out and it is catchy. I look forward to hearing remixes of this song when it is released in August. Next up is current single New In Town. It is definitely a song that pleases the crowd. I love the lyrics and the beat of the song. The chorus is a strong chorus:

“Im gonna take you out tonight
Im gonna make you feel alright
I dont have a lot of money
But we’ll be fine
No, I dont have a penny
But I’ll show you a good time”

Stuck On Repeat is the final song in the set. Victoria goes over to program it on a instrument that I have said looks like a Lights Out game. There is a electro pop feel on this song. Every time I have heard this song it has grown and grown on me. Now I love this song and just to hear it sung live is brilliant. There is definitely a beat in the song.

After Victoria stayed to sign copies of just the album as I was one of the first people there I got to see Victoria straight away. Sofia and Ivana went before me and they got their copy of the album signed. When I went to get my copy signed the booklet was placed on the table and I had a quick chat with Victoria. We chatted about the vinyl of Hands which was released in the Bootique part of her official website and the fact that it looks lovely. I said I am coming to see her at Field Day and Victoria even remembers me from the Camden Crawl which is really nice.


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