Katy Perry @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire 9th June 2009

I arrived at Shepherd’s Bush Empire around 12.40pm. When I got there about 15 people were already queuing up. So I then took my place and then went off for a couple of minutes just to get something to eat as I had a long wait ahead of me. Well it wasn’t long till the people behind me arrived. Low and behold it was Sofia and Ivana who I met at the Little Boots instore at HMV. It was like we were destined to meet again. Well the queuing experience was a spoilt one with people pushing in. One group of people to get in front of me came at 4.30pm and even one girl turned up at 6pm. It was extremely unfair on the people who had been queuing. More people behind us were made aware of our plight due to a member of the band “The Rileys” (who are playing at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in October and were handing out badges) saying to someone what time did you arrive here and then saying how come these girls in front of us arrived later but were closer to the front of the queue. We made workers aware of this and they said security were coming down to sort this out but they never did come down. The security was extremely poor as this should have been dealt with. There were plenty of people who arrived earlier than the people that pushed in and it is unfair on them as they have been queuing. For all you know it could of started pouring down with rain. In the end doors were about to open and Sofia spotted a gap. So Sofia, Ivana and I went through the gap and cut in. I managed to get in before the people who pushed in and when I got in I went straight to the front and stretched out so Sofia and Ivana could be at the front. The support for Katy was The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. The band come from Denmark and came on stage at 7.50pm. Mette (the lead singer of the band) sang 8 brilliant songs. They definitely warmed the crowd up. They certainly got me in the mood. There are some people who had enough of the set after Mette said after the 5th song do you want to hear one more song. They then went on to sing another two songs and there were a few people groaning. But I definitely want to hear further tracks by the band.

Around 9pm Katy took to the stage. The lights went out and the music to Killer Queen started the crowd were ecstatic. The band then took the stage then Katy a few seconds later. When Katy was onstage she starts throwing roses into the crowd and then she approaches the microphone and says “I’m Back”. At this moment the crowd is going crazy. Katy was wearing a mini dress which had a cat on and two cats as back pockets. Well the first song is Fingerprints. This has been the opener for every Katy Perry gig I have been too and it is a good song to start with. It is a crowd pleaser and it gets audience participation. The crowd sings along to every word. One Of The Boys is next and Katy says it goes out to all of the girls in the crowd. All of the songs the crowd sing along to. Katy plays this song on her pink electric guitar but she eventually gives it back. When Katy sings the part “Over the summer something changed”. Katy does hand actions meaning the breasts. I really like this song well I like all the songs off the album. This would make a good single. The crowd are going crazy and they are definitely loving this song. Hot N Cold which Katy says is about weathermen is the next on the night. It is hard to think why this song wasn’t a second number 1 song for Katy because it is a amazing song. The crowd definitely like it. Next on the night is Self Inflicted. When the song just about to start there are cheers from the crowd. The crowd participation still continues. Mannequin is the song which follows on and Katy goes on about bad eggs and the fact she had to send another batch back. Katy labels them as Mannequins. At least it is not the Pinocchio story. She also mentions its good to see old faces, new faces and ugly faces. Well for this song Katy is on her acoustic guitar. The song itself is a really good song very up tempo. Well after the song Katy mentions that Summer is one of her favourite seasons and she mentions she is a lot happy and cheerful. But then she goes on to mention that it is June and we have been working off the turkey we had at Christmas and that Katy has brought summer clothes and with the UK weather she needs to wrap up warm. Thinking of You is next. Bizarrely what I have said about slow ballad songs in the past this is one I actually like. Maybe because it has powerful lyrics which gel well with the acoustics from Katy’s guitar. Two short covers are next. The first being Oh Mr Postman. This was a cover of The Carpenters and it was a good cover as it had a Katy spin on it. For the song a postman comes on stage. Katy says are you a real Postman before launching into the song. Well the Postman goes around the stage delivering letters to all apart from Katy. She ends the song saying “I haven’t had a letter from my boyfriend for so long”. Following on is a brilliant short cover of The Foundations Build Me Up Buttercup. In the song she mentions Facebook and Twitter. The song which follows on is Ur So Gay. Katy has her acoustic guitar and for the chorus everyone does the waving of the hands. Halfway into the song she gives the guitar back and takes to the microphone so she can move about the stage. Katy finishes the song but not the final word. Katy goes over to the flamingo and makes flamingo noises. Katy then starts speaking to the flamingo and the flamingo doesn’t know how to say the word that ends the song. The rest of the audience finish the song by saying the word penis. The current single is next the song being Waking Up In Vegas. Katy says that Vegas is called Sin City and advises everyone to go there when they are older if they are not already over 21. You had all the fans singing along to the song it was amazing. Well it is a really good song also when Katy starts clapping everyone joins in. After there is a rapture of cheers. I’m Still Breathing is next Katy says that “this one goes out to all the lovers that have been in love and it didn’t work out” . This is a really nice ballady song that Katy rarely sings well it has appeared in her sets this year. I love this song. The final song on the night is If You Can Afford Me. The blow up strawberries come on the stage. First Katy talks about fruit, she says “do you remember the time when you finished your dinner and your parents would give you fruit instead of candy”. Well after this the strawberries are thrown into the crowd and Katy sings the last song If You Can Afford Me. Unfortunately I did not get the chance to hit a strawberry. Well the song was a good song to close on. The strawberries were a distraction though. Someone gives Katy £20 and she returns it back the end of the song by saying I don’t want your money. Well the strawberries one gets up to the third tier and a couple reached the second. Katy then says thank you London and goes off the stage. Katy goes back to her dressing room to change for the encore. She speaks to the crowd. Well the inflatable Kitty Purry is being inflated. Katy then strolls onto the stage in her leopard cat suit singing Queens Don’t Stop Me Now. This is a really good cover and for the beginning Katy is wearing a cat mask. This definitely gets the crowd going the song has a fast tempo. The final song on the night is I Kissed A Girl. Katy goes and speaks to a member of the audience called Nina and she is from Hertfordshire. The way Katy imitates the London accent is cute. Katy then goes on to say that things are about toget hot in here. Nina then goes on to reveal that she has apple chapstick when Katy said have you got your cherry chapstick. Well Katy was not to pleased and said next time you come to see me bring your cherry chapstick. Katy then goes offstage to bring out her giant chapstick then launches into I Kissed A Girl. The energy was flowing and the participation had the crowd singing every single word of the song. This is a strong song. At the end Katy does a weak crowd surf. She did not even go into the crowd. Maybe Julia her manager advised her not to after the shoe stealing incident at Koko.



One Of The Boys
Hot N Cold
Self Inflicted
Thinking Of You
Oh Mr Postman/ Build Me Up Buttercup
Ur So Gay
Waking Up In Vegas
I’m Still Breathing
If You Can Afford Me


Don’t Stop Me Now
I Kissed A Girl

OVERALL – This was a good night not even the pushing in put a downer on the night. Even though this was exactly the same set it was good to hear the songs live again. Also the two cover versions of Postman and Buttercup were brilliant. Also another highlight of the night was meeting Sofia and Ivana again. When I was standing inside I was standing by Sofia and she was so excited. Well anyways the gig ended around 10.20pm and I managed to get home no problems after the tube strike which put everyone out really.


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